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My Experiences Ever Since My Childhood


The house on Broadview:

When I was five years old I had my first experience (that I can remember anyway). When I was about three years old we moved into the house on Broadview. My Great-Grandmother Kyle passed away and my dad inherited the house.

One night I was wide awake just laying in bed. My sister had already fallen asleep, I could tell because how she was breathing very loud (we had bunk beds and I was on the bottom). Just out of nowhere I saw the white mist just form into a human form and move slowly to our bedroom door and it disappeared. I remember I didn't feel scared or anything. I was just amazed of what I just seen.

The next morning I told my mom about what I saw and she just ignored me because she couldn't use that it was just my imagination card, because I never made up stories, let alone lie.

For the next few weeks I was hoping it would return, so I stayed awake as long as I could and just watched for it. Maybe a few months later, again I was laying in bed halfway awake. Suddenly, I felt this cold hand caress my face and move my hair. Then I heard this high pitched sound but it sounded like it was talking (if that makes any sense). Of course that woke me up again. I didn't feel threatened or anything. After it was gone I got out of bed excitedly to tell my mom of what just happened. This time she responded by saying it was my sister and I said it couldn't have been because I did not see her come in or out of our bedroom. Mom let me stay out in the living room with her and watch "The Twilight Zone" (the old one) until I fell asleep. After that I can't recall anything distinct happening after that. When I was twelve we moved out to the house on Maple street.

The house on Maple Street:

Maybe a little after a month or two I started hearing heavy footsteps walk across our room about every other night (my sister, Rachel, and I still shared a room). I remember feeling like I was being watched most of the time I was in our bedroom. I know there was something malevolent there because my Iguana, Iggy, would sometime blow up her throat flap thingy (I forgot what it is called at the moment) and start bobbing her head like she was scared, or she would cuddle up to me and hold tight, or she would just hide in her cage. I would leave her cage door open, so she came get in or out of there wherever she wanted.

I made friends with our neighbor's girl, Jessica, who was only a year older than I was. Anyways, we would hang out in our garage attic. In a space about 9 feet length and 6 feet width was our space. The rest was packed with a bunch of things. We had a whole bunch of rugs mom let us use so we wouldn't get our butts dirty. We drew on the walls, had a bowl of candy, nic naks, posters of Backstreet Boys and whoever else we liked, and board games.

One time we were playing Connect Four up there when the blue bottom part moved on its own. So we just started the game over again, then it happened again. Thinking the game was just being cheap, we just stated playing again. This happened two more times until I looked up to Jessica to say something to her. Right behind her I saw an old woman (she was transparent, but I could make out some of her details. I only looked at her for five seconds) standing behind her looking at us with this piercing look. I told Jessica it was time to go. She asked me why, and I stood up and yanked her up and had her start walking in front of me. I had this feeling like she wanted to hurt us and if she was going to harm someone, I would rather have that old woman hurt me. When we got out of the garage I told her what happened. We never went up there again.

Another incident is when I got up at six in the morning to help Jessica with her paper route. I was in the bathroom getting ready when I heard a light knock on the door and a raspy voice asking if someone was in there. I just stared at the door and started shaking. I knew it wasn't any of my family because I would had heard footsteps walking towards the bathroom. After a minute I got the nerve to open the door and ran out with my eyes closed because I started think about the old woman in the garage attic.

Another time I was outside talking to Jessica's brothers when Caleb pointed towards my house and asked who's that, so I looked over and I saw this figure through the big kitchen window walk across the kitchen. I was the only one home, so I waited until someone came home until I would step foot in that house.

The last incident I had in that house was when I was laying in bed when all of sudden I felt this feeling of dread then this cold came over me and I felt like I was being held down and someone was covering my mouth to stop me from screaming. I could not move a muscle and I could not speak. My parents later on got a divorce, so mom, my sister, and I moved to the house on Essex Circle.

The house on Essex Circle:

When I was fourteen we moved in. I always felt like I was being watched, but not in a threatening way. Once I was on the computer down in the den when all of a sudden the door inside the bathroom started shaking (there was a storage room inside bathroom). I was inside my room sitting on my bed watching TV when a shadow formed right beside me in a crouching position, then it stood up and dashed into the wall.

Now and again I would hear whispering. Jessica heard it and so did my other friend Kristen. Kristen's mom took me home one night. When she pulled in the driveway I was hesitant to get out because no one was home yet (I was scared to be alone ever since Maple Street, can you blame me?) and Kim, Kristen's mom, asked me what was wrong so I told her everything that has happened that happened at Maple Street and what was going one here, on Essex Circle. So, she asked me if she could come in and have a look (Kim is a medium), so of course I let her.

When she first came in my great-grandmother Luther's jewelry box caught her attention. Kim described her down to a t (we had no pictures of her in that room, so there is no way she could had known what she looked like), including the fact that she had emphysema. She walked around and she said Great-grandmother Luther came around sometimes, but there was someone else but she couldn't tell who, but she told me I shouldn't be afraid of them because they were just hanging out.

So we lived in the house until I was seventeen. After that we moved to the House of Stafford drive.

Stafford Drive:

The only experience I ever had there was once I was in the kitchen. All of a sudden I felt this energy so I looked over where it was coming from, then I felt it rush at me so fast that I actually flinched.

So these are my childhood experiences. I hope I did not bore you with extra details. This is my first post so I'm learning:). When I have more time I'll tell you guys about what is going on here... I can't seen to get away from these spirits, which I guess isn't too terrible:)

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JustCraftyCJ (4 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-10)
😕 I find your stories marveling. Extraordinary. I've had simliar experiences.
ChewyFudgeBrownie (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-02)
Well I should had been more technical about never making up stories. I mean like I never made up stories like some chipmunk offering me a cup of tea or anything like that to seek attention. No offense here:) I smiled when I read about you laughing a bit. Again, I've heard that from people as well and again, I'm not sure. I thought about that myself, but there is no chance the spirit from my first experience on Broadview is the same as the one from Maple street then from Maple street to the ones on Essex circle, then this one here and now that only acts up when I'm stressed out (I'll get to that on a later date when I have time. I have two young boys, Delcan, who is close to six months and Blaine, who is fives years old so sometimes I'm just too pooped out when I have alone time. Oh, and I don't know if you want to call the one on Stafford an experience). I'm not arguing or anything like that, so please don't that it the wrong way. Thank you for complimenting my story. I really do enjoy writing about them and telling people about it no matter how big of a Looney tune I look like lol.
ChewyFudgeBrownie (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-02)
I heard that a lot from people. I'm not too sure though 😕. I mean when I do ghost hunting I can tell where the spirits are hanging out (I tried the best I can to explain). I do some pictures I can post, but they are orbs and yes, I can the difference between an orb and dust specks, bugs, condensation etc. Also, if I can find it, I could post the one apparition photo I have. I thought about trying to enhance my gift (if I am a Medium)...but I'm sitting on the fence about it. I think it would bring a lot of closer to me, which is good, but again what if I start seeing things that will traumatize me for the rest of my life? Maybe I'm thinking too much into this 😊. Thank you for the compliments. Oh you'll hear quite a few other incidents that has happened, don't you worry:).
notjustme (19 stories) (852 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-02)
I guess you are a sensitive/medium yourself. If you want to, you could always work on your powers. I enjoyed all your stories, they were very clearly written and direct. I have a feeling we will hear more from you 😁
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-02)
"I never made up stories, let alone lie"- Every child makes up stories and plays. That is the only part of this story I had problems believing, but it made me laugh a bit. That could possibly sound rude, but I promise it's not!

Because the activity follows you, do you think that possibly it's you and not the houses you have lived in that is haunted?

I thought you did an excellent job explaining your experiences.

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