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First Old Hag Experience


I do not consider myself as someone who sees things or goes looking for paranormal activity, I would rather avoid. I has proud to consider myself as non-sensitive but around the age of 16 that changed a little.

When I was in high school back in 2004 I had a very strange experience. I heard my mum, granny, and other people talking about it but I never really cared. As an African living in Africa there are certain beliefs like witchcraft, bad spirits in the form of animals, etc that we are used to and strange occurrences are usually explained through these means.

Well, one night around 1am I heard a strange noise in the kitchen. It sounded like plastic or chains rattling. As the sound got louder, I woke up and I could still hear it. It felt like there was something very strange in the house. But suddenly I felt very heavy and sleepy.

Next thing I could not move as the sound got louder, I could not scream. It was so strange because even though my eyes were closed I felt like I could see the room though my shut eyes! Next to the foot of my bed stood a very tall male shadow. It sat on my feet. I could feel its warmth on my feet it was very heavy!

I started praying or begging Jesus to save me and before that warm thing could move up the rest of my body I was up (yes it felt like it was moving to up to my neck). I jumped up, put the light on and sang hymns until 5am when I feel asleep for an hour! When I woke up my body was sore, I was still in shock and I was in a very bad mood.

I also used to study until late in the dining room. It has a big window on the right side of the wall and an Evergreen 4-5 feet tall shrub on the right side. Around 00h00 I used to get the feeling I'm being watched through that window. And on non-windy days I used to see dark shadows moving past that window very fast. I played it off saying to myself I'm tired, my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Back then I had a cat and one night I had the same odd feeling and the cat was in the sitting room playing with something jumping from couch to couch like it was chasing a butterfly but the was nothing there. Yep from that day I studied in my room.

As an African I always heard that something like this was a evil spirit sent by an enemy, meaning that I was bewitched. Later on I had other similar experiences. In western culture this is normally blamed on stress. But I think it's more than stress. I would like to know other cultural views on this phenomena. This was the first time. About a year later it happened again.

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