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Physically Grabbed And Followed


I have posted other stories of my daughter's experiences, who has been seeing and hearing things that others would perceive as not normal.

Last fall, age 11, we were both outside. I was taking out the trash and she was riding her bike on the parking lot in front of the apartment. As I was watching her after I threw away the trash, she screams really loud. I said, "What's wrong with you!". Alayna said, "Something grabbed my leg!" I told her nothing grabbed her because I watched her, nothing was around her. Alayna showed me where and how it felt. She tried to find a reason and thinks it might of been the stick, which there was no way.

As we are inside now, she finds her backpack sits down and said, "It was a man." I gave her a questionable look and she said that it was a man that grabbed her. He whispered the word spirit to her. I told her to forget about it and let's work on her homework. Next thing we know we are hearing noises. Our jackets were moving that were hanging up on the front door. She was hearing footsteps in the hallway. As we were trying to ignore it she kept looking at the wall and had tears in her eyes. Alayna was seeing shadow movement. She said she thought it could of been hers or mine but it wasn't as she tried to rule it out by moving. I told her enough is enough and ask him what he wants. When she did she waits a moment after asking to give him time. She said, "Mommy he is talking, but it is hard to understand him." Then I told her to tell him to leave and she did it firmly. All of the sudden I could feel the air was lighter and now more comforting. Nothing else happened.

I was proud of Alayna. First she tries to debunk things instead of assuming it is paranormal now that she is older and not as scared. Even though these experiences has calmed down a lot she still has them, even at my friend's house that I babysit for. And Alayna's experiences have been the same as my friend's but more. Alayna never knew about what my friend has experienced in her house. But this was the first time she had been followed by a spirit into our home.

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-28)
Laynaryan- Holy cow! That had to be terrifying for her. I have not read any of your other stories, yet. So this may have been a question that already has been asked. Is there a history of other family members that are sensitive to this type of thing? To me she is obviously leaning that direction.

I'm headed to read your other stories and will be watching for your next.

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