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My Three Childhood Experiences


My experiences:

I'm nineteen now but when I was in middle school I moved into two different houses in Darwin (northern territory AUS) with my mum and two brothers. This was about the fourth and fifth time I had moved in my life and had lived in many places. We had lived in the first house for some time before I experienced some things that I can't explain. Now I'm not saying that what I experienced cannot be explained in just that I couldn't and and still can't explain what happen to me.

There were two events in which I had experienced something in this first house, one that had happened with my family around and the other with just my dog and I. I can't remember exactly which event accrued first but I will start with the event that happened with my family and I.

My two brothers and my older cousin were there with me at the time. We were all sitting outside this table on the back veranda of my house. To help your get a feel for the surrounds I will try and explain further.

My house had a glass sliding door which led to back to the yard where there was veranda which came off of the house and stretched the length of the house and came out about six meters. And in the middle of the veranda was the table where we were sitting. My cousin was at the head of the table and my brothers were on the opposite side to me but from where we all sat we could see the pond. The pond was at the end of the veranda in the right corner, it was shaped like the quarter of a circle. The pond was there when we moved in and was filled with guppies and goldfish.

Anyway back to what happened, we were all sitting around the table chatting and staring at the pond. I don't know why my cousin and my brothers were staring at it but I felt like I was drawn to it. I was staring at the pond when all of the sudden a mist appeared above it. It kind of looked like a mist that you would see early in the morning usually over water or a grassland. It kind of just appeared out of nowhere and started slowing drifting across the pond towards us. I wasn't scared by this mist I was just completely confused and felt like I needed to understand it. I turned to look at my brothers to see if they were also seeing this mist. But my brothers were gone and so was my cousin, they were inside with their faces up against the glass shouting at me to run. After that day my cousin would never sit facing that pond again. This experience never really sacred me or worried me so I just brushed it off.

The second experience happen at night around 9pm, I was in my room playing my game boy when I heard my dog (Chucky) barking. At first I tried to ignore him and continued to play my game, but after 5 minutes he hadn't stopped. I decided I would go and check on him so I got up grabbed a torch and went outside. When I got outside I saw that Chucky was standing about 2 meters from the fence and barking loudly.

At first I thought that someone was in alley on the other side of the fence so I peered over the fence to check it out. But there was no one in sight so I turned back to Chucky who was now growling in between barks. But not at the fence he was growling at the tree to my left. I look the tree up and down looking for bugs or lizards that could be setting Chucky off, I even felt the tree over but found nothing. The only unusual thing was that the air around the tree was unusually cold on the hot night. Even though the air was cold I didn't think twice about it. After I found nothing on or around the tree I gave up and walked backed over to where Chucky was.

The whole time I was inspecting the tree Chucky hadn't stopped barking. I stood there next to him for 5 minutes staring at the tree wondering what's got him hyped up. When he wouldn't stop barking I gave up and dragged him inside where he finally calmed down.

A couple weeks later I happened to tell my dad about it and he told me how dogs have the ability to see ghosts. I asked him how he knew that and he just replied he saw it on TV. I'm not sure whether my father is right or wrong about it but I still believe that it's a possibility.

OK so moving on to the second house, it was two years later and my mum had met someone and she decided we were to move again, so we moved to a block in rural area and Dip (nickname and my mother's partner) and his son moved in. We had lived in this house for a while before I experienced this last thing which is kind of strange.

My brother and I were waiting out the front of the house for the bus, we were sitting on the drive which had a drain pipe running underneath it. I was sitting with my legs hanging over the edge. So my brother and I were talking about school and over random stuff when I started to hear whispering. I turned my head from side to side trying to figure out where it was coming from. It sounded like there was more than one person whispering but I wasn't able to make out any words. When the whispering finally faded I turned to my brother who looked confused, I asked him if he had heard the voices and he said yes. I then spent the next few minutes trying to figure out where the voices were coming from. I remember that I couldn't stop checking the drain like I was convinced that's where they had come from. Over the next few days I would always check the drain and wait for the whispering but I never heard them again.

Thanks for taking time to read my story even if the way I explain things don't sound realistic and more like fiction but I'm am also an amateur writer and can't help but write it like this. But even though I did experience these things, I hope you will be able to believe me. I no longer live in the houses and I never felt scared or threatened by what happened, I just wish I could understand what happened to me.

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Fallen_Comet (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-27)
Now that you mention it Krissy_moon I never did I guess I was just so confused myself I must of just brushed it off at the time.
krissy_moon (1 stories) (12 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-27)
Hi! Thanks for sharing your experiences! I was wondering... Did you ever ask what your brothers and cousins saw in the pond, and why they were staring at it? Maybe they saw something different?

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