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The Start: Man In The Chest


For as long as I can remember, there has always been things that happen to me without any reasoning to them at all. I've never wrote about anything that has happened to me, due to the fact that most people would probably think I'm crazy, some people think I might have a third eye, those who believe in the spirit world are going to think that I'm asking for it... And in a way I am. So in short, here are my stories and if you are someone or know someone that can help me understand why I have these experiences, I would love to talk to you.

Let's start from the beginning: when I was younger, about 4 or 5 years old, I woke up one night. Not too strange, we were in a new house with new things, I had a new room, new toys, the works. Yet on this night when I woke, I saw men and women dancing in clothes that looked like they were from the 1800's, ballgowns and suits, dancing around in my room. I just sat there and watch them danced from awhile until I had this urge to leave my room. When I was headed out the door, across the hall was my parents' room, it was darker than anything I have ever seen... And it was cold. I didn't want to walk in there at all.

Lucky for me, I had a dog, at this point in time he was a puppy. His name was Nick. I'm calling for him and he comes into my room. At this point in time I see bright orbs on the walls in the hallways. I watched them for a few minutes. As I'm looking at these orbs, I see an arm at the top of my doorway, swinging an axe. It really freaked me out. So with my dog, I took him by the collar and crawled under this swinging axe, walked down the hallway following the orbs that seemed to be playing with each other down the hall to the living room. It was cold. I remember being a little scared.

I remember following Nick into the breezeway of my house. We're facing the living room and that's when I see it. All the orbs that I'd been following then hovered over this blue chest my parents got from Key West then flew into it!

Me and Nick watched as this man stood up from the middle of this chest. He had to be in his 40's, an older man, wearing overalls and this look of sadness. It was white and blue glowing, but I could tell this was a African-American man, and he looked at me. I feel like he could see me, now that I'm thinking about it. Nick started growling, stood in front of me barking. I start crying for my mom, but no one heard us, and we were loud.

The next thing I see is this arm, maybe the same arm that was holding the axe, but this time it held a whip. This time it struck this man and took his head off. He fell into the chest and Nick stop growling.

The next morning I woke up in the breezeway to both my parents asking why I was sleeping with the dog, and why I was not in my bed, so I told them. My father told me I was dreaming and my mother asked for more detail and then took me to church that following Sunday.

This is the beginning of my life and the things that came to follow me currently.

If anyone can help me answer the question: "Why does this happen to some people but not all? Is this a sign of some kind? Have I met this man before?"

Anything will do, please answer truthfully. Thank You.

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SAYURI (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-18)
To my mind some people can see ghosts because they subconsciously want to see them. Ghosts appear to people because they need help about something. What that ghost wanted from you is very clear to me, do you understand what he wanted from you?
Tweed (34 stories) (2488 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
StardustedLuna, I agree with all points of view put forth here.
I don't want to repeat anything already said but I thought of a possible reason this keeps happening to you.

Since this happened when you were very young and you indicated that you still have experiences today. I hazard a guess that you never grew out of your childhood sensitivity stage.
All here will agree that children are far more sensitive than adults. For most people this sensitivity closes off over time. But never closes shut in my opinion.

Other people, however, remain openly sensitive and keep their childhood sensitivity throughout all stages of life. It sounds like you fit this category.
One possible reason for this is the personal impact the man in the chest night had on you. I'd suggest looking within, to your own 'psychological wiring' (for lack of a better term) to help give you some context as to the why and how this event shaped who you are today.
It sounds like you're confused at the present. Have a little faith this confusion is only temporary. Be willing to dig into your own personality, I feel this will help you rid that confusion.

I don't think you're 'asking for it' at all. Quite the opposite.
As BrokenTree said you can learn to control it.

About people thinking you're crazy. The way I deal with this is I don't share this side of myself with non believers. They know I'm open to the paranormal world but I leave it there and respectfully decline empty discussions about how 'right' they are and how crazy/wrong they believe I am.
You may choose to deal with this differently. However you deal with it know that you don't have to share anything with anyone you don't want to.

Take care, look forward to reading more from you.
H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
Sounds like there is some kind of stronghold associated with chest! Maybe bless it and cancel any ill-will associated with it.
BrokenTree (76 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
It doesn't sound so much residual to me but more symbolic. You were just too young to understand what the symbols meant. Some of it could be tied to the chest and some to the house. Then, of course, there is you standing like an open door to whomever wants to communicate. You can learn to control this "gift" as there are many books on the subject. Youtube can offer some videos about controlling it and there is always Lilydale, NY. Lilydale is a community of the gifted and you can get questions answered as well as help if you need it. Good luck with your gift and don't let them drive you crazy or bother you all the time. Lay down some ground rules.
Hecate0 (4 stories) (418 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
I agree with Faith1986 on many points. I just want to add that maybe the attachment is to the chest, where you saw the African American male. Perhaps removing the chest might remove a possible residual energy. Just a thought. Attached to the land is still a great idea, though. It may have been a huge plantation in the past.
Angeli (guest)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
Oh my gosh, the first part of that, about seeing the people in old- fashioned clothes dancing, is something that also happened to me when I was a little girl. That's so crazy! I don't know what part of Florida you're from; I'm from west- central Florida, and I'm pretty sure it's the land where I live that's haunted. Like, something residual. It really sounds as though that's what you're dealing with, too. At least partly, I think it is residual. I wish you the best of luck. Maybe you really do have some sort of psychic abilities. I know it's frightening, but you can't let it scare you too much. I can relate to what you're going through. I'm 25 and all my life I have dealt with the paranormal, growing up in a 'haunted house.' Actually a lot of houses where I live are haunted, which makes me think it's probably the land that's haunted. Any who, best of luck StardustedLuna.
faith1986 (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-24)
I don't know why this happens to some people and not others exactly, but my guess is that it is because some are much more sensitive to paranormal things and others just are not. I believe there are different levels of sensitivity as well. Like some can only feel them, others can see them and others still, can see them only sometimes. There are many other levels, but regardless of the level it can be scary, and it can also make you feel a little crazy at times. Luckily this site is a perfect place to find lots of people who would never judge anyone and everyone is so great at making people feel welcome. They are also very good at answering questions. If one person doesn't know then someone else will probably have an answer for sure. OK, Real quick, I may be wrong but I got the impression that the man in the chest was possibly a slave (maybe?) And that whoever the "arm" belonged to may have been the owner of the house and possibly slave/s and what you saw may have been a residual haunting of when he was killed (possibly as some form of punishment for something unjustified I am sure) many victims of murder or suicide or other sudden-type deaths will repeat the event over and over like a recording maybe as a way of trying to figure out why it happened or something. Nobody knows for sure, but the dancing people and their clothes suggests to me that this was possibly a haunting from an era when people owned slaves and plantations and such etc... I'd say 1800s sometime. But don't know for sure as I was not there to see this account for myself. But this is just my opinion. A long one! Lol. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed it very much!;-)

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