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A Horrible Night For Me And My Son


This is the most recent happening and scary one too. I think my baby is sensitive to the paranormal (or maybe all babies are, I don't know).

This was the time of 15 feb 2015, we (my mom and dad, husband, I and my baby boy) went for a short trip to pachmarhi, madhyapradesh, india. There was a planned vaccation of 18 days in chennai, it was somehow cancelled and this trip was just to cheer me up, as I was really very upset due to the cancellation. We were to stay in pachmarhi for 4days and 3 nights, I.e., 15, 16, 17 and we would return on 18th. We started from nagpur on 15 feb in our own car. It was almost 6 hours run. We were enjoying the drive and were not rushing. We had stopped quiet a few times on the way and so it took us a lot of time to reach to the guesthouse. We reached there around 7pm. It was already dark by then.

We had booked a MPTDC (madhyapradesh tourism development corporation) guesthouse. Now the speciality of these is that, they are really really huge it terms of the area. There were separate double room cottages spread over maybe 1 or 2 acres of land, and far from each other. There was an open space in the centre. We had to walk almost 100 meters to get to the other room (of course we had booked two rooms). Now this was the first time my baby had traveled for so long. So he was naturally tired due to the whole thing. At night we all went out for dinner, and were back by 10pm.

All this time my baby signaled that he was very tired and wanted to sleep. So when we came back, we went directly to our respective rooms. First thing I did was to lay my baby. It was winter and I thought he would slip in the blanket and would fall asleep. But he wouldn't. My husband was too tired as he drove the car so he dozed of as soon as he lay on the bed. Now, it was only me and the baby, both awake. I swear on god that I tried all that I could do to put him to sleep but he didn't. I layed him on the bed, then on my lap, then in my arms, but nothing seemed to work. Now I was actually agitated by his behaviour, as I too was tired and needed rest. I had no clue why he refused to sleep.

As time went and it was nearing to 12 at night he became more and more restless. He would glance at the corner where tv was placed and literally cling to me. He would hide his face in my chest, then again stare at the corner and hold me tight. His behavior was becoming strange as the night grew. Have you seen a monkey when some predator is around, jumping, clinging, screaming, worried... My son was the same that night. I tried to soothe him, massage him (to relax him in case he was tired) caress him but nothing would do any good.

Now it was around 1.30 am, that my son started shouting "bhoot" that means ghost in my language. Now that really sent chills in me as I am very peculiar about the words that are used in front of my son. Anyone had never used that word ever. And I was pretty sure of that because I don't leave my baby at the hands of just anybody. Nor do I switchon horror movies or tv serials in the house ever. I tried to divert him but he kept on repeating it again and again. Then after a pause of 2 or 3 mins, he screamed "kaka" (meaning uncle, (in india we refer elders by uncle or aunt, even if they are strangers or other than blood relation)) and next he said was "didi" (elderly girl) pointing towards the same corner and dug his face in my chest as to hide from them. This behaviour scared me. I tried to wake my husband by calling out to him and pushing him, but he seemed to be unaffected by it. Normally, he is a very light sleeper and wakes up by the slightest noise but this time he was not responding to my voice or baby's loud cry (surprised me). By this time, my son started to point the "kaka", at times he pointed towards the ceiling, then nearer and nearer to the bed as if the thing was advancing towards us from the corner whereas the girl stayed in the corner. Suddenly he pointed to the pelmet of the curtain just on right to me. And jumped up to the left of me, towards his dad. Then he tried to hide behind my back and pointed again to the bed just close enough to me. As if the thing was sitting right next to me. I was scared like hell. I didn't know where to go? I couldn't go out to my parents room, it was too dark and scary, and with my husband sleeping like that I had no one to help.

Suddenly, I started to shout, literally shout at the direction he was pointing. I said, I am not afraid and asked it to leave us alone. I even asked my boy to hit in the air in the direction of this thing. I repeated that many a times. After some time he gathered some courage to hit the air, though hesitantly. I don't know how I had the courage to do that. Maybe it was a mother in me that was protecting her baby. I was sweating profusely, but with all my energy and in a bold, fearless voice started chanting hanuman ji's (god) name. After I think 20 minutes or so, the heaviness decreased. My son still clinging to me, he finally slept around 5 in the morning, then I slept holding him tightly in my arms. In the morning my husband knew nothing of it, nothing at all.

We went for some sightseeing. There we received a call that my maternal aunt's husband had expired (he was very old and has nothing to do with the incidence. Mentioning to maintain the flow of events.). We got the news late and couldn't depart for nagpur on the same day. So we stayed for the second night. This time my mom stayed in my room. My baby started the same behaviour again, though this time he was less troubled. My mom is a strong believer in God. She chanted many mantras roaming in the room. My boy slept late, but at least he slept that night. And my son was not playing games with me, he was only 1 year and 8 months old that time.

My son is May born. Can he be sensitive to paranormal? This concerns me a lot. He is 2 years now. He would sometime stare at the corners or talk when alone in room. Should I be worried or is it common for babies to do such things? I would appreciate any suggestions. Sorry for the length of the story.

Thankyou for reading.

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scarymohit (1 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-31)
I am from kota and according to me you must not worry because children usually are sensitive
By the way you wrote well 😁
Ashraf (4 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-04)
Hi Good-ghosts,
Horrible experience indeed. But according to me, you shouldn't be worried about your baby. You were right when you said that all babies are sensitive towards paranormal. Often we hear stories of hotels and lodges to be haunted. Sometimes, it happens. Your baby is just fine and I'm sure, its strong too.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-25)
Hello, good - ghost... Your story is very spooky... Although I can't say why your baby saw all these things but I will suggest that you should consult some reliable pundit to know the reason behind this... May be it is cause of grah - nakshatra... Just my thought...

Regards, 😁
kk315 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-24)
According to my mother, I used to see my late grand mother in childhood and watch the ceilings and corners and call "mama" means grand-mother. Then they tie some band to me "kala dhaga" after that everything normal. I haven't seen any ghost or any paranormal activity in my life and don't have that band with me now.
good-ghosts (6 stories) (42 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-17)
Dear Sushant,
Sorry to know about your father. I think people know when it is the time to leave. As was the case with my nani. The last time she was admitted to the hospital, she knew she won't be coming back, so she made chits of names of all her children and put them with the respective ornaments she wanted to give to them. She also saved lot of money before going to the hospital, that her 3 sons had to spend just a penny or two on the final rites. She had hidden money in kitchen conrainers and told it to my grandfather a day before she died.
Likewise, it might be that your dad wanted to tell you that he was leaving.
Sorry for your loss.

good-ghosts (6 stories) (42 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-17)
Hi sushant,
Thank you for reading and explaining. My kid's behaviour always bothered me and I thought his sun/moon sign must be responsible for it 😆
That was a very useful piece of information and I never thought to Google it, silly me.

Regards and Love to you too.
sushantkar (16 stories) (532 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-16)
Hello Good-Ghost! There is a theory out that a child's pineal gland, that's a small endocrine gland in the brain that produces melatonin (hormone to regulate body temp, sleeping and waking patterns called circadian rhythms etc) is much larger than grown adults. When it's engorged in oxygen rich blood, it can heighten sensation, perception and awareness. This is why it is believed that children are more acute to such phenomena. Now whether or not it is true remains to be seen but there have been many documented and undocumented cases of children experiencing and seeing things like ghosts and describing them with enough detail that historic research corroborates this story.
When my father had an heart attack, I will tell you that it does send a chill up my spine. When my father was laying in the hospital, I'd frequently come in to find his frantically signally and pointing to a particular corner of the room. I'd look and see nothing. He had a breathing tube down her mouth so there was little he could say. Ultimately he died and we were never able to know what is was actually wanted to say.
These are some rare perceptions on which modern science probably have not done much research.
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story with us. Although the above written points are only my perception.

Regards & Love

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