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The Hole In My Wall


So I've always wondered what it would be like to experience something paranormal, ever since I heard my brother and cousins talk about a woman they seen floating or walking through our old apartment when we were younger, they were so freaked out the next day and told my mom and aunt what they saw, a week later my grandpa died, though I'm not sure if it's connected. I was so mad I missed the opportunity to see the lady walking around, but it soon faded.

Years passed, I'm like 13 in a four bedroom house with my mom, dad, three brothers, and myself. I had the smallest room, and developed a bad habit of picking the walls in my room (don't ask), so I have all these holes going around the walls of my room that my dad was nice enough to paint beautifully for me. So underneath the wall I picked were these horizontal wood panels that were probably an inch apart that showed the darkness inside of my wall, though it didn't bother me, I mean I had been picking these walls, little by little for like over a year.

One day I'm in my room watching t.v laying on my side, my right hand holding my head up, and I feel a hand placed on my left shoulder, my eyes pop open and I slowly turn around only to see a hole that I had picked a while ago, with an inch gap, I shake my head knowing I must have imagined it, and return to watching t.v, not a second later I feel a hand on my left shoulder once again, but this time it squeezes it, I felt like the air got sucked out of me, I jump out of my bed and run in my brothers room screaming and crying" A HAND GRABBED ME" and touches my shoulder in the spot where it happens, he doesn't hear me just repeatedly yells for me to let him go.

It took me a while to sleep back in that room, my dad resealed the holes, and I never picked at them again. What is currently weird for me being 25 now, is that every time I lay across a bed and my feet are hanging, I have to put them up all the way on the bed because I am terrified I might feel a hand clutch my ankle. After my experience I definitely believe in the paranormal even more. When I was young I wanted to experience it, until I did and it freaked me the hell out. My mom tells me I should have tried to talk to whatever was in my room that day, but honestly I was truly scared to death.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-21)
Greetings, Summer, and welcome to YGS.

While the contextual detail of your having picked holes into a plaster-and-lath construction would indicate that your home was built over 65 years ago, why do you think that the holes in the wall are connected to your experience? What was on the other side of the walls: attic space, closets, or your brothers' bedrooms? Were you under the impression that something/someone lived inside the walls? Why? Is it in any way possible that the touch you felt was from something that had no relationship to the holes? (What if, for example, it was a supernatural encounter with a previous resident who was dissatisfied with your habit of providing superfluous ventilation to your room?)

I'm afraid that until these lacunae are filled in with more data, your narrative contains your behavior as a (potentially-depressed) teen and the non-sequitur depiction of an upsetting experience.

Please, please respond with more details in order that the community here at YGS can make helpful observations and suggestions with regard to your present fear of being grabbed around your ankles by invisible hands.


DongMaster (guest)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
Could have just been like a phantom touch sensatiom, I don't know the technical term for it, but people have had the sensation of being touched, having the bed shaken or being covered in crawling insects and it turned out to be a physiological sendation not related to the paranormal.

That or there was black mold in your walls.

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