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My name is Julian and I'm from San Antonio, TX. So I've had a growing curiosity in the paranormal since having some occurrences in my home recently. Was hoping I could share this and possibly get some insight as to what you guys think.

So I've lived at my rental home for the past 2.5 years. First a brief history of my connection with "the other side". When I was 12/13 I lived in a house that was definitely haunted. I would get home from middle school before everyone else. I was home alone for an hour or 2 (Monday-Friday) Long story short, I had this ghost (I assume) that would constantly f with me! I turn the lights off and them FLICK!... The lights were on again. This was pretty much an everyday occurrence. It also went the opposite way as in sometimes I'd turn the lights on and FLICK!... Back off again. Now I don't consider myself a big badass that isn't afraid of anything but I do remember specifically only being annoyed and not scared. Looking back at it I think "why the hell wasn't 12 year old Julian freaked he hell out?". No one else that lived in the house ever experienced anything near what happened to me on a (nearly) everyday basis.

So this is leading to one of my questions, why me? There was a younger kid there for the weekend (step brother) and an older brother who was 17 (and later his girlfriend) along with the mom and dad. Do these spirits only decide to screw with certain people? If so, why?

Wait, I'm sorry I just remembered one single occurrence that was shared just with "all the kids" which freaked my brother's girlfriend out and we actually vacated the house for the night. We were around the dinner table and all heard a gross sounding "slurp" and we all immediately looked at each other like "did you just hear that?" Can't explain the sound much. But it didn't sound earthly I can tell you that... And then we were at out aunts house within a few minutes (we had no animals at all by the wa). They were all freaked out, but once again, I don't recall feeling freaked like them. Does this me more in touch or less in touch because I didn't feel like them? So this is the last occurrences of my adolescence life.

Moving right along to 2 years ago... I moved in to the home I currently reside (I'm 30 now). First occurrence was waking up super cold and my analog thermostat (the old kind where you physically have to move) was SLAMMED to the bottom (50/60 degrees I guess). So I thought that's very weird, googled for about an hour (I consider myself a good googler!) and no earthly explanation.

So about a year passes and it happens again! This time I tell some friends and family. I keep getting told "move out"! My ac moving twice hardly should justify me moving out... So I didn't.

Fast forward a few months... Now I have a girlfriend and she lives here with her daughter. Things in the past few months have greatly increased! Ok, for about 2-3 days straight, we kept getting locked out of the garage (the door that leads to the house) so we would have to call the other person and say "hey open the door that leads to the house, why did you lock it?!". So this continually happened to both of us. We dabbled with the idea that the 3 year old girl was doing it but day 2 and 3 she was with her dad, so she couldn't be the scapegoat anymore. So needless to say, this freaked the hell out of my girlfriend but like I said before... 3 days later, it didn't happen anymore.

Now for about a week straight, I woke up with heart racing at exactly 3am! I would wake up paranoid to the point I was looking out windows with my gun in my hand 2 of those days! I didn't see anything but I just felt like "something's not right". I Remember a couple of these nights I heard this deep "hum" (like a diesel truck). This went away for the most part since. My mom told me to pray when that happens and seemed to do the trick.

One time I woke up and could have sworn a heard a "shhhhhhh" (as in when a mother tries to put her baby back to sleep). It was actually soothing, not at all struck any fear, I simply went back to sleep. I still wake up multiple times but simply fall back asleep a few minutes later.

So skip ahead to last week. I wake up and look for my remote... Aw darn the batteries are out!... Or so I thought... I opened the back of the remote and a freaking battery is missing! I call my mom and she urges me to move out again lol. So I go the whole day with that in the back of my head and at end of the day I finally say "there has to be a battery somewhere around my room". So I rip apart my room and it's under a rug. So now I'm kind of freaked. Who the hell took the remote out of my battery and picked up the rug and slipped it about a foot in? It's flush with the floor. This couldn't have been an accident? Batteries don't fall out of remotes and sweep themselves under carpet right?!

So on to last night... I wake up around 3 ish (like I usually) do and my French doors fling open. So I'm half asleep and thinking, it has to be my girlfriend's daughter. But I don't see her when I get up! Now the 3 year old was here and she know she's not allowed in our room. So it's not unusual that she opens the door but stays at the doorway. So I had a big question mark over this occurrence. Was this indeed Otherworldly or a 3 year old that opened the door in the middle of the night and had a change of heart, got scared she would get in trouble and ran back to her room? I left it at that and wrote it off for the most part.

We questioned the 3 year old and she said "nope"... Then she went along with some rambling (like toddlers do) and a few words caught her mom's and my attention... "I sleep and somebody watching me"! We were kind of freaked out and told her jokingly "you're creepy"! Then we asked her "who's watching"?... She says "probably my grandpa". It wasn't them by the way, they are both alive. But once again, can't take what a 3 year old says to heart. She's also lied to us before.

So tonight is when things took a big leap. I was staring in the hallway (where the little girl sleeps) during the commercial break (to whatever I was watching) and see a shadow walk by. So I tell my girlfriend "your daughter is being creepy in the hallway again, "She gets up and comes back with a pale face and says "she's very much asleep in the same position she's been in".

So this is the game changer here. I've never "seen anything" until today. Should I be concerned? I've been here for 2.5 years, why now? Am I attracting this or is this a chance thing? If this is indeed supernatural, is it likely to progressively "get worse"? Excuse my spelling and grammar. It's 5am and I'm usually asleep a lot earlier. Thanks ahead of time!

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L_Melb (220 posts)
7 years ago (2016-05-20)
Yes, as usual I'm late... I just wanted to say something in case you do come back.
I know things are different in the U.S.A, so please don't take this in a "lecturing" tone.
I notice you mentioned a firearm. With strange noises making you jumpy and kids/others in the home - please, please take care! All the best:)
Darkangel73 (4 stories) (124 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-02)
Juliansatx- I will say this from experience I lived at my prior residence from 2002 until 2013, I didn't start having experiences until 2003 first was the smell of perfume. I never felt threaten by that; but anyway it seemed to me the more open that you become to the spiritual side the more that happens. I have lived in my current residence since 2013 its not far from my old apartment. I have had things happen here as well, seen shadow people heard explainable noises, I just tell them to move on I am not really wanting to deal with it Lol. I also did some cleansing so I could keep negative spirits out. I do agree with the stress side of things it does make things kick up more.
Somewhatsceptic (2 stories) (15 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-02)
I think that the issues that are happening to you are quite harmless if something was going to hurt you I believe it would've done so. Try giving what it wants a little attention as it could be trying to tell you something.

Kinds regards
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-02)
Hi Julian,

I don't think you have any reason to be overly concerned.

You describe feeling comfortable around paranormal encounters while others bricked it. Give yourself a pat on the back.
Why you? I don't think anyone's seeking or singling you out. Probably started 'cause you were already sensitive, word got around, and so on.

I don't agree with the typical knee jerk (over) reaction of 'move out'. Personally I'd advise whoever said that to grow a pair.

Waking terrified seems like an attempt to express an emotion or experience by an entity/ghost resolute on conveying something to you.
Standing by the window clutching a gun in the middle of the night, probably not the most pragmatic approach. Maybe consider meditation. Or continue praying.

Garage doors might have been locked to protect the house, not to keep you out. See waking up in the middle of the night feeling threatened for a possible link.

The TV remote battery, probably someone, again, who wants to communicate with you without diversions from TV. Do you have the TV on a lot in your home?
I never have the TV on unless I'm watching something, which is not very often. Many ghost stories here include TV interference. Consider a ghost has a unique vantage from which some might conclude mainstream content an archaic concept. Something like The Biggest Loser might seem unharmonious, merely a hunch, never watched it. Consider the programming you're exposed to, could be relevant.

The shadow could be many things. Further descriptions could prove revealing. Whoever it was, there's no indication of malevolence.

Everyone's given cool advice here. Let us know how you get on.
Sattella___Kuaran (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
Sorry! Please ignore that link! I'll just tell you the name of the story.


O.K. This is the legit link. Hope it helps! 😊
Sattella___Kuaran (4 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
I think its a shadow person who has... Somewhat attached itself to you and is following you around wherever you go. You usually see them when you're half awake so now I think that it has now attached itself to your girlfriend's daughter. Http://

Check out this link to another story. You could learn more about shadow people from here.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1083 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
Greetings, Julian.

Rook, as always, makes a great deal of sense. I'd like you to consider *when* the thermostat was dropped to the lowest setting; surely it was noticeable because it was winter, but -to the best of your recollection- was it the same month each time? The same date? The problem with this phenomenon, purely from a researcher's point of view, is that many people experience a loss of energy (chills/cold spots, unnatural tiredness,) during a paranormal interaction; the idea that an entity would use energy to lower the thermostat, and thus deprive itself of a potential source of energy, seems counter-intuitive to me; I would suggest any spirit behaving in this manner would be either seeking attention or a residual energy which repeats its behavior in cycles. From your descriptions, it did not sound like the same type of interactivity as you'd experienced with the lightswitch.

Taking a second look at the remaining phenomena from the perspective that there may be a spirit involved, each of the other interactions also appears to be attention-seeking behavior. No-one likes to be ignored; should there prove to be an entity dwelling in your home, it would have gotten accustomed to you and your routine. Now your girlfriend and her daughter are living with you, there will certainly be some minor tension issues (it's never the "big stuff" like politics or religion which cause outbursts of emotion, but "small annoyances" like squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle, or not putting down the seat & lid when you've finished, which get under the skin of the other person and cause disproportionate anger). You didn't describe the height of the shadow-figure you saw (was it a similar height to your G.F.'s daughter?), but the visual manifestation is a new phenomenon that indicates an increase in power (tension in a home can be a powerful energy source; how many times have you been upset and done 5 hours work in about two hours to get it out of your system?); the tension caused by locking a simple door is frustrating for everyone. The concealed battery was a nuisance, but it irritated you enough to expend a lot of energy looking for it.

In the journal which Rook suggested you keep, I'd STRONGLY recommend keeping track of each person's overall mood for the day: Justin 😠, G.F. 😐, Child 😳. This may demonstrate a correlation between the general temperament of the home and the type of activity which manifests, OR it could dismiss it completely.

This message is not to freak you out at all, it is a series of steps you can take to reassert some level of control in your home and in your life. The results would be of great interest to us, in order that you can receive further, more specific advice.

Take care of your new family, and good luck.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)

Some good and some interesting comments have already been left, let's leave some more...

First Experience (s): The lights and even the 'slurping' sound you heard may have all been due to Poltergeist activity... Centered on you... You stated you were 12-13 years of age when you experienced them... So it is something to consider.

Your current Apartment: 'Jones1992' asked an interesting question... Do you think your a bit 'on edge' because of your live in Girlfriend and her child... Additions like this into our lives can cause elevated stress level's and this MAY... Just MAY... Cause paranormal activity to 'pick up' in a household.

The '3am' thing... Is just 'A THING' and not so much to be concerned about... The 'witching hour' is a myth (I should know... Former witch here (and proud of it)...nor does it have to due with the mocking of the Trinity (we could go for 'HOURS' about this... But not now). You could just be waking up due to 'stress levels' in your home, living with someone 'new' is hard enough, add an extra child into the mix and the 'waking at 3am' may be just a 'stress' thing.

Your thermostat, are you 150% sure you did not 'bump' the setting switch with anything? I ask because you say it's only ever happened twice... So we must rule out EVERYTHING normal before we consider the Paranormal as the cause.

The door being locked, how soon after your girlfriend moving in did that happen... Could she have been locking the door by 'reflex' and not remembering she did it?

The battery? The 'SHSHing' sound and the 'experiences' of the 3 year old...Hummm.

I suggest keeping a Journal...daily...after a month take a look at everything you recorded... Look for patterns... If 'things' happen more in certain areas of the home... Check for high EMF levels... If they are present the 'experiences' may be related to them... Either because of an EMF sensitivity OR because a 'spirit' is using the energy to manifest and let someone know its there.

The Cleansing and Shielding are good suggestions as well... It will help keep 'negative energies, spirits' out.

Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted.


RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
First question. Have you ever played with the Ouija Board, or ever been in the room when someone else did?

Second question. Do you think that the spirit has been following you throughout your life?

Third question. Why do you have a gun and is it locked up or left in a drawer? With a 3 year old in the house not a good idea if you leave a gun unlocked. Their are too many ways that can and have gone bad.

Now for my opinion. You should do a house cleansing/shielding on your house. A member of this site named Rookdygin has such a method on his profile page. A lot of members have used his method and say it works extremely well but you may need to repeat it once or twice depending on how stubborn the spirit is or if you don't do the shielding completely. I feel this spirit is connected to you somehow so you should also cleanse/shield yourself also. That will have to be answered by someone else. I've
Heard bathing with sea salt is purifying but I also heard Lavender soap is useful.
Jones1992 (2 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-01)
Hi juliansatx I'm very new to all this so probably won't be much help but the reason you were waking up at 3am might be because it is said to be the witching hour and many people find themselves awake at 3am especially if they feel a presence. Spirits also feed on your energy and the more it plays on your mind the more things will happen. Do you think maybe your a bit on edge about it now there's a child living with you? Thanks Jones1992

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