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Visit Of My Ancester


I always use to go to my granny's place to meet my cousins, but this time there was a change. Because of some problems we have to go to my village that is near Kurekshetra. First I ignored the idea of going there because it's very difficult to live there moreover there are no kids of my age there. But when I got to know that my cousins will also come then I fastly packed all my things.

My big-grandpa have built a very large haveli there where only my grandpa's mother and his brothers used to live. After a very hard journey we finally reached there. As after so much time we all 10 cousins of nearly same age were together so we decided to have some fun. I and my cousin decided to play hide and seek and were allowed to hide anywhere in the house or outside the house even the forest like garden.

As we started to play I thought of hiding in the garden and did so. As we are Kshatriya we never scare, moreover doing these kinds of things give us thrills. As I was heading toward the backyard I saw a lady in white sari. I thought she was my grandma and called her but she didn't answered. I was having a feeling of sickness. It was very hot night but her presence was making environment cool. I was not feeling right so I thought to stop there. Suddenly she started walking fastly and disappeared in the woods.

I told about this to my grandma. She got shocked and scold me and all of my cousins. She told us that the lady was the spirit of my ancestors. She told us that ashes of my ancestors are kept in the tomb built nearby haveli so they can see what is happening in their family and can help when something wrong happens. Sometimes spirits of them get out in the night to take look of their property.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-04)
hi... Jt... Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing your stories... It is nice

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