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The Man In The Door


I think my earliest ghost experience occurred when I was about four or five. My dad was out on a business trip, so I spent the night on his side of the bed. I really liked to sleep in my parents' room, so I would take any opportunity I could to stay in there, usually sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. I also found their bed to be comfier, so one of them being gone meant I got the bed.

My dad's side of the bed was closest to the bedroom door, which my parents always keep open. Their door is right above the stairs. On the other side of the stairs is our study, which is always well-lit at night. Because of this, the light shines into my parents' room. You can't stand in the bedroom doorway, or anywhere near it, without being in full view from my parents' room.

I woke up during the middle of the night, and opened my eyes. To my surprise, there was a man standing in front of the bedroom door in the light. But, he just looked like a dark outline. I should have been able to see his face or the color of his clothes, but he was all black. I can't explain why, as I couldn't see his eyes, but I felt like he was staring at me. I was absolutely terrified, as I knew a strange man shouldn't be in our house at night. But, at the same time, there was a sense of calm. But I also felt a sort of sadness around the calm. I don't know how to explain it.

The man said "What are you doing here?" His voice was pretty deep. He sounded confused and a bit sad. But, there was an air of amusement in his tone. You could hear a slight smile in the words. He slowly turned towards the stairs, and stepped out of sight.

The weird thing is, the stairs in our house are pretty loud. I can hear someone walking on them from my bedroom, which is a farther away. But I never heard him walk down the stairs.

A minute or two later, I woke my mom up and told her I saw a man in the doorway. She searched the house, but didn't find anyone. She told me it was just a dream, but I was definitely awake. I stayed up the rest of the night, staring at the doorway. But nothing happened.

I never saw this man or heard his voice again. I've always remembered him though. I honestly don't believe he was there to scare me - he seemed nice. I've always wondered why he's never come back.

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NinjaPirateAssasin (9 stories) (16 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-02)
Thank you to everyone for commenting! I apologize for the late response, as I posted this right before getting bogged down with final projects and tests (I'm a college student) and family events over the holidays so I'm afraid I haven't had the chance to sit down and read all your wonderful responses!

EmmCruz, I don't recall a particular emphasis on any words. It was just a question, and he sounded extremely confused the whole time. Although, this happened over 15 years ago, so it's possible he did place emphasis and I've forgotten it over the years.

I've wondered since if he was a protecting spirit, ParanormalSurviver! But, I believe I have another one (I've posted it in another story, but here's the link if you're interested. Http:// although I've always thought that spirit might be linked to the house. To my knowledge, you can't have two guardians. But, it's possible I'm a descendant of his and he's stuck around with the family! Or, that the other one is a guardian of the house and he is my guardian!

Autumnbaby, I'm sad too! I would love for him to visit again. I would for sure ask him some questions!

Spockie--that's an interesting theory! My parents designed and built our house. We've looked into if a house was built here before (my parents wanted to make sure they weren't building on top of something as this area floods frequently and they didn't want to risk part of the house collapsing in the future). We know the land used to be farmland, but we've only found evidence of it being fields and the house was at least two to three acres away from where our current home is. But, Indians also lived nearby. I believe that there was a fight between Indians and someone else (either pioneers or the farmers) at one point. I think at least one pioneer was buried by or under our house as well. It's possible that someone in the future saw me! Like Macknorton, I would be interested if you could elaborate more. I can't help but wonder if it was a time slip, if it was because of me instead of the house, as I've often dreamed things and had my dream play out exactly as I dreamed it in real life.

Thank you for your comment sds! I was so young, I didn't fully understand what ghosts were. It honestly took a few years for me to realize this was a spirit or some other type of visitor. Because of this, I said nothing to anyone but my mom at the time. My parents don't believe in ghosts and have been dismissive of a few things my siblings have mentioned in the past. By the time I really got interested and started to understand that my house has multiple spirits, my siblings have refused to talk about it. If I ask them questions, they get really freaked out and won't answer. Which is a shame, because I'm certain if anyone else has seen this spirit, it would be my sister. She has no problem sleeping in hotels or her apartment, but at our house, she rarely sleeps and keeps her light on all night long. She's clearly heard/seen/felt something dark in this house, but she refuses to open up about it.

I'm flattered that this is one of your favorite's Tweed! It's an interesting idea that he was aware of my sleeping habits! I've never thought of it like that, but I love it!

Sometimes I'm afraid I've lost some of my sensitivity, Macknorton, but it seems like most of the spirits in my house have made themselves known to me so maybe they've backed off a bit in recent years because they've been acknowledged! We've never moved, so almost all my experiences have happened in this house. One of my posts occurred at a friends house, and I'm about to submit one an ongoing one in my dorm room. Everything else has been in this house! I have a few more from this house that I'll be posting soon.

Thank you for the advice fearandyou! Take care as well!

Thank you for sharing your story JerryB, it sounds like an amazing experience! I would be scared if a man was at the foot of my bed too--but I don't think I would be brave enough to talk to them! That's awesome that you're from IL as well! AND that you had such a similar experience! It is possible that he is a guardian for me (I will admit, your story is very similar to mine!), but there's another spirit that has interacted with me and protected me and I've thought of her as my guardian spirit. But, these comments have me wondering if she's more a guardian of the house and it's occupants, rather than just me.

Manafon1, that's a very interesting experience! Thank you for sharing! It's funny, because I remember not really being as scared of ghosts when I was younger! Maybe that's why they often show themselves to young kids! I think if I saw a spirit turn off a light now, I would be scared to death! My parents designed the house and there was no building located here before my parents built according to documents at City Hall.
EmmCruz (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-26)
I have a question. When the man said, "What are you doing here?" Where did he place the emphasis of the sentence?

What are YOU doing here?

- or -

What are you doing HERE?

...or was it on one for the other words? Just curious.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-24)
I am agree with spockie... It could have been time slip or a spirit travelling... It is quite an interesting story... Thanks for sharing 😁
ParanormalSurviver (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-20)
I have had an experience just like yours exept that the figure that I saw never spoke a word to me just stood in the door way almost as if it were watching over me and was there to protect me from some unseen evil.
Autumnbaby (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-17)
I also had a similar experience, and I was sad that it only happened that one time. I love your story. Thanks for sharing.
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-15)
Hi Spockie - interesting theory, that's what I love about YGS, it throws up so many different ideas and theories! I personally can't get my head around time-travel and how works. I'm not saying its impossible, but I can't for the life of me grasp it. Are you (or any other posters) able to elaborate on it? The theories or machinations of how it happens?
Spockie (8 stories) (203 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-15)
You know, this could have been a time slip and not a ghost at all. A person who lived in your house, or a house that stood where your house now stands, saw an apparition of a child lying in a bed. You saw an apparition of a man standing in the doorway. I believe a lot of ghost sightings might actually be seeing through time.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-14)
Hi NinjaPirateAssasin, thanks for sharing this experience. But quite difficult to comment. Like everyone, I am also really satisfied with your straight forward putting up of the encounter. Most of the paranormal happenings are like this. Without any fanfare. Did you discuss this experience with anybody else in the house apart from your mother, like your dad or someone else. If so, what was their reaction.

Regards and respects to you.

Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-11)
Your right Tweed--two ghosts turning off lights for me separated by a span of several decades! Kinda nice really.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-11)

What a beautifully told encounter you've shared, this is going to my faves. 😊

Kudos to Jerry for opening up about a similar encounter. This really has me thinking of how our guardians make themselves known to us.

I don't know if this ghost was a guardian or not but, given the feeling he gave, he was surely a well intended ghost. Perhaps the smile in his voice was indication of prior knowledge to your sleeping habits.

As a side note, Manafon ghosts who turn lights off seems to be a theme for you. Or maybe just coincidence, either way it's very intriguing!
Macknorton (5 stories) (646 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-10)
NPA - thanks for sharing this experience. I agree with Manafon on this one. Appears that the spirit wasn't aware of his passing and was still earth-bound and confused.

Reading your other stories, it appears you are sensitive to spirit.

Did you have any other odd experiences in that particular house along the lines of that one?

fearandyou (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-10)
Appealing to the good spirits to protect you from the bad ones is one, another thing you can do is try to improve your personal health and fitness, clean up the house and organize everything better, and get intervention from someone who has experience dealing with negative entities if things persist. Anything you can do to keep yourselves feeling calm, grounded, and in control is the best action. I'll be glad to help advise you if things get too bad, and there are many others here who can as well. Anyway, it was great reading... Take Care:)
JerryB (8 stories) (189 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-10)
Hi there. I see your story happened to you while you lived in Illinois. I too consider myself an Illinoisian (not sure that's an actual word) as I was born in Illinois and lived there for many years before leaving on a fast Greyhound out of town with hopes of promised excitement and adventure -- I joined the Army. Not encouraging you to consider doing same, just relating. But my main reason for responding to your story is because it reminds me of something similar that happened to me too when I was very young.

I too woke from sleep and discovered a man standing in my room, at the foot of my bed. Scared the daylights out of me seeing him (anyone for that matter) standing there in the quiet of the room when the only one that should have been there was me. Frightened and understandably so.

I asked the man if he was a burglar? To which he chuckled slightly and assured me he was not. Still didn't erase any fear building in me, that is, until such time as he moved to the side of my bed and asked me to take his hand -- difficult for me to do BUT doing so was like a light switch suddenly turned on, my questioning who he was became clear as a bell, so to speak. I knew him (Spiritually speaking) and all there was to know about him, as unbelievable as that surely sounds. It as like a curtain was lifted -- He was my Guardian Angel. Another unbelievable thing to say, I wager, but true. It was explained to me that we all receive a visit when very young, unfortunately we don't all remember. The details of such visit, and why that is most of us forget, I have no explanation.

I tell you this because I suspect the Man In The Door, as you explained it, could very well have been similar for you. Maybe not the case at all. But he certainly wasn't there to harm you. And his visit, mysterious as it was, and brief as it may have seemed, did leave you with searching, unanswered questions.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
9 years ago (2015-12-10)
I like how straight forward your narrative is. Most paranormal encounters are brief and, like yours, can be a bit bewildering. Seems likely the "man" was an earlier resident of your house. Your parents room could have been his room at one time, hence his question to you.

I really wanted to comment on your story because when I was either five or six I saw a similar apparition. I shared a room with my brother and woke up suddenly in the middle of the night to see a woman, or more specifically, a dark outline of a woman, standing by a lamp on a dresser in front of me. The light was on but she remained a pitch black cut out (for lack of a better term). Her arm was reaching under the lamp shade and she turned off the light. As a little kid I had several odd paranormal incidents and since I had no real point of reference I just went back to sleep.

Like your visitor, mine was also probably attached to the house and was merely performing a kind act in shutting out the light. Your experience was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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