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I've had a couple incidents of a ghost cat jumping into bed with me. It was always when I was just starting to fall asleep or just slowly waking up, but it would jolt me awake and I'd lie there enjoying the moment.

The first time was a cat I had when I was very young, my first pet. I think I was in 3rd grade. I really loved the cat, but she got pregnant and it was a problem for my mother, who said we'd take the cat to the pound and pick her back up after she'd had her babies. She took it to the pound, but we never went to pick her up, and for years I cried over that cat. My sisters reamed her about it. About 5 years later I received a spirit cat who jumped up on my bed, kneading and purring big as life on my neck. I immediately thought of the cat I'd had and was sad because I knew she was dead. She was coming to say goodbye. My mother apologized to me when I was in college for taking my cat, and later my dog, my second pet, to the pound. She said I never brought friends home and didn't appear socialized; I spent all of my free time with my pets so she took away my animal friends in hope I'd replace them with human ones. I understood her logic, but it didn't change the sense of loss I felt for so many years.

The last experience of a spirit cat was about 4 years ago. I was on graveyard shift so I slept during the day. I was in a loft, so there is a lot of light during the day, and I could see there was no cat there. Shortly before, perhaps even a few months before, one of my cats did not come home. I finally concluded it was probably dead. We live in a rural area and a coyote or owl may have gotten it. His brother still lives with me and they were yin and yang, meaning very close and usually did everything together. The brother came home early the next morning alone. Usually they left together and came home together, but this one had stayed away as long as a week a couple of times in the recent past, so I didn't really worry at first. I figured he'd found another family he enjoyed and who obviously fed him, since he usually came back without weight loss. There was a certain amount of rivalry for my affection between the two and one cat was always snippy if I appeared to favor one over the other. I tried to be even-handed.

Maybe it was my cat telling me he was still around and OK. I looked for him for nearly a year after he disappeared, checking every cat dead on the highway, wondering if he was taken in by another family and kept inside, taken to the pound or if one of the packs of dogs running loose may have caught him. Both cats were raised with 5 dogs, so they probably weren't as nervous of dogs as they should have been, however they had five years of experience by then, and I saw they differentiated strange dogs from family dogs. I don't recall the time of year when it happened to me, but it must have been winter because I was sleeping in the loft where it's warmer. I now wonder if it was around October because I even worried about Satanists killing it because it was a black cat. That would be so traumatic for him because he'd known nothing other than love and affection from humans, and it made me sick to think about it. I prefer the coyote or owl scenario, because that's nature at work. There have been a few problems here with Satanists, but I figure they'll get theirs sooner than later. Anyhow, the point is that I worried and worried for about a year, until I finally lost hope of him still being alive.

I eventually wondered if it was an unrelated spirit cat just seeing how affectionate I was to my remaining cat and feeling comfortable with jumping up and cuddling for warmth. I thought this because it came to my side, not my neck. I wonder if they stick around until they find someone they can bond to on the other side, or if they just enjoy the ability to flit unseen here and there and probably causing mischief.

After his brother's disappearance, my other cat pretty much stopped going out at night except to potty. This was unusual because these two were big game hunters, bringing home jack rabbits bigger than they were. In fact, my husband had to chase a cottontail around the house that my cat brought home about 2 months ago, but that happened during the day and on a different property in town. It took a week before he deigned to notice my husband again, he was so angry at being deprived of his prize. Mice are no longer worth his notice. He still rarely stays out at night, though there are a lot more trees and shelters in town.

I thought he probably witnessed his brother's death, or perhaps had his own close call, and was no longer interested in being out at night. He was the less energetic/athletic cat of the two, but still it was unusual that he rarely went out when I left for work. I also noticed he'd very carefully scope out the area before venturing outside and was very nervous about being exposed. We live in desert with no trees available for shelter. For this reason I'd leave the door open as often as I could so he could come back in right away if he lost his nerve. He'd flat refuse to go out in winter any longer except in daylight for short periods when I'd be around to let him back in right away. I think he became aware of the contrast of his black coat against snow.

I firmly believe because of my experience that there are animal spirits. I think they linger because initially they are bonded to their humans and are having the time of their lives being able, particularly cats, to cause mischief and wreak havoc with live animals. Then it palls and they come to say goodbye so they can be on their way to another happy life. We may even meet again. That's my perspective anyhow.

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C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Friends: The cat that probably got caught by a coyote was called Red, not Blue. My brain went fuzzy. I had two black boy cats who were adopted as kittens from the Elko, NV pound. Because my hubby couldn't tell them apart, we put a red collar on one and a blue collar on the other and named them Red and Blue. I know, we weren't too imaginative. These were supposed to be just temporary names, but we never thought of better. Red was killed somehow about 3 or 4 years ago and we still have Blue. He's now about 9 or 10 years old.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Alexthecat: I forgot to mention that what few ghostly experiences I've had are never visual. I think I may have some sensitivity, but not enough to have visual experiences. That said, it's difficult to say if I'm having some sensory perceptions explained by physical or neurological causes, or if I'm actually having a ghostly visitation, which is why I've read but not posted any of my experiences before. I did once see a vision of a walker on my way to work one night, but thought lack of sleep may have caused the vision. It was winter and the walker was alongside the highway in summer clothing. Only an insane person would have been dressed like that and no view of the person was in my rearview mirror after I'd passed. That's the only time I ever SAW something strange.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Antu: Whenever life is hard, my cats are so comforting. I swear this latest cat I adopted has human understanding. She's had a hard life the past year, and we dote on each other. She had 6 majestic and huge kittens that were grown and in the same household when I took her in. I would have liked to keep them all, but just don't have the resources with my 12 hour shifts to give them all the attention they each individually deserve, so I just took in the momma. When I did she seemed so comforted. I still also have the brother to the one probably caught by a coyote, and he's normally a bully with other cats, but momma cat, named Mischief or Missy for short, has put him in his place. She deserved better than how she was living, and I am giving her a quiet, peaceful home where she is adored and knows it.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Chapulin and Antu: I understand your confusion at my mom's behavior. She came from a hard school and it became harder after her marriage. She was a farmer's daughter and divorced mother of 4 girls from an alcoholic and abusive husband. As I said in my post, she apologized many years after the fact for taking my cat and dog away from me, using the excuse I was not socialized with humans. That was true at the time, but particularly with the cat, I think the thought of having to deal with kittens and find homes for them was just more than she could bear at the time. She was a single mother working 12-16 hour days so she could support us. She was tired. The fact she apologized, albeit years later, showed me that in hindsight she regretted her actions. I've always been closer to animals than humans, it's just part of my nature, and I believe she came to understand that about me in later years. I've never doubted my mother's love for her children, she showed it in so many ways. However, the typical mother she was not. She didn't have the support to be a typical mother. Most of my friends saw her as a strict and tyrannical woman, but they had fathers to support their mothers.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Alexthecat: It could be the sleep paralysis thing that explains my spirit cat visits. I wondered about that too and actually thought about it while it was happening. The only reason I kind of think (particularly of my Blue visitation a few years ago) the last was an actual spirit was because I was jolted awake, but enjoyed about 10 minutes of comfort after visually checking that there was no actual cat in bed with me. I was able to move and see and was wide awake at that point. I don't usually remember dreams anymore. Whatever the explanation, it was a pleasure. I was gifted.
C2C (3 stories) (62 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-09)
Spotted Cat: I've had my own back and forth thoughts about keeping cats inside, knowing that it's dangerous for them outside. I finally decided to let them be the judge of being in or out. The two cats I have now choose for the most part to be inside and appear to stay close. They choose to go out to defecate or soak up the sun if the weather is good. I believe that it is unnatural for them to be contained to a house and limits their enjoyment of life. I personally would not want to be locked up inside, deprived of nature's delights, even knowing of the dangers. I believe my dear departed Blue, the cat who probably got caught by a coyote, reveled in his freedom and enjoyed life to the hilt. He chose quality of life over quantity, and I gave him freedom to choose. I'm comfortable with my decision to let my cats choose, but am also sympathetic to the owners who choose to confine their cats to the house. It's much like letting children make their own decisions and scary for parents. Still, I figure cats are not humans and have different needs than humans so I can't impose my will on them.
SpottedCat (5 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-06)
Hi C2C, thank you for sharing your endearing story. I just want to make the suggestion that you not let your cats outside. The humane society of the US strongly advises against it because they kull so much wildlife while falling prey to large animals, mean people, and can even get lost. Ghost cats are cool but living ones, even better! Best of luck to you and all of your pets!
Alexthecat (3 stories) (8 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-02)

I love cats and have two of my own. I couldn't imagine loosing them. In a situation like your own, my first conclusion to the cause of these visits would actually be sleep paralysis. It is the manner in which you describe when and how these events happen as they are most Likely to happen falling asleep, or slowly waking up. Most people also decribe the "jolt" like felling. Sleep paralysis happens when the mind wakes up before the body. This can cause intense hallucinations that are indistinguishable from reality. This is simply just what a doctor or most scientists would tell you and may or may not be the truth. Hope this gives you a different perspective,

chapulin1234 (guest)
7 years ago (2015-12-31)
Hello C2C,

I have had cats and dogs too, I think pets make the best friends!, as per your mom, I read your other post and I know you love your Mom to pieces so I will not try to understand why she acted like she did with your pets and I trust your instinct when you say she was doing it for your good.
All the best,
Antu (1 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-30)
Wow! I'm not quite sure what to think of your mom C2C, but she sounds like a very controlling and not very nice person. I can't imagine why she felt it necessary to take your pets to what she most certainly knew was a death sentence at the pound, regardless of what she may have told you, I'm so sorry you had to go through that as a child.

As for your ghosty cats, we experience the same sort of thing in our home, regardless of where home is at that particular time. My wife is an unabashed crazy cat lady and I'm no better! We love our kitties and always have 4 or 5 for pets. I just think we form such strong bonds with our pets that we become attached to each other, and cats have long been believed to be spiritual creatures too. There is truly just something magical about a cat, the twinkle in the eye, the independent streak, the feel of them rubbing on your leg, the soothing nature of their purr as they snuggle, oh I digress. Anyway, we have one of our old cats which actually manifests in full form and the whole family frequently sees her and lately, our most recent loss seems to have found her way back to us. Again, I guess I am just a complete animal fanatic, but it is just so comforting to know they are still watching out for us and appear to be happy in doing so!

Thank you for your post!


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