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Supposed Evil Spirits In My Mom's Old Apartment


I have posted another story here and have several more to the point that I wonder if my mother and I might have some small bit of psychic ability as ghosts seem to be everywhere we go. This is one of hers.

Grand Rapids Michigan, 1973. My mother, her boyfriend at the time, and my sister who was then two, were temporarily staying in an apartment while my mother had to settle some things with the court for unrelated reasons. They could only sleep during the day because the apartment was possessed by what my mother says were evil spirits.

At night these spirits plagued her and her family. She told me that at night she couldn't sleep because she could feel eyes watching her from the foot of the bed. When she stayed up at night, she would sit at the table reading or writing a story, drawing, or figuring her money. She said that she could feel the spirits peering over her shoulder as she sat there.

One night she and her boyfriend were up drawing and they both began to feel an intense pressure on their heads and cold drafts like you would feel coming through an opened window or door in winter even though it was the middle of May. She said it was like someone was trying to get inside of them through their heads.

My sister was always having nightmares in that apartment as well so my mother moved my sister's bed next to her bedroom so she could run quickly to her if she needed to. Mom said that one time my sister woke up from a nightmare and would not stop staring at the wall beside her bed.

She also told me that the apartment was always cold, even when the heat was on and the stove didn't heat things properly, but she always smelled gas upon entry. She had a gas man come out and repair it, but the hauntings continued.

One day my mother had some Christian friends over and they reported feeling like they were constantly being watched and even said they sensed an evil presence.

Another time, a woman came over to look at and potentially rent the apartment, so my mom offered to give her a tour, but as she began to lead her through the house, she stopped dead in her tracks and refused to go any further, insisting she could see it from where she was at and didn't need to walk any further. Shortly after, she thanked my mother and left. My mother never saw or heard from the woman again.

Another, possibly unrelated, event involved my sister and a bowl of jello. Mom said she absolutely refused to eat her jello and was even scared of it. She kept staring at it and screaming even though she never had an issue with jello before. At some point, her Cherokee boyfriend told the spirits to leave and they didn't go away, but the nightly visits decreased in frequency to about once a month. The whole family was overjoyed when things with the court were settled and they could finally leave.

My mother has passed now, and I got a lot of this from her diary and the rest from what I remember her telling me years ago. I don't know if that apartment is still there, but I would be interested to hear about any similar experiences.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
From all that was going on at the time, with the court situation. It could be your mother,boyfriend,and aunt could have been somehow producing these energies inside the house.
Maybe some of the emotions were stress,anxiety,even the unkown can cause someone to have energy manifest in this way.
Thus producing what seems like hauntings but really is just energies from emotions manifesting outwardly.
I'm not sure, just my thoughts. 😊

Thank you for sharing
haunted_childhood (34 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-02)
So what was up With the JELLO? I didn't understand the connection... Was it POSSESSED JELLO, or what? 😕?

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