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This is going to start of pretty typical, the typical girl in the white dress. I was about fourteen years old when I saw her. I was on the couch in my lounge room and was watching the television. I had heard some footsteps on the floorboards but thought nothing of it, I had honestly thought it was one of my little brothers walking around.

Out of curiosity to see who it was, I had turned and glanced at the person behind the couch and turned back to watch the the TV. Cliched as this is, it took me a few seconds to realise that I had just seen a girl in a white dress standing behind the couch. I remember the way my heart just stopped and I had quickly turned around to look again just to find the girl gone. She was like something out of the movie The Grudge, with her long black hair covering half of her face but the other half I couldn't see anything but skin, it was like her features were blurred out. I normally don't get scared of paranormal things as I see them all the time but this one scared the living daylights out of me.

Also, is anyone on this sight able to see auras? Just wondering because I am able to. About three months ago my aunt had done a reading for my best friend and the colours that were surrounding them were so intense that it gave me a migraine that lasted for about two days. I was also able to see one particular aura standing behind my best friend. Now my best friend's colour is normally always an apple green or when she's in a down mood it's a yellowish colour, but this one that was connected to her was a light violet colour. I don't know how but I was immediately able to be able to tell that this aura was her nan. My best friend never talks about her nan.

I keep seeing all these auras around my home that aren't connected to my family at all. It's kind of irritating because I know that some of them aren't exactly good and bringing a lot of bad energy into my house. And I know one of them is causing my house to sometimes smell of sulphur even though we never light candles and what not.

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Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-21)
Hi Wilting, I'm not sure if you're still visiting this site, but the Lady in White legend is usually related to the theme of losing a daughter or betrayal of a husband. Did anything significant happen concerning a girl or woman in your local area? Did you ever see the girl in the white dress again or was it only that once?

I don't see auras myself but I've attached a few links that you can check out regarding the colours you're seeing:

I hope this helps.

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