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Do Spirits Visit Us In Our Dreams?


My family and I were very close with my grandpa. Like them, I was really close with him, as well. I spent 21 years of going to his house every Saturday and Sunday and spending all birthdays and holidays with him, as well.

He became quite ill when I was 21 (now 28) and actively was dying over a 2 week period. My family and I would visit him every day in the hospital because we knew these were his last days. My grandpa came from a family of 9 kids and his older sister and him were the only two living out of his siblings at the time.

My grandpa was very lethargic and sleepy his last 2 weeks and would go in and out of delirium. For instance, he'd think he was in his kitchen at home or think he was drinking a soda, etc. However, something I found interesting was that he would always say there were these people standing around his bed. When my family and I would ask him who they were, he would tell us they were his deceased siblings, as if they were waiting for him to pass. He mentioned this every night up until the day he passed.

When he passed, I had a really hard time coping. My whole life changed. However, I would dream about him almost every week after he passed. The dreams were never the same, but the majority of them took place in his house. Usually the dreams consisted of my whole family being in his house for a gathering like we always did. I would go in his living room and he would be standing there, smiling. He would never talk, but always had this glow around him and he always looked healthy and happy.

Some people have told me that this is normal when a family is grieving. That these dreams occur because we miss somebody. However, my whole family was grieving and I was the only one having these dreams. My family truly believes he was visiting me and it was a message to tell me he was doing okay. I found those dreams very comforting.

As I began to cope more with the fact he was gone, the dreams became less and less. Every once in a while I will have one if I find that I'm having a rough day of missing him terribly. I truly believe this was his way of communicating to me. And it's weird, but some times I can feel his presence.

Does anyone have similar experiences they could share? Or believe this could have been him visiting, as well?

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Cookgrl13 (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-29)
I have the same experiences. In March of 20l4, my brother Brad passed away. On the 11th of April 2014, my sister-in-law passed. Exactly 11 Days later, My Brother Clyde passed. I became extremely depressed. I could not stop thinking about them. All I could do was cry. I could feel their presence constantly witn me. As time passsed, their visits became less. Then, in January of 2016 my 20 year old nephew was murder. So, deeper into depression I got. I began to notice that I was dreaming more than normal. However, my dreams were always about my lost loved ones. Unfortunately, on September 16th, of 2016 my brother Doug passed away. Though my dreams still occur, the scene is always different. I have say, if it wasn't for those dreams, God only knows where I would in life right now. I feels as though they are still alive, and that brings much peace to my broken heart.
ItalianChick0188 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-16)

Yes, these were different. I can remember almost every detail of every dream I've ever had of my grandpa. Most were very pleasant. However, I did have one where we were at a different hospital (we had him transferred to another hospital, which is where he passed) and I went to visit him and he was crying hysterically. That dream in particular was difficult because before his passing; my family had disagreements about what was best for him even though he kept verbalizing he was tired and wanted to die (he had Rheumatoid Arthritis that destroyed his lungs). I feel like this dream was significant because I think it was his way of showing us how much he was suffering.

Like I said he never really talks; he usually has this big glow around him with a huge smile.

I haven't had a dream about him in a while and I do enjoy them very much!
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)
Hello ItalianChick and welcome to YGS
Thank you for sharing your story with us.

2 things

First off, YES! The departed do visit us in our dreams. Our mind is at rest and it is the easiest time for them to come through to us. As Manofon said, the visitation dream is a little different than a normal dream. Its hard to describe but you will know the difference. Its much more real and you generally can remember all aspects of the dream vividly. Unlike regular dreams that you soon forget.

About him seeing deceased relatives and friends during his deathbed times. These are known as deathbed visitations and they are very real. A rule to remember is this "nobody dies alone"
Even if nobody alive is with the person as they pass, someone that has already passed is there to help them cross over to the spirit world. Many times a person that is slowly dying spends their last few days as much on the edge of the spirit world as they do in the physical world.
They want to go but the physical body fights to stay alive.

One last thing. If you wish to talk to your grandpa all you have to do is simply call his name. Call him first by his formal given name and then refer to him as grandpa. Try and wait until you have privacy and a quite time then call to him. It may take awhile but he will hear you. Just remember to call him by his name first. That is very important.

Thank you again for sharing your story with us and welcome again.
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-17)

In a word,yes. Dreams are the easiest way for deceased relatives visit loved ones. I have a story very similiar to yours. It can be found at.
Or just go into my profile and click on the link for Family Spirits.
If you decide to read it I hope you enjoy.

Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-16)
Hi ItalianChick--Welcome to YGS. My mother came to me soon after her death in a visitation dream. Visitation dreams don't seem like dreams but like a meeting with the person in waking life. I felt my mother hug me, felt her as I hugged her back and the colors in the dream were vibrant and completely like that in "real life".

It sounds very likely that your grandfather visited you. Did the dreams you had of your grandfather strike you as unlike other dreams you have had? If yes, chances are he wanted to visit with you to let you know he was once again alright. However, if the dreams you had simply seemed like normal dreams, you were probably just grieving his passing and remembering him. Visitation dreams come across (at least in my experience) as completely unique and far removed from the common dreams humans have every night. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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