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Odd Things And A Phantom Dog?


I'll start by saying I'm not a writer by any means so I apologise if there are any errors. I'm 31 and these "events", if you will, are the ones directly related to me either first hand or told about me from close family members from when I was younger (I personally don't remember the early ones - too young). I'll try and get the chronological order as correct as I can, as with some thing happening years ago it's hard to remember which happened first.

To some of you they are probably small insignificant things but over time there were quite a few. I still would class myself as a reasonable sceptic; if there's a possible logical explanation I'll go with that if you get me.

I grew up (up until I moved out at 21) in a typical two up, two down terrace in the north of England. Originally built for mill workers they are pretty unremarkable.

When I was roughly three I started with an aversion to mirrors (still cover my dressing table one with a towel). The way the house was set out if you looked upstairs, where there was a large mirror, you could see into my parents' bedroom and down the hall. I used to tell my parents that when I walked past the bottom of the stairs I "could see that man again" in their room (I don't remember this except for a feeling that I really hated their room). I also used to say "the doors are happening" to my dad and on occasion my babysitter (next door's daughter) who refused to babysit after that lol (don't blame her). When quizzed upon what I meant I would tell my parents that the door (they had a sliding door to their room) would slide in and out. As an adult I have questioned whether this could be caused by an open window, which you could expect with a normal door but these were on runners which slid in and out of the wall cavity?

A memory I do have from childhood when I was approx five-ish, was a plant my mum had hanging from the ceiling on the landing (fashion in the 80's I think) would move back and forth on its own and I would often lay there frozen with my eyes shut until I opened them and it had stopped.

There used to be sounds nightly that I couldn't explain, ie sounds of someone shuffling through drawers downstairs when everyone was in bed and as such from age 8-16ish I slept with the TV on.

When I was 18 and got my first boyfriend, he would sleep over and sometimes say "What was your mum doing up so late?" When asked, she and my dad hadn't been out of bed at all.

One particular occasion there was me, my mum, and my boyfriend in the house. I must have been about 20 because it was early morning and we were getting ready for work. I was in my bedroom putting my makeup on, my mum was in the bathroom and Paul was downstairs making a brew. I heard my dog (greyhound) run upstairs, if you have a dog you know the sound, and I heard my mum shout "Cassie get down" (she wasn't allowed upstairs) so I assumed the stair gate was open. Then Paul shouted "she's down here with me." I went out onto the landing and met my mum, both of us amazed and flummoxed by what we had heard. Paul hadn't heard anything and he was approx 6 feet from the bottom of the stairs.

One night me, my mum, dad and brother were watching TV and we heard a dog jump off my parents' bed (again you know the sound. Their room was directly above the lounge) and the force of the jump made the ceiling light shake slightly, but Cassie was with us in the lounge?

I have asked my mum and dad in more recent times if they heard/saw anything strange and they have quite a few stories to tell which I'll do another post about as I don't want this one to get too boring and scrappy from one event to the other if you get me.

One thing I'll mention, when my son was three (now 9) he and my dad were watching telly and my dad thought he saw something in the corner of the ceiling to his right. My son looked up, then looked at my dad and said "don't worry, grandad, he goes away if you ignore him." If you're a parent, you kind of know what dialogue and context your kids say stuff in and this was definitely out of the ordinary for him to say something like this. My dad was shaken up to say the least and for me this was the most chilling as I never actually saw anything that I can remember anyway!

As I said I'm now 31, I have been living in my new house since March 2015 and nothing much has happened that's unexplainable except my two year old daughter keeps pointing to random places and saying "boy" but that could be her imagination at her age. I did google our area because of this and found out some remarkable stuff from a news report in 1993 about a house further down my street - google; Bolton ghost Westhoughton!

Thanks for reading and I hope it wasn't too tedious. I'll try and get the other things into some semblance of order and post again soon. X

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Lolljo (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-17)
Hi red,

He only made that statement (about ignoring him) once, but quite often my dad would think he could see something in that corner but when he looked there wasn't anything there. He did say "the footprints are back on the stairs mummy" (footprints and not footsteps- I did ask but he insisted footprints) but I don't know if that's an unrelated incident, hr said that a couple of times over a year or so

RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-13)

Very interesting account. I don't know how pocket doors could move in and out on their own. Unless you lived by a rail road and had trains constantly going by but even that would be unlikely.

Tweed brought up a very thought provoking scenario about hearing a dog upstairs. I guess that's possible because dogs do have souls.

Your son telling his grandfather that the thing in the corner by the ceiling will go away if you ignore it certainly would be disconcerting to say the least. How long had that gone on for?

As far as your 2 year old daughter pointing and saying boy she is probably seeing a boy where she points. Toddlers are able to see ghosts even if nobody in the family is sensitive. It's because they are so young and unjaded about such things. I don't think it is her imagination as children that young, unless they have siblings closer to her age they don't have much of an imagination.

Lolljo (1 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-12)
Thank you for your comments.:)

Jodie- we tried to glean more info, but at that age his attention span wasn't great and we didn't want to scare him by quizzing him more.

Tweed, Paul can't remember due to the time lapse but quite possibly as she was always sleeping! That's a nice possibility actually!

Ashar - I still try and think of the logical explanations, but the number of things happening seem to be more than a coincidence

Lolljo xx
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-08)
This site and 16000 published ghost stories itself speak in favour of paranormal world being real however everyone is free to have their own opinion.

In your story the logical explanation can be given for one or two things but not all. For the sliding door or the plant you may blame the nature but for the dog and your son speaking something spine chilling like that don't seek to have logical explanations.

Thanks for sharing! 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-07)
Hi Lolljo,

Bit of an odd question here, do you remember if your dog was asleep at the time of those dog sounds?
Reason I ask is because we would sometimes see and hear our dog doing various things, only to go inside and find her asleep! So I wondered if your dog was having an out of body experience, and while she was at it decided to run for the forbidden upstairs. 😆

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed these encounters, looking forward to more. 😊
Jodie_S (1 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2016-07-07)
Lolljo - A beautifully written account of your parents home. Did you ever ask your son to describe the man?
Thanks for sharing:)

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