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When I was eleven, I went through this phase of being highly into watching those ghost hunter shows with my parents. I wanted to prove to them and myself that I was brave, so I would spend all afternoon and weekends watching these shows. In the end, they effectively scared the shiat out of me and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night and the slightest noise or cold spot would scare me.

Anyway, during this time my family, which consists of my three younger siblings and parents, were in the midst of moving house. So we were moving from this old house that the previous owner had died in, to this fairly new house, but me being paranoid was still convinced that this new house was haunted. Much like I was convinced our previous house was, but overtime I got older and grew out of the phase, telling myself I was being unrealistic.

But here's the thing, last year for some I reason became involved with the same phase, becoming obsessed, and during this time simple most likely logical things started happening. The typical bedroom door closing by itself and my bedroom light turning on too. But I had just waved these off as there being a draft or I forgot to turn the light off. And then they became more frequent and happening really often, almost every night, so I began inspecting it and began noticing that the door couldn't close by itself as there were no drafts or open windows nearby and I was convinced that I had turned my light off and even double checked before leaving my room.

Anyway, I guess I just became accustomed to the fact that there was a possibly ghost in my house, but for some reason only happened to be attached to me or my room. I noticed this because, as I brought the events up to my parents and siblings, they said nothing of the kind was happening anywhere else in the house.

So, I ended up shrugging off these events and just not dwelling on it too much or telling myself I was just being paranoid, and then things intensified around late November early December last year.

In the early days of November. My grandad had committed suicide and it took a major toll on everyone in the family as he was loved and favourite over, and around this time the 'paranormal' events grew weirder. So not only was my bedroom door and light closing and turning on, I was now seeing shadow people and black masses around my room. And every now and then I would hear voices, just little things like faint whispers I couldn't understand and the odd voice calling my name, and again I had grown accustomed to these things and stopped dwelling on it too much.

And then about a month ago, I learned that cleansing my room with white sage or plain sage would help me to deal and cope with my anxiety that I began to get quite badly at the beginning of this year, so I did just that. I cleansed my room, burning the sage, and stopped feeling so anxious and also for some reason stopping the weird ghostly events.

All was going well until a few weeks ago during exam break and it was about one in the morning. I had just decided to go to bed the hour before, but I'm someone who doesn't fall asleep quickly so I was laying in bed for the past hour slowly drifting off, and then I began to hear my brother's laughter. His room is right next to mine and he sleeps with the door open to it was pretty clear for me to hear. He started off just giggling and I thought he was just laughing in his sleep as he isn't someone who wakes up in the middle of the night, but then he started full on blown out laughing hysterically.

So I had walked out of my room into his and gone right up to his bed to see if he was awake but I couldn't tell because the room was dark and it seemed to be darker around the area of his pillows where his head was resting. So I had gently asked him if he was awake and he just giggled and then went, "huh, yeah" then laughed again. At this point I wasn't scared I thought he'd just woken up and was laughing at his dream, but then I asked him what he was laughing at and he just laughed hysterically again and the pointed at his door which is adjacent to his bed and gone, "that". I looked at his door and nothing was there, and all I could see was the small amount of light coming through the bathroom window hitting the door. Now, I was scared and he continued to laugh. A few seconds later my dad came in asking what was going on, shrugged me off when I told him and put my brother back to bed. I didn't sleep that night.

In the morning though I had asked my brother what he was laughing at the night before, and he didn't seem to remember he was laughing let alone what he was laughing at. Scared the shiat out of me then cause I was convinced that he was awake cause I remember waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark so I could see that his eyes where in fact open and he looked awake as he was looking around the room.

Nothing happened to him after that night, and I've stopped cleansing my room in the fear that whatever it is that's usually there may wander and affect my brother or my other siblings again.

I still see the shadows in my room and my light occasionally turns on itself, but other than that, the events haven't been as intense as that night or as before, but I am definitely convinced that there is something in my room or attached to me. My mum, who has recently become involved and a believer in ghosts, is convinced that it may be my grandad's spirit, but I don't have the heart to tell her that the events happened before his death and that I've also had experiences with his spirit at my grandma's house, with the lights flickering and the toaster and kettle turning on itself, something that my grandad used frequently.

Whatever it is hasn't caused harm or become aggressive so I am able to live with it. In fact I've just become used to it now. I just don't wish for it to become involved with my siblings like it did that one night a few weeks ago.

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notadaddysgirl (guest)
6 years ago (2016-08-03)
It could have been a very awake, vivid dream that your brother was having. I have woken myself up laughing on occasion as my little girl and I (apparently) often are asleep with our eyes open.

Thanks for sharing creepy, but good read.

Not saying that this is not paranormal just looking at other options.

Blessed Be. Xx
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
6 years ago (2016-07-30)
😨 😨 😨
A very creapy experience particularly the one when you found your brother laughing hysterically. Its scary but its a possibility that that night your brother was being controlled by the spirit because it didn't like your act of cleansing the room.

I can't say whether its your grandfather or not because if he was he would have never done something scary at all. Just pray!

Thanks for sharing!

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