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Dark Figure From Childhood


For the past few years I've been getting faint scratch marks all over my body. This wouldn't be too frightening if I had pets or nails but I lack both of these things so it's a bit scary.

There are four ghosts in my house but only one of them has followed me for all of my life (my family moves around a lot because we're a military family). I first saw him when I was about 5.

I was sitting in front of a large open window in my house as my dad prepared me for school. My dad left for a moment and then the ghost appeared in the window. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes. He might have been Latino but I'm not entirely sure. He wore a black coat and looked extremely depressed/slightly curious. He looked relatively young; maybe 18 or so. He disappeared when my dad came back into the room but my dad believed me to some extent when I told him what happened.

Ever since then he's followed me every place I've moved to (even when I moved overseas to Germany) as a blurry shadow, always following me just out of reach. People thought I was just an imaginative kid but as I've gotten older people just think I'm flat out insane when I talk to people about it.

Over 11 years have gone by and his presence has begun to change from a shadow in the background to a blurry image of himself, staring at me from a distance. I wouldn't mind him so much if he was like every other ghost I've seen, quiet and inquisitive, but at night when I fully turn off the light (I'm deathly afraid of the dark so I only turn off the light when I need to and I always have my night light on) he lies in bed beside me and it scares me so much I have to cry out for one of my siblings to come and help me, but as soon as I cry for help his presence disappears. Recently I've gotten scratches on my lips (extremely thin and they heal fast, always on the small part between my upper lip and nose).

The other 3 spirits in my current house consist of an older man (an African-American gentleman in his late 40's. He looks to be from the early 1800s); a girl in her sleeping gown (long brown hair, always looks very hesitant and nervous. In her early 20's. Probably from mid 1800s); and finally the little boy (barely looks 12 and might be from the 1920's due to his clothes).

Whenever the man in the black coat comes into the room and another spirit is also in the room they all look at him like they're pleasantly surprised. When the little boy see's him he goes up to him and just stands next to him.

One time I came home from school to find them all in the main room looking at each other and then they turned to look at me. It shocked me so much to see them all in the same room at the same time that I ran outside and went to my neighborhood park because I had nowhere else to go.

I swang alone for a few minutes (in order to explain this and make sense I was sitting on the very last swing with four other swings next to me). I was all alone in the park staring at the small pond near the slides and when I turned to look to my left, I saw all the empty swings wrapped around the metal pipe that the swings hang from. There was no breeze to wrap the swings over the metal pipe and even if there was it wouldn't be strong enough to do that. There was absolutely no one else at the park and even if there was I would've heard and saw anyone.

More recently when I was putting my little sister to bed I heard a faint sobbing sound coming from the closet and I've seen odd soft white bursts of light in front of my house.

If anyone has any experiences similar to any of the stories I have shared please contact me because no one I know enjoys talking about the spiritual world.

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Kentucky_senser_41701 (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-06)
This is just fascinating. I wish I had advice I could give... I sense ghosts and spirit presences but have only actually seen one once or twice
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-03)

Have you ever talked to your parents about this in an adult sense? Sometimes adults don't take their children seriously because... Well your their child. If you engage them in a serious mature discussion maybe they will realize you are serious. Tell them you want to perform a cleansing/shielding method (don't call it a ritual the may freak) and you want them to help you with it. Please keep us informed.

BlackCatAttack (guest)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
That was an intense story. Glad you shared it, Katroshka. I agree with Shelby. He seems pretty smitten with you. There must be tons of dead people, I am sure he can find a deceased gal around his time period even and stop harassing you.:/ I am sure someone on here will recommend Rook's cleansing methods that can be found on his profile. He's also a pretty cool dude that gives great advice. I am sure he'll come around lol ^^

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
If your family didn't take anything from the first house he could have attached himself to, it sounds like the dark haired man may think you're his wife. He has been gaining momentum as you've been getting older, if I'm understanding that right.

Most people in the past wed younger than we do now, although thankfully not at puberty - the distant past taught impregnating a girl before her hips came in led to numerous unnecessary deaths during childbirth. (Juliet's mother talking to Paris about Juliet's availability is one example. It was a bit awkward having to explain that passage to my confused professor.)

So a bit after, would be where you are now, 15, 16. I'm assuming that's why he's showing up in you bed and I'm assuming when the scratches started. Scratches could be 'love bites,' albeit unwanted ones.

The ghosts just standing around looking at each other is pretty amusing, like dark haired man's crashed their party!

The older ghosts probably are confused at the intrusion. Living people they're probably accustomed to, a random new ghost, not so much. Could be a good opportunity to tell dark haired man, nope, not your wife, she's elsewhere. Go find her. Oh and you other three - go help him look.
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-02)
Its a queit unique experience here on this site. Yours is the first one I read that involves so much sightings and the ghosts giving a physical appearance. It would have been spine chilling seeing all this. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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