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So on August 18, 2016, me and my friends were texting back and forth about random things, like we always did everyday. Then somehow in our conversation the topic of ghosts and demons came up. One thing in particular regarding ghosts and demons... Ouija Boards. So we started joking around and sharing freaky experiences or what we thought were paranormal experiences that happened to us in the past; for example, one of my friends had an automatic hand-soap machine in the house he was in, and he said that it had kept going off for no reason and that he was the only one up in the house at the time, which isn't a crazy sign of the paranormal, but at the time it freaked him out.

So anyways the stories continued to go on before one of my friends, Carlos, dared me and my other friend, Tyler, to do an online Ouija board. So naturally, us being the stupid teenagers we were, we agreed to it. Also considering the fact that my friend group refused to back down from any dares given to us. So for the rest of the day I searched 'online Ouija Boards' for me and Tyler to do on call later that night. I went through a number of different websites, but from what I could tell, every website was fake and was just put there to scare gullible children.

Then as I was going through the websites I found a link on 'how to make your own homemade Ouija board'. So I clicked the website and a list of things to do popped out. So I grabbed the essentials needed to create the board: large square cardboard piece, marker, a see through drinking glass. Then I created the board and read whether or not you had to do any blessing in order to get a spiritual presence in it, and it didn't say anything but that you had to move the glass in a figure eight several times to get the spiritual energy moving. So me being the dumb girl I am, thought I'd try it out before I called my friends just to see if it work. I do not know why I thought that this would be okay other than the fact that I was just pure curious and there's never been any stories of a horrific death or ghosts in my house or area in general.

If you've never read the rules of a Ouija Board here they are;

1. ALWAYS REMAIN SERIOUS: Being in a serious mood ensures your natural psychic defenses are turned on while you're talking to the dead. You are ready for negative energy, naturally closing yourself off to it, and protecting yourself from it.

2. ALWAYS SAY GOOD BYE AT THE END: Mischievous or negative ghosts will refuse to say Goodbye. This is like a stubborn child refusing to leave the store until you get them candy. You take the kid out of the store just like you put the planchette (or glass or coin) down to say Goodbye. This ends the session and sets your mind to shutting that door opened from the other side.

3. NEVER US THE OUIJA BOARD IN YOUR HOME: The negative energy from bad ghosts can affect you. You're at rest and want to feel comfortable in your home, a place where you're most vulnerable. The last thing you want is negative energy swirling about, affecting your mood, causing problems in your family, and nightmares while you sleep

4. NEVER PLAY ALONE: you don't want to give the spirit or demon your dealing with the opportunity to take advantage of your body or mind cause your the only one in the room and no one else is there to help or know.

Those are the 4 most IMPORTANT Ouija Board rules to remember while playing. And of course I have already broke 2 of these rules by playing in my own home and playing alone.

So anyways I made the board and did everything the website told me. By now it was only me and my dog in the room and everyone else in my household is fast asleep. So I sat down on the floor and put the board on my lap, cause another thing that the website said was it's more effective if you play with the board on your lap. So I did the figure eight on the board around 5 times. Then out of nowhere my dog, Bella, started whining hardcore for no reason. So naturally I'm somewhat sketched out because of the whole 'dogs can see dead people/ghosts' legend, and so I look at her and notice that it almost feels like she's looking through me. I start asking her what's wrong, but after I ask her that she stops whining. So I shake it off again and due a few more figure eights with the glass before stopping and asking if anyone is there.

But just like before my dog is whining like crazy again and I'm looking at her in pure confusion, until this overwhelming feeling passes all the way through my body making me look straight at the game again in shock. The feeling was almost unexplainable but I'm going to try to explain it anyways; it felt almost like something had passed straight through my body and just continued to sit inside me, like I wasn't the person controlling my movements, almost like my entire body was completely numb and unresponsive.

Then the glass started to jerk forward toward the top left side of the board where I had placed the word 'yes'. Keep in mind I'm thinking, 'this is just my mind playing tricks on me' because I know that sometimes in these situations you can start hearing things and seeing things cause your mind can trick you to do those things. But this feeling was just so strong that it almost made me want to cry and throw up at the same time. The glass began to jerk very, very, very slowly towards the yes again and it did it a few more time but never fully made it to the yes cause I had said 'goodbye' and placed the glass on the word goodbye before it could, due to me being totally and utterly freaked out.

My first thought when I finished the game was 'burn the board and throw it away', because due to the Ouija movies I have watched that always seemed to work. So I headed out of my bedroom and started to head towards the garage when I heard the sound of the glass cup being moved, so I ran back to my room quick to see what it was ans noticed that the glass I had put face down had been flipped so it was sitting straight up. My mind was just yelling at me to burn the board, then rip it up and throw it out, so quickly I did that and called my friends freaking out about the whole situation.

For the rest of the night I continued to hear odd sounds such as people walking in my house, but already knew that everyone in my house was asleep, and there was a sudden time where I was hit with a very large sickness wave. Only one of my friends believed me in the situation though, Carlos due to the fact that he is christian and believes in both holy and unholy spirits, just as I do. But my friend Tyler still doesn't believe me on what happened.

This is real, and this really did happen. I'm not trying to get a rise out of the internet, or get a reaction. I am only here to share this experience with you all in hope that you can help me understand whether this was a real encounter, and learn from my mistakes.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this story with you, and I hope that god remains watching over you all.

God bless you all.

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Scotsguy (5 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-16)
Hey there. Interesting read and account you have given. Just thought I'd mention something about the ouija board. Although I have never done this I used to go visit my gran at weekends when I was a boy and she used to use the ouija board a lot on her own. I would sit and watch her at times with the board and on numerous occasion the glass moves itself to various letters etc Any time I have been offered to participate in this type of thing I decline due to seeing that this type of thing does actually work if done properly As I say I seen my gran use the ouija board tons of times. Be very wary of using this type of thing I wouldn't go near one even if someone offered money etc to do so.
Loganberry (10 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-14)
I wouldn't necessarily play with a board solo, but I agree that playing with others isn't always an accurate way either. Best to just leave it alone, and find other ways to communicate. Any activity since then?
para_nez (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-11)
Hey there! Thanks for sharing your Ouija story. Having used Ouija and resulting in some intense experiences, I thought maybe I'd share some insight. There are a few other rules that actually play a pretty big part in using a Ouija board. One of these I mention mainly because it's something the site you refer to TOLD you to do it. If you're trying to "warm up" the board with a little energy, try moving the cursor in irregular patterns. DO NOT repeat a specific pattern over and over. When a spirit starts continuously moving the cursor in the same motion, it is trying to move past simply communication and trying to escape the board. Think of it like a door. As long as you follow the rules, you are standing on one side of the door and the spirit on the other. You are speaking to them through the door, but not allowing them through. Repeating a pattern is their way of trying to pick the lock and bust through. Repeated patterns I have witnessed are 1 to 0 and back, A to Z and back, circular motion, corner to corner (in the same order repeatedly) and figure 8 motion. If this starts happening, go immediately to goodbye. Another rule of thumb is not to have any electronics on, should you need light use candles. An entity or ghost that is too intelligent or strong can steal the energy from say, a cell phone, only making them stronger. Ask questions pertaining to the entity itself. Should you ask for proof that it's with you in the room (i.e. Make a sound or let us see you) you are basically welcoming it into the place you are in. And if you forget any of these rules, and the activity continues or you think that the spirit may have escaped the board, try not to communicate with it unless you are telling it to leave because it is not welcome. If you communicate or give it a name, it will only encourage the activity. Definitely never play alone. My friends and I make sure that at least 3 people have their hands on the cursor at all times. NEVER break contact with the cursor. That's like unlocking the door for them. Do not offer up your own energy to the spirit in hopes to get quicker results. Last rule that may not be written anywhere, but my friends and I generally agree to follow... If you ask for a name, and the being starts spelling L-U-C...GO TO GOODBYE IMMEDIATELY! It may not necessarily be the devil, but why take a chance? Lol hope this helps!
Hunter_007 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2016-10-04)
Please Tell me Whether You Still Experience Paranormal activities? Also Please Dont Play Ouija board Alone at Home! Its not For Fun
Regards, Hunter no. 007
brettscharff (11 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-29)
Wow that is a very interesting chain of events. The question I have for you is, how did you move the glass to goodbye when you said you had no control over your body?
lady-glow (13 stories) (2910 posts)
6 years ago (2016-09-26)
I wouldn't trust the information provided by the site.
Did you ever notice the following contradictions?


"... I sat down on the floor and put the board on my lap, cause another thing that the website said was it's more effective if you play with the board on your lap..."

Yeah, right! Just imagine what an anatomical challenge it would be when two or more people are 'playing' the board.
It would be cozy, but somebody's arms would get very shaky and sore! 😆

...And what has happened since then?
Did you experience all of these in only one night?
Perhaps you were just tired and your imagination got the best of you after spending such a long time reading stuff about the OB.

Could you share the link?

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