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So, I have been making DIY Ouija boards for the past few years, to see if they do work and what would happen pretty much.

A recent experience I had was a spirit that was passing by and I was trying to see if I could get them to talk through the ouija board I had brought recently and the spirit instantly moved the planchette to goodbye, so I took that as a "leave me alone please" and I stopped for the night, but then as I was getting ready for bed the light in the bathroom flickered which it never has done before.

Last night I tried to use it again and my grandma came through, which was kind of funny because we have always been close even after she died and because I've been really stressful recently. I've forgotten to talk to her and so the first thing she says to me is "You're being rude for not talking to me in such a long time". Which I knew was a joke, I also knew it was her because she knew answers to questions only she, me and my family would know, and I know to her me talking to her and still remembering her is something she's really grateful for because not all of our family does remember her.

This story is just to let people know there are positive Ouija board stories out there, I've never talked to a demon or threatening entity, it's usually just normal spirits that want to be acknowledged and talked to (some spirits can pretend to be demons though) I've had one get so excited before because no one had talked to them in over 100+ years since their death.

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The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-10)
Hello again occulting_. I think the term or phrase opening up a door or portal is just easier to use and understand for a lot of people. I think what actually happens is when a person opens a Ouija session, an energetic space is created within which the board and any spirit or entity 'invited' in can interact. Most people just create an open invitation to speak with whatever is 'out there' just for fun. Other people actually intend to make contact with a specific entity or spirit and have a more involved ceremony. The majority I've read about are the former and don't do a very good job at it, to put it bluntly they usually don't know what they're doing, and usually are just curious and trying to have fun. Think of it like sending an invitation to a party. Some will only send invitations to people they know or want at the party and the invitation includes details like the place, the time, etc. Others send out a blanket invitation, to anyone and everyone and there's no time or date listed on the invitation. It appears to be open, so people you don't know can show up any time on any day. This is what happens in many Ouija sessions. The energetic space is created, and anything that is within range can come into this space. If the session is not properly closed, then that space continues to exist and more and more spirits can take advantage of this 'open invitation' as well as any that are already there can choose to remain. That's what people typically mean by a portal or door being opened. I've seen regular homes 'suddenly' become haunted this way. A little research shows a Ouija session was conducted, usually by a group of fun loving teenagers, stuff happened, the kids get more than they bargained for, they panic and flee, the session isn't closed and suddenly, the homes occupants hear foot steps, see shadows hear whispers, none of which happened before the session. Hopefully that clarifies some things. I look forward to hearing more stories from you, good luck!
occulting_ (5 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-07)
Hiya The_Lost_Voyage_11!

I'm glad this story of mine is showing people a different lighter side to ouija boards, I think most of the negative view towards ouija boards come from horror movies and of course videos on YouTube, there's so many videos on Youtube of people playing the ouija board at 3am or something that then ends with them getting "possesed" but they usually look real fake and it's so easy to fake an ouija board session in a video, I think a lot of the time people want them to be this scary demon summoning tool because they think it's either cool or for attention when it's legit not, from what I have heard from someone who also uses ouija boards Spirits might be be able to hear your thoughts it's a theory I've never tested but it makes sense in some kind of way. It would also explain why people who go into it wanting to talk to a demon or ZOZO usually end up talking to a spirit pretending to be one because it knows that's what they want and it could get some energy out of it too.

And for me personally, I don't think they open up portals or doors, I wish I knew where this came from but I honestly don't, to me it makes more sense that a piece of cardboard/paper/wood is just what it is, a piece of material. It's nothing special, unless someone has actually done a spell or something on it obviously, you can literally make one with a pizza box, sharpie and a shot glass and it will work if there's spirits around and you have enough energy for the spirit to use. I think most of the bad experiences people have is usually they'll go into it thinking they're going to talk to a demon or get possessed, a spirit will be lurking and pick up on that and use it to their advantage to terrify them into thinking they actually are talking to a demon by scratching them, moving things, making creepy noises or stuff like that which is usually just a sign of a poltergeist and then they will get out their bibles and whatever religious items they have and do the simple way of banishing a spirit which is just telling them to straight up leave and that they're not welcome and then they'll leave.

I think it's fine for anyone to use as long as you're not terrified, you haven't heard only stories of people getting possessed after using one, know how to get rid of a spirit incase things get out of hand, and of course do proper research of the board don't just rely on youtube videos and articles which can easily be faked talk to actual people who use them on the daily and know what they're doing, funnily enough I found out most of my research via someone called theouijagirl on tumblr who has used ouija boards for a very long time and she often spends her time debunking myths that people have about ouija boards.

The only reason I could think of that might make people think ouija boards open up portals or doors (apart from movies or videos lmao) is because any spirit that is wondering around can essentially use it, they don't have to know you or have died in the place your using it they could legit just be wandering around, see you asking if there's a spirit around and then get intrigued.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-07)
Hello occulting_, great story, thanks for sharing! It is good to hear stories like this regarding Ouija boards, most of what is shared of them are horror stories. A Ouija Board is a divination tool. Think of it like a hammer, a hammer can be quite destructive if used the wrong way. It can also be quite a constructive and useful tool. Most people that use Ouija boards don't read up on them, or prepare, they just try to use it and that's where the problem lies. Of course many of them are groups of teenagers with a lot of untapped emotional energy, which lends to the situation as well. A door is opened unwittingly, some wayward spirit accepts the invitation and then lo and behold has a bunch of energy to play with to boot, to scare the bejeebers out of people who want proof of its existence. The people involved don't know how to close the door, they usually just flee the scene and suddenly a house that wasn't haunted before is full of mischievous spirits! I wouldn't advise it's usage to most people just for the above stated reasons. However if someone does their research and study and knows how to properly conduct the ceremony from the prep to opening and closing it, then you end up with one of the rare and few positive and useful encounters such as the one you shared! Much appreciated, it definitely shows the lighter side to this divination tool! Good luck!
occulting_ (5 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-03)
Hiya [at] Rajine!

I'm glad you liked it, and that's perfectly fine, we all like different things it took me a lot to get to the stage where I wouldn't be terrified of using an ouija board simply because so many people would say how dangerous it was or how they ended up getting possessed by the devil himself but that was before I searched like a mad man through everything online about ouija boards to research it.
occulting_ (5 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-03)
Hiya [at] Cherubim!

For me I believe that yes, spirits/entities can pretend to be a loved one that's why whenever you use an ouija board you shouldn't trust completely who you're talking to and take what you get from the session with a grain of salt, for me how I found out if it was her I asked the spirit questions only she would know and she got them all right and what she said it was exactly like something she would say. I like to think the spirits that come through with ouija boards are already around us, and it would make sense to me at least that a loved one who passed on has decided to either visit you or watch over you and stick around. I also like to use tarot cards before and after to make sure I'm not being lied to and it's not let me down so far.
Cherubim (14 stories) (245 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-02)
That's nice that your grandma came through. I've heard how people can be tricked in to believing they are speaking to loved ones. It makes sense that lonely souls would come through, but I'm still reluctant to use one because of the stigma attached to them. I'm glad your experience was a positive one. Thanks for sharing your story. ❤
Rajine (14 stories) (795 posts)
3 years ago (2021-08-01)
Hi occulting_

I must say that in most of the ouija board experiences that I've read on YGS this is the most pleasant one, it's heart-warming to know that one can still communicate with loved ones that have passed on, I however wouldn't really try the ouija board route. But nonetheless thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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