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The Room And Ouija


I've posted plenty of other stories on here, and most of them have been more of a positive experience. The two I'm about to detail are the negative experiences in my life (all names changed, of course.)

To start off, I live in a little village called Northfield, which is part of the town of Litchfield. Northfield is very soaked with history. The Northfield Knife Shop existed, and the remains of it are actually in my backyard, most of the houses on Main St where I live were actually owned by the Knife company. There are a lot of houses in town with plaques about who built the house and what year and so on, so the town/village dates back to Colonial times.

The first story, which is just a quick, brief experience happened at my Landlord's house. He lives on the other side of town from where we rent his parent's house. He and his father built the house he lives in and it's a pretty nice house. There's two bedrooms up stairs, but only one is allowed to be used by my cousin. The other one is set up much like a 60s or 70s bedroom would be. He cares for the room and cleans it. But no one sleeps in there, no one is allowed to sleep in there, and it's just creepy. I've only ever been in the room once, and when I walked in, I swear the temperature dropped at least ten degrees, because I started to shiver. Lucky for me, my cousin wanted me to go see her room so we scurried out in a hurry. I have not been back up stairs in my landlord's house since. And I honestly never intend to.

Now to the absolutely terrifying experience.

My aunt, before she started to date my land lord, bought a house in town that used to be an old thrift store. The house was essentially one level, though there was a step up you had to take to get into the living room and access two of the bedrooms. My aunt has three daughters, Rachel, Sasha and Jenny. Jenny is the oldest, Rachel the youngest. All three girls lived with my aunt in the house.

This was back when I was somewhere between 8 and 14. Rachel is my age, and growing up, she was my absolute best friend. Sasha is a year older than me and Jenny is, I believe, four years older than me. My other aunt has a son and daughter, PJ and Destiny (the reason I mention them will come up again.)

Sleepovers were a huge thing when I was younger. My entire family was a tight knit group so we were constantly sleeping over at each other's houses. This one night, I happened to sleep over with Rachel. Their house tended to constantly change; one day the living room was right inside the front door, the next my aunt moved it to the next room over. She was just indecisive, honestly. So this night, the living room was just inside the front door, opened to the kitchen and the foyer area. There was a step up into the office, which was occasionally the living room. On the wall opposite the step up and arch way (there was no door to the office) was a VERY large mirror that covered the entire wall. From the living room you could see all the way down into the master bedroom at the far end of the house.

One night Rachel and I decided we didn't want to fight to share her bed, so we were going to sleep on the couch (which had two recliners). So she slept on one end and I on the other. I refused to sleep on the side next to the front door, as I hate not being able to face the door to any room I'm in. Anyways, I was laying on my right side facing towards the mirror, trying to fall asleep. We'd just finished watching movies and the wood burning stove in the living room was crackling and the only light. I saw a large dark mass standing in the archway looking out towards Rachel and I. Of course Rachel was sound asleep at this point, and I couldn't move. I just laid there staring at it through the mirror before it moved down into the foyer and then out the back door. I didn't sleep at all that night.

A few weeks later, Sasha's birthday party was coming up and my parents asked what she wanted. So she gave them a list. We went out and my parents found and bought her a Ouija board, which was on the top of her list. Now, I want to make it clear that I never once touched the board myself, or joined in on it. This is where Destiny and PJ come in.

After the night I was scared and couldn't sleep, I refused to sleep over at Rachel's. She would ask and I would tell her to sleep over at my house or no go. Rachel decided since I didn't want to sleep over, she would invite my cousin Destiny instead (Destiny is three years younger than us.) Anyway, PJ and Destiny spent the night at Rachel's house along with my older sister. Sasha decided that night was the perfect time for them to use the Ouija board. So they used it, asked questions, got answers and laughed it all off - accusing Destiny of messing with them. Because the board, or someone, spoke to them pretending to be our dead grandmother. (My paternal grandmother, not my maternal one who is mentioned in other stories.)

My cousins decided to then turn all the lights in the house off and play hide and seek in the dark. PJ was it and was going through the house looking for the girls. He got into the office where there was a dog cage. He saw a small dark human figure in the cage crouched and he assumed it was Destiny or Rachel. He reached into the cage and the figure immediately disappeared. He also firmly believes and states that the temperature inside the cage was much colder than the rest of the house.

After that, my cousin Sasha was sitting in the living room painting her nails. This was months later, closer to Summer time. She was home alone and focused on her toes when something flew across the living room, just barely past her head, hit the mirror and then fell down. It was a battery, that had been all the way on the other end of the house. The activity kicked up in the house after that, and I had a hard time just going into the house even during the day, because it's always felt like you're being watched, no matter what room you're in. The house just has the most uncomfortable feeling to it. I can't even walk onto the property anymore without feeling weird.

When I would go into the house, it always felt like someone was screaming at me to get the hell out. Like I was not welcome there. And I think they honestly opened a portal in the house. Because a LOT of scary shiat happened there to my cousins, though they rarely talk about it anymore. I am almost certain that the board also strengthened the menacing man who watched me as I tried to sleep as well.

Ironically, Sasha ended up moving into the house with her baby and husband shortly after she gave birth. I don't know if anything has gone on since then, because Sasha and I haven't spoken to each other since our grandfather died.

I know my own experience in the stories were brief, but I wanted to share these. This is the only story I've ever had happen to my family that involved using a Ouija Board, and I don't think it will ever happen again.

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bresys (9 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-16)
Apologies on the third paragraph. My landlord lives on the other side of town in a house he built. So My landlord is the he. My landlord is actually my Aunt's boyfriend. So my cousin lives with them. So my landlord owns two houses, the one we rent is his childhood home, the one he lives in, he built himself.

I'm genuinely afraid of going onto my Aunt's property, in regards to the house Sasha lives in, because it still gives me very, very uncomfortable feelings. But it is possible, as there were three teens living in the house at the time and then at least a half dozen of us teen cousins coming in and out.

Hope some of that clears up the confusion. 😊

CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-16)
Hi there Bresys,

Interesting account. 😊 I'm a bit confused on the information in paragraph 3 and hope you can clarify. You mention that it's your landlord's house and then:

"He lives on the other side of town from where we rent his parent's house"... "He cares for the room and cleans it. But no one sleeps in there,"...

Who is 'He'? Your landlord, cousin...? Who rents the house and what do you know about the room? I thought at first that your family lives in the house, but then you mentioned your cousin having a bedroom there.

Ahhh... The dreaded Ouija board. It's absolutely possible that your cousins stirred something up, but there is also a theory regarding teenagers. They sometimes unknowingly create a sort of chaotic energy caused by puberty, emotional stress, etc. Just a thought anyways.

Thanks for sharing 😊

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