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The Black Lady of Sitio Bungol


It was the third week of summer when me and my two friends, Drew and Josh, decided to take a break from our usual days. By the way, we are a three-man, struggling, hopeful band trying to make it in the scene. Our destination was my Uncle Jun's house situated in a small village called Sitio Bungol, 100 kilometers away from the town of San Miguel, Iloilo, Philippines. It has a small population and almost every people know each other.

The way to Sitio Bungol was a stir. The rocky roads and the dusty wind almost rubbed my friends' patience out. But, when we arrived, their moods suddenly shifted the time they'd laid their eyes to my cousin Catherine. She was indeed charming and really pretty. She had two cute dimples that most men in their place admired her of. We've been friends for ten years and knowing my friends, especially Drew who always fall in love in every woman she meet, I told them that they mustn't laid even a finger on her. Well, it was in a humorous way because I know they're no trouble. We are so very close cousins and because she was just seventeen, sometimes I could not avoid being overprotected.

Uncle Jun, Harold, the eight-year-old brother of Catherine and Aunt Theresa, his wife, arrived when the sun was about to sleep and were so excited to see me after several years. He was working in the city as a security guard and my Aunt was out with Harold for grocery when we came. I told them that we'll be staying for two weeks for our vacation. The house was made of mostly lumber and plywood; and was a bungalow with three rooms. We stayed in Harold's room which spacious enough to accommodate us three. Harold stayed with Catherine in the other room.

One of the reasons why I took on vacation was to mend a broken heart. My girlfriend and I broke up then because she got pregnant by someone she had met in a night out. The two-year relationship ended a day before our trip. So, I really need a quiet place back then for me to ease my pain.

A serene view that only the province could give was a great place to start with. After supper that night, we spent our time with Catherine in a small house made by my uncle purposely for resting from an all-day works. It was situated just a few steps from the house. Catherine was a storyteller and whenever I'm with her, there was never a dull moment. That's the reason why Josh and Drew did got along easily with her.

The night has gone deeper without us knowing and Uncle Jun and aunt Theresa was asleep. The next thing we knew was we were very tired. Though sleepy, Catherine insisted that we talk still. Drew and Josh called it a night. They've gone to our room and took their rest. Maybe my dear cousin really missed me a lot. And I did, too. I keep no secret with her and so I told her about my heartache. She was

so pissed off with my girlfriend, well, my ex-girlfriend. We both decided to sleep there and never bothered to go inside the house. She got us pillows and a blanket.

But we did not finish it off yet. We're still awake until four in the morning talking about her interests, love stories and escapade. Talking about being a teenager, sure she got a lot of those. Before we finally dozed off she told me that starting tomorrow, she would find me a girl so I could move on. Knowing her, it would be a one hell of a search. She would not stop until she do so. But I just laughed it off.

The next day, Josh, Drew and me took ourselves out for a stroll in the fields. We got so wired up with a new found 'playground' that before we realize, we could not find our way back. But then, we took no anguish about it. We continued to fool around. Singing some head banging songs, throwing fruits, which fell from trees around, at each other; and tiring ourselves with senseless talks. Yet, soon enough, we still did worry about our way back.

Drew was being stubborn again. He kept on taking the blame on us. I could see that he was scared though he tried to deny it. While Josh, being the eldest among us, kept his wit. I know he was trying to figure something to take us out from an awkward situation. I was feeling a little nerve that time. I'd never been in such a situation. Who wouldn't, in the middle of somewhere? The sun was high and it's giving me an itch because I wasn't able to take a bath that morning. On our way, we came into a river bank. The water was green. Maybe because of the trees and shrubs that surround it. We decided to take a look of it as if that was the first time we'd seen a river. Again we forgot we were lost.

Drew and Josh were so fond of the mudfishes jumping out of the water and even had the butt to throw stones at them. Meanwhile, adept into boredom, I preferred to walk. As if trying to cater myself of the notion that some things existed beyond mankind's reach. And so, I 'investigate'. Yes, I do believe in paranormal. I even did practiced witchcraft and everything in between the matter. But I wasn't able to dig deeper into it for some reasons that I couldn't disregard. The thing is, I am a clairvoyant. I've been seeing things, I mean images, occurrences and even felt some presence which I couldn't understand. That's why I don't disembody the fact that there was really the 'other' world. Believe it or not - they do exist.

But I don't talk about it. Even with Josh and Drew. Well, except Catherine. But she just shrugged that off. I don't really give a damn about me seeing the 'others'. I took no account for it. For me, it was just another secret that comes with our existence. And maybe science had an ounce of influence the way my mind deals with paranormal matters. And so, I did 'investigate' but nothing happened. Thought I was just wasting my time. I turn around to go back. I heard Josh calling my name. I turned around to answer Josh's call and there they were standing almost annoyed with Catherine. I don't know how she found us. Besides, I never dared to ask.

On our way home, Catherine was so anxious to tell that she had found someone who she thought would be good for me as a girlfriend. All I did was to rolled my eyes and laughed. I met Xonia, the girl that Catherine was telling me about. She was the vice president of the youth council in their town. She was indeed beautiful and easy to be with. We had good times together. She tour me around the village and it felt like I'd found a rest from the world's distress. Somehow I've got peace of mind.

It was dark when we both decided to go back. I took Xonia to her place and soon trailed my way home. The path was dark and I really had hard time to make it even I had my cell phone used to light my way. I know my uncle Jun was looking for me by that time so I hurried my course. The rice field was half-bloomed and still smelled like pesticides. I crossed over the farm banks while singing some songs in my head just to ease myself because it felt like there's something eerie in the air.

My heart begun to pump fast and I felt chills in every part of my body. Though I don't see any thing, the cold breeze shuddered me.

Not for long, I felt like my head was spinning and my face begun to tighten up. With all the knowledge I learned from books and elders' mouths, what was happening to me that moment was a sign that an entity was present.

I wanted to run but I could not even take a single step. I tried to compose myself, I took a deep breath and run as fast as I could.

I came upon an acacia tree which was nesting in the middle of the field and when I was an inch to it, my chest palpated heavily. As if I was running out of breath. My entire body was almost bathed with sweat and my head was swirling.

I kept on running, away from the tree because I felt like there was a weird presence in the acacia. Soon, I started to vomit. It was a bitter and smelly liquid. I kept my mind clear in order for me to find my way back home. I took a glance at the acacia tree when I was far enough. And it gave the worst shudder I never had before. There she was, a figure of a lady in black with only her white eyes that I could be certain of, standing under the tree. More that scared me was her long hair, scattered as if was struck by lightning.

That was a terrible experience.

I arrived in the house when they were half-way of supper. Uncle Jun, just like the others in the table was surprised to see me in sweat and mud. Nobody has tried to utter a word but there was a big question mark on their faces the way they stare. On that very evening, Drew, Josh and me got the time to talk. I told them what happened. But then, Drew, careless as he always, was more interested with Me and Xonia thing. Josh was bothered though. Somehow me and him got the same thoughts on matters. I did told Catherine about it, too. Contrary to my expectation about her, she did listen to a weird story. Well, according to her, ghost stories are just a waste of time. She rather talk about her girly escapades. But, I could see her face turned white and she became restless. She then took the place beside me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I know, she's silently freaking out. As if something was really scaring her. Josh was, without doubt, bothered.

That night, I wasn't able to sleep. The figure of the black lady kept on disturbing my mind. Sure, I've seen some ghosts before, heard some frightening sounds and had encountered abnormal occurrences, but that one was beyond my grasp. I could see her white eyes every time I close mine.

The first week was a no fun for me but I didn't wanted my weird troubles ruin my vacation. And so, I tried to shove the black lady thing but her image keeps on running in my thoughts as of this moment. Though it's not every night, she still haunting me in my dreams. Don't know the story behind her apparition. Even Catherine knows nothing. She really wanted to hurt me in my sleep.

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bettinawesome (29 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-12)
I always wanted to start a band. A rock band that is:) Great story anyway, it got my eyes glued in every letter. I think the best thing to do is pray before sleeping:)
nich (4 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-17)
That was one hell of experienced! I'am from iloilo too. Does that lady in black still bothers you up to now? If so, maybe you should find out about that acacia tree ask the elderly people from that town, sure they know what's behind it.

Good luck!
ishna_in_love (3 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-17)

I also had a paranormal experience in the province, which was Zamboanga City, to be exact (i'm a manilena, I don't have a province which is why it's so rare for me to vacation outside metro manila) and with me, it happened near the sea, among the fishery I was vacationing in. It was on a dark yet moonlit night with winds that promised a fierce storms...

look at it this way...

you don't live there at all. XD 😆
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-01)
To me, a blooming rice field in the dark and in a city that I was not familiar with would have given me a shudder in itself, I would not have had to wait on a ghost. Then again, I've never seen a rice field, except on the television and the one that was shown looked rather more like a swampland than a rice field. I was intrigued with this story until the very end. But I have a feeling from this, that it is hardly the end, is it? Thanks for the story.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-11-26)
That was an absolutely fascinating story! Please keep us updated!

God Bless!

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