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An Animal Growl


This experience is something different related to an animal. I can't really say whether it was really an animal but it was an horrible experience for me.

The first incident related to animal happened almost 3 years back. That time I was staying in college hostel. It was noon and I was sleeping in my room. After some time I was trying to wake up but could not, I was trying hard to come out of my bed but could not. It was as if my hands and feets were tied, I could move only my torso that's all. I could hear growl from my back, it was as if an animal lay behind me and it's mouth covering my head. After chanting God's name finally I woke up. I obviously brushed it of as mere dream. It happened again in same way, but still let it go. But the third time almost few months back on my birthday itself it happened.

It was winter season, but this time it was intense. It was like sleep paralysis no movement, no voice coming out. This time I could not remember any deity's name and that growling noise was simply horrible. It's mouth covered my right portion of my head as I was lying on left side. Finally in my dream I remembered one, but was confused whether it will work or not. I was first chanting without faith when I felt it was loosening it's hold on me, then with full devotion I chanted God's prayer, then I woke up. At first I was relieved that it was a dream, while saying this to myself I touched my head, I became scared, because it was right portion where I had felt animal's mouth, that portion was full wet even some portion of neck and ear! How is it possible? My room was very cold due to winter season. Even if you take blankets you still feel cold, only that portion was wet.

After that my roommates started sharing their experiences one of them was awake late night, when see was deeply engrossed in her mobile she heard ghungroos sound, nobody has ghungroo in our hostel. At the same time almost all of us can distinguish from the noise of anklets and ghungroos.

Once I was alone in my room and it seems someone was trying to enter I thought may be some girl has come hence I told to push the door little more and come in, it's open. After 2-3 minutes when nobody came in I finally I came out to see, but nobody was there. When this happened wind was not blowing, in fact no chances that wind will blow the door open, because door while opening gets stuck in bottom, at the same time outside our room there is a small passage the other side is just a wall so no wind can come. My other friends heard were once heard a woman's voice, a painful cry for almost 15 minutes during midnight.

Don't know what's going on? But that animal growling still happens with me, no matter wherever I go. We have tried to find history of this building all we came to know that long before it was an boys hostel, but no untoward incidents. Before coming to this room I only came to know one this the previous girls never used to live alone in this room. They were also 4. If at all they had to go out usually all together or in the group of 2. At least 2 would remain in room but never alone.

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