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The Last Time Around


Hey! This is the second story I would like to share. I'm thankful that my first one got shared and passed the criteria of this site. I'm just so glad that I was able to share my experiences to someone at last. Anyway, here goes the story.

My very first encounter with the unknown/supernatural took place way beyond the time when my first story was set. I was still in Manila when strange things started to occur that even I did not comprehend at first. I'll give you a history of why and how I was able to see and sense the supernatural. My aunties have always told me that when I was little, about a year old, I used to look outside our house and practically laugh at something. Something they couldn't see. They were baffled that I'll look across our main entrance and stand there every 6 o'clock in the evening and start to cackle. It was cute for them, thinking that an angel was probably playing with me, but the weird thing is, according to my aunts, I always looked at the same tree every time I laugh. (Anyway, our first house in Manila was surrounded with trees, so even though we were in a busy town, it becomes eerily quiet at night.)

That gave them chills and decided to bring me to an albularyo (quack/witch doctor). I could still remember my aunts say that the albularyo told them that a little dwarf was playing with me, amusing me every 6 o'clock. But though it was a very "friendly" gesture, the albularyo told my mom and aunts that most often than not, the reason why dwarfs play with little children is because they want to kidnap them and make them stay in their kingdom (yes, the Philippines have these beliefs about supernatural beings other than ghosts or fairies that are called Engkanto). Since then, they have always made it their goal to let me wear charms that will send bad spirits/entities away.

Even in my early childhood, I was already plagued with spiritual encounters and I'm not sure about this but I have visions or dreams that come true and some premonitions that scare me to death. I know premonitions are not supposed to be shared here, but I think it is really tied to my ghostly experience when I was in kindergarten. You may ask how the hell I remember these things happening but, not to brag, I was gifted with really good memory so I recall almost all things that happens or whatever is said to me. Besides, ghostly encounters are always unforgettable.

I remember I was in kinder 1, and my classmates and I were on a field trip. We were about to go to lunch after playing at a public park in the metro (to be specific at Roxas avenue) when I suddenly had a "feeling" (yes, at that time I considered what I actually saw flash before my eyes a feeling) that one of my classmates fell down from a cylindrical cement used in constructing sewage systems (sorry I do not know what they are called). There were several cylindrical tubes at the park and I thought it was just something that I imagined but then I heard a mom shout so loud that all the people in the park literally stopped what they were doing.

I then rushed to the scene and saw that my classmate did fall down two cylindrical tubes that were put on top of each other (the one at the bottom already wore off so the one at the top was safely held in place). It was really horrific. There so much blood on the ground and a lot of moms were crying and shouting for help at the same time. I remember not understanding what was happening but I do know that my friend is definitely hurt.

It was really heartbreaking to see his mom cry, especially that he was an only child and his parents cannot have a child anymore due to a condition concerning my hurt friend's mom's reproductive system. If he was to die, it would really be a tragedy for his parents. He was rushed to the nearest hospital and after that we were not informed of his condition. A few months later, our teacher told us that my friend (the one who fell) is in a coma and was asking us to include him in our prayers. A few moments later, I was forced to look into our comfort room (our classroom was equipped with a comfort room since we were still very small children and anytime we could use the toilet). I suddenly saw my hurt friend standing there washing his hands.

I remember going to him and greeting him. Asking how he is and if he feels fine. Of course that time I have no idea how he was suddenly there just after our teacher asked us to pray for him. I can clearly recall that he said "I am alright. But my mommy is not, she cannot accept that I am gone. I will miss all of you." I was startled at what he said because in my mind he is here, so how come he is gone? Maybe my teacher noticed me since she asked me who I was talking to and I told her that it was my hurt friend. Her eyes went wild and scolded me, said that that's impossible since my classmate was still in the hospital. I said that I really talked to him and even pointed my finger at him near the sink and my teacher was just saying that there was no one there.

I remember just going back to my seat and shrugged the matter off. A day after, my teacher told us that my friend died the day before (yes, the day I saw him at the lavatory) and that he was not able to survive due to a large amount of blood lost during his accident and after he was treated, suffered from internal bleeding. My classmates and I were just sitting there because we do not understand what happened or what the significance of the news is. Our teacher told us that our friend was already an angel and that he will see God and Jesus soon.

I know now for certain that my friend still came back to at least say goodbye but that time I was not aware of the supernatural and I did not comprehend what happened. I have always thought that it was my fault that he died, that if I hadn't seen a classmate of mine fall from my vision, he could still be alive today.

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Xylee21 (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)

I do understand your point and thank you so much for sharing, I did not expect for someone like you and Biblio to interact with me regarding the matter. Your insights are well explained and I do accept the fact that it was not my fault now. Thanks for the additional information, I'm really glad you commented.

Xylee21 (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)

Hi! Thanks so much for your insight! I have been thinking of that matter ever since I was 4. It did not really get erased even though I tried to console myself and tell myself silently that it was not my fault. I am so glad that you shared something that really relieved me of the pain and guilt that I felt ever since that tragic event.

Xylee21 (2 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)

Hi! Thanks for commenting, actually I was raised as an academic achiever, and I was introduced to seemingly difficult concepts to grasp as a child. Our teacher also explained what "internal bleeding" and "coma" is to us while she was asking us to pray for my friend.

I knew about the fertility problem having overhearing it from adults and my dead friend telling us while he was still alive. The grown ups have always told us how precious my friend is since he was an only child.

Hope I cleared up the confusion:)

ladydarke (113 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sorry you had to go through the trauma of witnessing such a tragic event at a young age. I'm sure it was very difficult for you to work through and no wonder the impact still haunts you.

I'm glad for both you and your friend that you had a chance to see him one last time and hear from his own mouth that he was all right, and also for his sake that he was able to have the closure of saying goodbye and commiserating over his concerns for his mother.

The reason I'm commenting is the guilt you expressed, the fear that you somehow caused the accident by foreseeing it. It's understandable that you as a child made that connection and that having grown up with it had held onto it for so long, it's hard to let go. But if I might take it out of the metaphysical world for a moment and put it in the physical one, this is much like if you saw a child crawl out onto a skinny tree branch and thought, "Gosh, he's going to fall." You don't have time to speak before the branch breaks and he does indeed fall. Having foreseen the accident doesn't cause the accident.

I also wanted to share what I have come to understand about premonitions - purely my own personal understanding based on my own experience, no more than that. While in high school, I had a series of premonitions that I didn't really understand much about, and they were frustrating in the sense that I would strongly see a specific action to take which had no context and made no sense, so I didn't do it. For instance, once I was in a ski lodge and had the strongest sense I should go check on my skis outside in the ski rack. I was all like, why, are they going to do tricks? I didn't go and after about a half hour, the feeling faded. When I did go out to get my skis, they had been stolen. This happened a couple of times leading up to one such premonition where if I had taken the action, I could have prevented someone from breaking their neck (non-fatally, thankfully). I have since learned to listen.

So what I'm saying is that, in my experience, if the premonition takes the form of, oh, let's say an S.O.S. Calling for intervention put out maybe by someone else's guides or higher self or whatnot, it will come in the form of knowing the correct preventative action. If what you foresee instead of an action is just the end result, then probably you got the premonition for some other reason, maybe even just that you're sensitive and as such you were simply witness due to high energy output around a crux in someone's path.

The other thing I've learned, generally through the life cycles of pets running in fast forward, is that you can bring change (even positive death-deferring change) into your own life, but it's not right to make choices for someone else, no matter how much you love them or want a different outcome for them. Maybe it's true that souls do choose the lessons and course of their life before birth: I don't know. But I think sometimes you do see people change their minds regarding that original soul path (I'm speaking of this on a higher level rather than conscious awareness), like say when a terminal illness goes into spontaneous remission. Maybe it would turn out another person had played some part toward influencing that decision, but it would still have to be their decision. All one can do is witness and support, which is what happened to you.

Again in my experience, for what that is worth, even guides and guardians keep to this rule, waiting to be invited before interfering, and then they are so happy for the chance to help. They seem only to spontaneously step in to stop some other interference that would have otherwise deflected that path of soul development. (I speak of course of the more evolved guides along the lines of beings like saints, loa, and ancient ancestors; the recently-living ones evidently seldom have this perspective yet and seem more hands-on.) In a way, it reminds me of Star Trek's Prime Directive in that it prevents interfering with natural development. Sure, the Federation could swoop in and deliver massively beneficial technology to primitive worlds - but at the price of impacting cultural development.

This is all just my personal opinion based on my best understanding at this point in my own development, the way I have the puzzle pieces arranged. But hey, what do I know? Your experiences and the conclusions you draw thereof are just as valid, and are certainly far more valid to you. If you take one thing from this, please let it be that it's okay to release the guilt.

Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)
Greetings, Xylee:

Seeing a moment in the future, even in the immediate future, is like seeing through a telescope: just because you see it will happen in the far future (or that it will happen immediately) does not mean you can change those events. I have tried; each time, I've failed. In one case, I sent the details in a warning letter to a friend who was thousands of miles away, but six months later -through unexpected circumstances- I was there to see the event and the aftermath, but I was not there soon enough to prevent it.

When you see what will happen, you can try to prepare for it, you can try to warn people about it, but --because you've seen that it will happen-- it needs to happen for your prediction of it to exist retroactively.

If you saw the future and avoided it, the absence of any validation later will make you question your own sanity. How can you "really" see the future if you're avoiding the situations which will lead to negative events? If you tell people that you've changed the future, how would you prevent being committed to a long-term psychiatric care facility?

When you see what will happen, the only thing you can change is how you treat the individuals who will be affected by the events which will happen. In this case, you did not have enough advance warning time to tell anyone anyway. You are fortunate that your friend visited you to say goodbye. Your friend did not blame you when he visited; in fact, he claimed he was all right, and that he would miss all of you.

Certainly his mother was distraught at the time and she will always be in pain, but your friend did not blame you for the actions he took which endangered him. From you description, it seems like his mother was nearby at the time (or you saw her very soon afterward) and she always will blame herself (it was NOT her fault either, but that's what parents do). You could not have taken any action to prevent your friend's accident, his coma, or his death; you will only hurt yourself with self-criticism and there is no need for it.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-09)
Xylee21: this is a very interesting experience.
The only thing I don't understand is that the teacher would use such big words like 'coma' and 'internal bleeding' to describe their classmate's condition to such young kids!

Also, did you know about your friend's mother's fertility problem because you overhead the grownups talking about it or did you have a premonition about the lady's condition?

Sorry for this last question, but I have trouble understanding that a little kid could grasp the concept of such a private matter.
Perhaps is only a cultural difference?

Thanks for sharing.

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