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Woman In A Black Cloak


10 years ago when I was eight years old. I told a friend of mine I could call ghost. She didn't believe me. So I called up to one.

I did it just with my mind, I did not used an ouija board.

I did not have enough experience, so I called up an evil ghost, by accident. Who saw my house as a good place to stay...

The first two years I had not seen her. But then she showed herself. She was dressed in a black cloak, with in her right hand a knife. Every time I saw her She ran and screamed to me but disappears one or two meter in front of me.

I was so scared I did not dare to tell my parent about her. I started to ignore her. She didn't show up for six years.

Two years ago I started to see her again. I decided to tell my parent about her. My dad told me he had felt her too.

So together with my Father we called up for a spirit who wants to help me. A monk appeared. He told me, he would protect me from the woman in black.

For a little while I felt safe in my own house.

But one day when I walked down the stairs (I sleep in the attic) I saw her again. She was watching me through the steps. I was So scared I put on all the lights. But She was still there in the shadows, watching me.

Every day, when it is dark outside she is there again. Always on the same spot. With a very evil smile on her face.

2 weeks ago my little sister told me she always had the feeling someone was watching her. And 1 time in the middle of the night my sister saw a black shadow coming towards her. But is also dissapeard 2 meter in front of her. (My sister's room is right across the stairs where the woman is standing. On the first Floor)

2 days ago a friend of mine who can see and speak with spirits (I can do it as well, But She won't listen to me) began to talk to the woman. She said She was lost, and my house was the only place white enough to stay. Together with my friend we showed the the right way, and She left.

Since that moment I feel safe again.

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lady-glow (13 stories) (2922 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-24)
Let's see:

Two little girls are playing and one of them calls a ghost just to show her friend her 'supernatural' abilities.
A bad **s ghost came through making herself at home and terrorizing the sensitive child once in a while over a ten years period; the father of the girl senses the presence but does nothing about it until she asks for help, then both of them summon another spirit asking for protection.
Bad **s spirit stays outside the house until the, now grownup, little girl and a friend send her to the right place and you live happily ever after.

StoryGirl, using the words from your profile "...I can see, connect an hear spirits (ghost) and demons my whole life."

Are spirits really so easy to summon than even an eight year old kid would call one during a game?
From your narrative I understand that your family is not only open to the existence of the paranormal, but it seems that sensitivity runs in the family. How come you didn't say anything to your parents? Have they talked to you about the dangers of making contact with some spirits? Did they ever teach you to protect yourself?
Did you ever try to call on a guardian spirit on your own? If you can connect with spirits, like you say, it would have been easy for you to ask for protection the very next day after you saw the black cloaked woman, specially if spirits listen to your call so promptly, wouldn't it?
Do you have any idea about the meaning of your house being "white enough" for this dark entity to stay?
Have your abilities improved over the ten years span since you saw this spirit for the first time?

Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm only trying to understand your story.

Thanks for sharing.

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