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Allergic To Cats


I've recently been experiencing some very strange stuff in mine, my boyfriend and my roommates new apartment.

From knocking on a wall no one is near, to seeing a denim clad man in what could have been a hallucination. I've grown accustomed to strange shiat happening in my life and at my apartment but I'm slowly beginning to lose my mind.

A few days ago we moved my cat, Misha, back in with us, he had been staying with my parents, and we're still trying to settle back into having more than one cat around which means the more fur the merrier. One night, 11/26/16, my boyfriend and I are sitting on the couch just trying to relax and spending some time with Misha and our t.v. My boyfriend isn't allergic to cats, but if you rub against his nose the right way he'll sneeze for hours on end.

Misha had been cuddling against James trying to pry attention out of my half asleep boyfriend when he starts sneezing. He isn't blurry eyed or anything but he just keeps firing one sneeze after another; I ask if he's alright and if he needs a napkin but before James could give me any kind of a response we both hear a tsking noise. James held his nose and looks up at me with an indecisive look, "I can't help it, babe," He automatically accused me for the sound.

I held up my hands in defense, "Woah, not me," I could feel my stomach tightening and something just felt...different. It 100% wasn't our roommate he was in Memphis for the weekend and no one else was at our apartment. James didn't believe my defense and instead turned his head away from me when he had to sneeze. I kept trying to explain that it wasn't me; that I don't know what it was, but James is "logical" and doesn't believe in that kind of stuff.

He finally stops sneezing after the fifteenth sneeze and regresses to cuddling Misha with his legs and not his chest. Misha can only handle not having his full attention in short spans so despite James's best effort Misha got the attention he wanted and James went back to sneezing.

"Allergic to cats?" A voice belonging to neither I, James or our Roommate asked before a tsking noise followed. James can not deny it any longer. We have something in our apartment and it is paying attention to us.

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classy_life13 (2 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-03)

If you read the other post on my page then you'll know I've had other "situations" happen. The original one is a pretty easy write off to being a hallucination because of me being sick and sleep deprived on top of taking a pain pill. This, THIS was something I can't write off... The voice wasn't too deep or too high it sounded like an average male's voice and honestly I can't give and age or anything else... I don't know if any of this is real or if it's all some giant hallucination because I've worked myself into insanity... 😕
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2016-11-30)
Hmm interesting one! You know what? One of my friends told me a similar story about spirits have allergies. When my friend was a student he used to have pollen allergies, the allergy symptoms would start about mid-April to early May, the starting of spring time. He needed to wear a mask and a plastic goggle so that his eyes would not swell.

One day during May, it was a short spring and seems like that summer has arrived a little too early, he needed to open the window to cool his room; it was during that moment when he heard a mysterious sneeze right beside his face. He was alone in the room and he was sure that it was not himself. Eerie hey?

Thanks for sharing!

Blessings from São Paulo

Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-30)
Hi Classy Life,

Your account really fascinated me. My husband has a ghost who occasionally talks out loud to him. It hardly happens but it freaks me out if I hear it. I'm curious if the voice you heard sounded like a 'normal' person, or if it sounded a bit odd? Could you tell anything about the voice, age, race, gender?

Thanks for sharing, maybe your ghost is also allergic to cats. 😊

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