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The Mysterious Dog


Greetings to all YGS readers. My name is Mayank and I hail from Patna,India. This happens to be my fourth narration and I hope you would bare with me just as you had done before. The story that I am narrating is the latest and the very second paranormal incident that I have experienced until date.

First let me introduce you to the plot. I am a second year engineering student and so I am a scientific minded and skeptic person who doesn't easily give way to the supernatural. This incident took place on a highway at night in the month of June. We had just taken our end semester examinations with which one whole year of our four-year-course had successfully been completed.

We anticipated a 2-month long summer vacation ahead. Surely each and everyone one of us was eager to go home ASAP. Despite the rush at the railway booking site (which only my Indian friends would understand) I was able to book a ticket which bore on it the "confirm" status. But my last semester paper was scheduled exactly a week prior to the date of journey. That meant I had to sit idle for a week.

That was not acceptable so I asked my classmate Lucky (his nickname) if I could stay with him at his home which was located in a town nearby. It was a 2-hour long journey on a car.

Now let us come to the main part of the story. I and Lucky hired a Scorpio (a heavy vehicle meant for rigorous road trips) to reach Lucky's home. The driver arrived at 10 pm (2 hours late). It was getting pitch dark and we just jumped on to the vehicle. The driver started the engine and drove us away from our Boys Hostel.

We did not know then that the dull journey would give us some Goosebumps on the way. I remember the time. It was 11:20 pm by my watch. The road which seemed populated at first now appeared somewhat secluded and less frequented. Suddenly an adult dog, out of nowhere, came running towards our car. It's frantic path of run suggested that he deliberately wanted to get hit by the vehicle. The driver could not save the dog and it got hit.

We were sure of this when we heard the loud screeching wail and by the jerk we experienced we could tell that the animal had been squeezed. The driver immediately stopped and we got down to see the dog. To our surprise, horror or dismay whatever you may call it, we could not see any trace of the poor animal. It was a broad road and we were being driven along near the edge where stood a school building. The school had high boundary walls (something like 15 feet high).

Where could the dog have possibly be gone?. I was just trying to figure out when Lucky told me that it was an apparition, a ghost. He told me what he had experienced when went to Shimla a year ago. He along with his family was travelling in a car in the evening hours when exactly the same thing happened.

What sort of ghost was it? Can you please help.

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mayank_holmes (5 stories) (32 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-09)
oh I am sorry I didn't read your comment properly.
Forgive my response... I thought you denied it being a supernatural event. 😳
mayank_holmes (5 stories) (32 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-09)
Thank you all for reading!
I just want to say that since the carcass of the dog was never found it is not yet plausible for me to accept it being a suicide. The disappearance of the carcass, not the suicide, was the main fact which made us think this way.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1088 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-04)
Greetings, Mayank.

I think I can elucidate the causes for this residual haunting.

I can tell you from personal experience that dogs, when they cannot communicate their serious malady or incurable ailment to the family, are capable of committing suicide by running into traffic.

In my case, our Police-trained German Shepherd began acting uncharacteristically on Wednesday afternoon, such as sitting on the sofa (where she KNEW she had not been allowed to sit for the previous 5 years) and whining softly. Her behavior became more peculiar on Thursday, so parents resolved to take her to the veterinarian on Saturday morning; we only had one car and Dad needed to get to work before the vet opened on Friday, and would return home after the vet had closed.

That Friday evening, as my brother and I watched a David Attenborough documentary on Humpbacked Whales, dad walked her to the grassy lot at the bottom corner of our street and let her off of her short leash ("lead" in the U.K.) while he smoked a cigarette. The dog relieved herself, turned to look at my dad over her shoulder, ignored his command to return (she'd never disobeyed before), and deliberately ran in front of a car. She died instantly.

Dad was devastated. There were flashing Police car lights in the street; the Student Driver who had been operating the vehicle was very emotional (sobbing "I couldn't stop! I didn't have time to stop!") though no-one blamed her at all; Mum came home from shopping for presents with her brother and burst into tears; Grandma -who lived two blocks away- sat with dad and tried to comfort him (I take after my grandma; "comforting" isn't her strongest skill).

Here's the point: our dog was determined to end her pain. It turned out to be an internal cancer, if I recall correctly (my family had a total of 9 dogs on 2 continents in 20 years --usually 2 or more at the same time). She expended all the effort of her last moments of life to stop the pain. Residual hauntings are often "recordings" of people going about their business, despite the fact they've died; some residual hauntings appear to be formed by the **intensity of purpose** in the last minutes of life. If the dog you witnessed had been focused upon ending its pain, the way my dog was, there is a chance that the dog -sadly- is so focused upon ending that pain that it doesn't acknowledge that both life and pain have ended.

I know this is not a happy response to your narrative, Mayank, but I hope this has helped to ease your mind as to *why* this occurred. I'm fortunate, in retrospect, that my dog did not become a residual haunt at the end of the street of my parents' first house; I think that would have been too much for us to handle.

RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-04)
Hello Mayank

I'm just going to toss this idea out.

Residual haunt

In other words, an action that has taken place in a particular environment in the past is played over and over again.
Perhaps when the conditions were right you just happen to come along
And became part of that event that had happened.
You may have interacted with any residual energy left behind from when the dog was actually struck originally.

Then again, I may be having a Stephen Hawking moment and not doing a very good job of it. 😕

Best to you
Tweed (31 stories) (2388 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-03)
Hi Mayank,

I have no idea what type of ghost this would be. But I've noticed many experiences on here from India include apparitions which appear in front of moving cars and bikes, just like what happened to you. The people are always confused and frightened. I only seem to be remember reading about apparitions of people, yours is the fist dog I've heard of. Now I find myself asking the same question, what kind of ghost would do that?

Hope someone who knows more can let us know. 😊

Thanks for sharing.

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