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My husband died a couple of years ago, he was particularly close to my now 13 year old daughter. After he died my daughter was in my bed and said she saw the curtains move. I tried to reassure her and told her it was probably because she was tired. About two years later she told me about her curtains moving again. She came into my bed as she was afraid and I couldn't believe my eyes as I also saw the curtains (this time in my room) twitch. They are stripey curtains and it was late so I though it must be my tired eyes making the stripes twitch. But then it happened on another evening she was in my bed, but this time it was like it billowed out (the window was shut as it was winter and the radiator is in another place so it wasn't that either). I didn't feel scared but more puzzled. So one day I shouted to stop messing with the curtains as it was scaring my daughter and that they had no right, just in case this was paranormal as I've heard of other people doing that.

Another evening she said she heard her jewelry (on a cup holder) being moved. I then heard it too on another night. So I removed the jewelry and put it in a drawer.

She also said she sometimes feels someone sitting on her bed and lying on it too. She is a bit jumpy by nature but it's starting to get to the point that she doesn't want to be in her room alone at night and to be honest I understand.

I also felt an arm slipping round me one night recently, although to be honest I'm not totally sure if that was a dream or not. I know I was thinking to myself that it was very real but being so tired that I couldn't be bothered to do anything else but go back to sleep.

I do have a 7 year old son too, but he doesn't seem to have any problems. I do wonder if it is my husband as he was a lovely man and father. He was always very responsible and took great care of his family. I know he was very bonded with our daughter. I didn't mention before, but he took his own life. I can't help think he needs perhaps some closure or just wants to take care of his little girl. But how do I know if it is him or not an unwanted visitor? Any similar stories or advise would be great. Thanks.

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Revajane (1 stories) (71 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-05)
I hope you were able to do as Randym suggested it is hard to lose someone like that. I've held on to my love one so long I was receiving dreams that eventually led me to learning how to let go. You can read my story on here about it. If it is happening still to your daughter then she may also need to tell him

Daddy I love you I forgive you It's ok to move on.

I know how hard that is but saying it will help because he will hear it.
blueladybird73 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-03)
Thank you Randym and trentinray for your responses. I really appreciate it, as it's not the usual thing to share with friends or family. The children are back at school tomorrow so I will have a quiet morning to myself. I will talk to him then. I've also thought about cleaning just incase, although I'm a bit scared to do it if I'm honest! I'm also thinking about getting an appointment with a respected medium, just to see what she says. I just wish you could pick up a phone and have a conversation with the otherside. I suppose with suicide or any sudden death you never get the chance to say goodbye. I hope Trentinray that you've found your peace, guilt never brings anything positive and I'm sure your son's dad would want nothing but the best for you and his son now. Thanks for all your kind wishes.
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-02)

I am so sorry for your personal tragedy.
I have heard of many many cases of suicide where the person lingers around the earth plane to try and get a message to their loved ones about how sorry they are for the actions they took and the pain it caused others. It is said we judge ourselves most of all and I tend to think than when a person takes their own life and then witness the pain it caused others that they would have to feel an overwhelming sense of grief.
It is extremely difficult for those on the other side of death to get communications across to us on this side and many times things we may see as being evil are just in fact those on the other side trying any way they can to communicate with us.
If it were me, I would take some time to sit down when and where it is quite and call out to your husband by name. Even if you don't sense he is there. I would then explain that while it was hurtful, you forgive him and wish him to go on and be at peace. His time on earth is over and it is time for him to move on to the next step in his journey of healing and growing. Let him know he is loved and more love and compassion awaits him as he moves forward. Remind him that a time will come when he will hold his daughter again and all will be well.

Hope you the very best and please keep us informed how things progress.
That is if yo wish to do so with such a personal matter.

trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
8 years ago (2017-01-02)
My son's dad died as well. We weren't married, and had been apart for sometime. Most of our interactions were negative, arguing over visitation, support, and the likes. He passed suddenly of a heart attack. I was very grief stricken and blamed myself because of the added stress our fighting added to him. Not to mention how much I wanted to tell him how sorry I was, and that I truly did love him. After his death I prayed and cried to him and God all the time trying to relay this message. Things started happening like crazy, I won't get into details because it's a story I have yet to share here, but I felt overwhelmed. I began praying to get help with this, while I wanted him with me, I was also afraid it could be a negative energy disguising itself to trick me in my grief. I also did the incantations to Arch Angel Micheal, and built this pyramid protection thing I read about. After a bit it all stopped. It is probably your husband trying to get a message to you that he made it and he is okay, especially if that is a fear you have had. If you want it to stop there is also cleansing the house as well. I don't know if it is good advice, but maybe someone will on here, what if you talk to him and let him know you got his message, and that he can go be at piece now? The best of luck to you guys, and I am sending you all my love ❤

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