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Weird Ghost/i Don't Know. I Could Really Use Some Advice


I'm not really sure where to begin so I'll just start with when I was born. I was born in 2001 in a hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. My parents and I lived in an apartment for a few years while my dad was finishing school. Then we moved to Warwick a more suburban city in Rhode Island. That is where most of my childhood took place. I don't remember experiencing anything supernatural then. Though at my elementary school there was an area outside where we could eat our lunch and there was a gravestone there for the guy my school was named after John Wickes and I don't know if he really was buried there but on the back of the gravestone, it said: here lies the remains of John Wickes. Some kids like to pretend that the school was haunted by him, but I'm 99. 99 percent sure it was just rumors.

But I never had any sort of experiences with that ghost or anything. Then a few years later after I finished 7th grade my parents, my younger brother, and I moved to live with my grandparents in a small town in Tennessee.

My grandparents have a large ranch with a few houses and we moved into one of the houses (the house we still live in). Initially there were no problems with the house supernaturally speaking. Though the house had been somewhat cheaply made. Also it is a new house that was made only maybe 7-8 years before we moved in so I know it's not an old house that is haunted by a past tenant because everyone who ever lived in this house is still alive. Now the people who lived in this house before us were my cousin and her husband and kids. Now I don't know them very well (my family is really big and most of us don't know each other).

This is where things get kind of creepy, my parents are both in the mental health field; my mother is a social worker and my dad is a clinician (basically a therapist but admittedly I'm not exactly certain what the proper way of describing it is). Now while we were living in Rhode Island still my cousin who is also my dad's goddaughter called my dad and asked him for some advice about her son since he was a clinician she thought he'd know what to do but he didn't do a whole lot with kids so he just told her to see specialist basically.

Now the reason she called my dad about her son was because while living in this house he was talking about some guy named MR. Bullets who basically was a guy who talked to him and told him some dark shiat. Now my dad never told me any of this until long after we had moved here. And to this day he won't tell me exactly what happened. I had a few relatives who still live in the other houses nearby owned by my grandparents they lived here when my cousin and her family lived here.

This kid has come up a couple times but everyone is super vague and just basically says he was saying some dark shiat. Keep in mind my dad has been a therapist for almost 40 years and he's had some dark patients but this little kid who he never even actually treated scared the hell out of him.

I guess my story here is I've lived here for almost 3 years now and the first year was mostly fine just the occasional weird feeling. The second year I got a lot of really weird vibes and this year very often it feels like something is watching me and I don't mean like I watched a scary movie and was creeped out for a couple days. I mean like it's become commonplace for me to just be walking about the house and I swear to god all of a sudden I feel something watching me. Now I can't prove anything I certainly haven't seen any ghost. But understand that this is coming from a pretty devout atheist but there is something wrong about this house and I could really use some advice here.

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