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The Unexpected Visit


Out of all the scary and unusual experiences I've had, there is a certain experience that still haunts me to this very day, it comes to mind so clear it could seem it had happened yesterday. Maybe cause it scared me so bad? Things like that are hard to forget. I was seventeen years old, living at the old Langley home in Floyd County, Kentucky. Only me, my mom, and little brother were living in the house at the time.

While living there a few years some unusual things started to go on for me. It mostly carried on in my bedroom, sometimes the day but mostly the night. My dog wouldn't stay with me in my room anymore. Out of the blue I would feel as if someone was constantly watching me, or if there was some type of evil presence near. I would also feel as if someone would set at the foot of my bed, it didn't matter what time of the day or night, wide awake or asleep! I wouldn't get no vibe to that happening. Once I fell asleep at the bottom of my bed laying on my right side, felt something heavy weigh down the bed right beside me I thought it was my mom. I woke up expecting to see her setting there, it was no one as always.

I started to isolate myself from everyone and everything. It was like this evil presence was becoming like an addiction. I would want it to stop and go away but then again, I didn't. I kind of felt like I knew what to expect but then again, I didn't. One late night, I was setting in my bed listening to music, I turned the music off awhile because I got a bad vibe and then heard growling in my right ear, my soul nearly jumped out of my body that night.

A month had passed since that incident, I had just got up from setting on my bed. I walked over, shut then locked my door, turned my light off and made my way back to bed. I laid there about 15 minutes replying back to some messages on Facebook, it was kind of late and I was tired. I turned over on my left side to put my cell phone on charge and all of a sudden it got extremely cold.

All hairs stood up over my body and I got chill bumps everywhere, only light that was shining was the cell phone screen that would be going off in 30 seconds. I saw my breath it was so cold, felt like I was turning on my back in slow motion I was so scared, in my head I was saying to myself "Oh no... What the heck?" When I got to laying down on my back I then looked to my right where this lady like arm was stretched out right beside me I could see her fingers, I could not move or speak I was scared to death, she was misty, transparent and glowing blue! I don't know if it was a man or woman but judging by the arm it was a woman. I also heard like this sound coming from her that kind of sounded like bin-aural beats/ frequencies without the music.

She then just vanished. It went completely dark and it instantly warmed back up, there I was left speechless saying in my head, "What the heck was that?!" The next few days I still didn't know what to think about all of it. I would lay in bed at night and question myself about the event. A couple more nights went by, I was in bed I couldn't sleep, I got the feeling I wasn't alone and then I felt this warm sensation like an arm wrapping around me. I felt so comfortable, warm, safe, and content.

The sensation of being cuddled ended after 3 minutes. All of this story is nothing but the truth. I apologize for any bad punctuation, grammar, lack of detail, or confusion. This is my own personal experience I did not add anything to it. I feel as if the stuff that was going on wasn't going on by the same presence, it felt entirely different. No, I do not do drugs nor am I crazy.

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Clairvoyant_Disease (2 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
KikiGirl, I will definitely check out your stories as soon as I reply to your comment. I would love to chat about my experiences with you! It was quite a bizarre, and a very frightful experience for me. Feel free to question me about it. Yes, she was misty, kind of transparent, I could still see my wall through her! She was blue and detailed, I could see her hand and the lines of her fingers how she had her hand held out. She shined very bright! She was the only light in the room. Sorry, kind of hard to explain such a experience. The sounds that came from her, so hard to explain.

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