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Being Followed By But No One Was There


In around 2013-14, I was working for a company which was into hospitality business and had many star resorts all over India. I used to go on official tours to these resorts as part of my job profile. These resorts were always outside locality and in scenic yet secluded or forested surroundings. This made them very eerie at night time especially in the days of low guest occupancy. Every resort had its own share of rumors about paranormal activities. But in most cases, these rumors had no truth in them. And management always prohibited staffs from spreading such rumors as that could hamper business. But there were a few resorts where many staffs, both residential and visiting had really unexplained experiences. I will share one such experience of my own.

This resort is situated in northeastern part of India near a world famous National park. After our company bought the property, people from HO from different departments started visiting the resort for playing their own part in bringing it up. I went on behalf of my department. Being a nature lover and wildlife enthusiast myself, I was very happy on being given the opportunity. For first few days, I went on forest safaris and toured the adjoining areas which were scenic. Then the vendors started delivering orders and my work started.

I will try to give a description of the resort for better understanding. It was quite a large property at the edge of the forest. The distance from front wall to back wall was a little less than a kilometer. After the main entrance, there is a parking area and a building which houses the reception, restaurant, main kitchen, main store, electrical and generator room, accountants' office and General Managers cabin. Going inside, there is a security office, followed by a swimming pool area. Crossing that, there is a huge well landscaped lawn with guest room on both sides and on the other end of the lawn is the housekeepers' office and laundry. The guest area ended there. Behind the housekeepers' office there is a large pond and then the staff quarters where I was accommodated. There is a narrow lane connecting the guest area with staff quarters. This lane has the pond on one side and a tree line on the other side.

One day, I had to go to the nearest city for some official work and by the time I could return, it was midnight. I reported to the security office and started walking towards staff quarters. There was a zero guest occupancy and therefore, to save cost, all landscape lights were off and only a few lights were burning. So, while crossing the housekeepers' office, I borrowed a torch from them as the lane leading to staff quarters was totally dark. This lane was quite a long one around 250 meters. After covering three fourth way into that lane when I was at the end on the pond and under a Jamun tree. Suddenly, I heard a sound of something heavy falling from the tree on the dry grass somewhere behind me I suppose towards the left side. I was stunned at this, but I quickly looked around in light from the torch fearing that it might be a snake. Being near a forest, snakes were a regular visitor. After looking very thoroughly, I found nothing and started walking again. Now I started hearing footsteps on the dry grass as if someone was walking on my left side a little behind me but I could not see anyone. Something within me told me not to stop and I continued walking and the footsteps followed me until I reached the first staff quarter where I managed to summon enough courage to turn around and check who was following me. There was no one.

Next morning, I went to the General Manager and narrated my experience to him. He just told me not to discuss this with others but he looked very worried. As time passed by, many people experienced many unexplained activities in different areas of the resort and even security guards started patrolling the property at night in pairs as they were too afraid to go alone.

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Gayatrishiva (3 stories) (121 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-01)
Nice story and scary too. I might have surely fainted there.

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