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The Yellow House| And My Ghost Boyfriend


I grew up in a Yellow House on Arkwright Street. Everything inside of that house can be remembered clearly.

The shape of the stairs, the brown carpet, the dirty walls- the old wooden scent of the home itself, the green attic, the bathroom, the basement, everything.

Moving from home to home, is no trouble, but in my sleep I would wake up inside of the same house. Sometimes, I would wake up on a current day and the room would appear as the room inside of the yellow house and it would startle me.

Every time that I see the chambers to that household terrifies me because whenever I see that house, I see myself with a man. He is not a Man, but one of a teenager and I am an adult now.

Two Years back, I went to see a Shaman about this problem and he has revealed to me that the person that I see is indeed, my Ghost Boyfriend, and as a child I had promised him something when I met has met him inside of that house.

I do not remember making a promise to anyone, I do not even know who he is.

The shaman said that I could remove him and break our vows and it should help remove the nightmares of seeing the house during my sleep. The shaman ritual was performed and the boyfriend was summoned. I do not know him but uninvited infliction visited me in an instant.

As if, somewhere or something inside of my conscience is actually in love with him.

When I fell to sleep, I no longer see him- but I still see The Yellow House on Arkwright Street.

NOTE: Everything that I write on here is TRUE and does connect to the next writing piece.

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KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
6 years ago (2017-02-23)
HiddenWriter, this is a fascinating and frightening story! I can only imagine how scary it is to be told that when you were a child, you made a promise to love someone or "partner" with someone later in life. I think, a big reason and what made a huge difference to the situation is that you do not recollect this person or the promise. It means, you made that promise when you were too young and "innocent" to fully understand what arrangement was being made which makes it incredibly unfair, and that is not allowed.

Thank Goodness you were able to find the right help and sort the problem out, although I do hope you manage to sort out the issue with seeing your previous house.

An awesome experience to share, very personal, emotional and individual; thank-you for sharing with us. Best luck in your future.

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