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Inbetweeners Torment My Boyfriend


I have recently found out that spirits called Inbetweeners (spirits who are trapped between worlds) have been attached to my boyfriend since he was about 5 years old. According to the lady who told us, they are a huge reason as to why my boyfriend is suffering so much throughout his life and are causing him to harm himself. They entice him with horrible thoughts and play with him mentally because they get a joy from it.

We have been trying everything to rid of them, banishments, sage, salt, cast iron. It's so bad that my boyfriend can't even hold a sage bundle because it feels like it's burning him. I saged him by surprise the other night and he was coughing to the point of not breathing, rolled off the couch and fell to the for in a fit. He thought I pepper sprayed him, that's how intense it was.

They have planted in his head before that I abandoned him one night causing him to self harm badly. They had a plan for him to basically end his life this past weekend until his grandmother who's past away told him to give away for the weekend with me.

I didn't sage last night and around 2 am in the morning there was constant banging noises that lasted for 7 minutes. I sense them around, they don't like me because I'm standing up for him and trying to release their grasp on my boyfriend.

I'm at a loss for what to do anymore. They are pulling him apart and destroying any happiness he finds.

I don't know what else to do or how to help. Has anyone experienced Inbetweeners before?

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Myst (63 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
Biblio; Thank you for saying what many of us were thinking. You do it so well!
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-21)
Greetings, Samantha & fellow YGSers.

First, Samantha: read Manafon's advice, then do as he suggests.

Second, lady-glow hit the bull's eye with this sentence: "You have to be wary of people claiming knowledge of the paranormal because unfortunately many of them just try to take advantage of the fears and desperation of people in need many times preventing them from finding the real solution to their problems." Samantha, I harbor serious reservations about "the lady" whose description of "inbetweeners" as a form of trapped spirit has you so rattled. Who prescribed "cast iron" as part of a cleansing ritual? Normally, cast iron was used for radiators, bathtubs, etc. On the other hand, "COLD iron" (forged at lower temperatures and cooled rapidly through immersion in water) was used to thwart the schemes of malicious fae/fairies. I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and suggest that "the lady" who was telling you what to do lacked basic comprehension of folkloric methodologies.

I read the constructive, rational suggestions made by regular YGSers, then Legion chimed in. No, "chimed" is far too brief a verb for this entry to the conversation. It took me longer to read Legion's rambling response than it did to read the post and the first six responses. This was due to Legion's incoherent avoidance of the rules of spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, pronoun antecedent agreement, subject-verb agreement, subject/object pronoun conflation, etc. These ALL occurred in his first paragraph; it is a single run-on sentence which "suprises" (or 'surprises') the reader by starting with Legion's biography (again), moving to a meandering disquisition on the mental state of supernatural entities (note: you're not helping!), then ending with a barrage of questions about Samantha's boyfriend's mental health. Answering these questions would be of use if Legion were a psychotherapist (he states he is not). Instead, take your boyfriend to a therapist who can help your boyfriend by evaluating him directly. Good God, I thought grading Freshmen essays was an arduous task! Permit me to illustrate the problem with Legion's next three paragraphs:

"But how did he grow up, is he needy, have you ever threatened to leave him if so what happened...[Conclude with a question mark "?" to suggest you've asked a question.]
You gotta​ [colloquialism​] understand there is so many need to know, want to know things here, but then I have ment [met] ​people who are just like this that once after a healing has been done, 1 it takes many to do, unless2 or more shamans,witchcraft,priests etc​ [use a space after each comma; also, "etc." has a terminal period to indicate the truncation of "et cetera"​] all come together to do then one time it kills tha issue​ [what does this mean]​, then they still need alil​ [?]​ help after cause it beats tha​ [?]​ body and most importantly tha [?]​ ​mind badly, so I wouldn't jump straight to go get meds and it aint​ [this informal contraction is missing the contractive apostrophe]​ spirits, but won't jump to its​ spirits ​[Was this supposed to be "it's spirits" as an exclamation​?] ​no need for meds​ [?]
"ThenI have ment​ [met​ --again!​]​​ people who play off of others cause ​[because]​ ​of past issues just with mental healthy[?], or the [This error suggests​ "the" means "they" and "tha" means "the"​?] use people to get what they want. I can read people to good​ [to good what​?]​​, one of my gifts/curses and can't be touch cause​ [I wonder if this is supposed to be "touch because"​?]​ I see and feel their​ [plural] whole life​ [singular​]​​, or just tha [Does "tha" now mean "their"?​]​ ​eyes is enough.​"​

For someone who claims to have "a IQ at 160" [perhaps "an IQ of 160"] who has been "dealing with tha [the] other side for almost all my life" and has "many, many years of college under my belt," I'm shocked that Legion has not yet met an English teacher, living or dead.

I'd continue, but reading this far has made me feel rather tired.

zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
Samanthababy: I think the term "inbetweeners" is something only this lady uses. I'll give you an example: in "The Walking Dead" it's only our (Rick's) group who use the term "walker" for the zombies. All other groups have their own personal names for them. I came to this conclusion because I've never heard the term and Googled it out of curiosity. The only results I got after going through 2 pages was your story and a page from a paranormal investigating team who in their "who we are" section mention that there are believers, non-believers, and what they call "inbetweeners" (those who believe but are still skeptical).

If one wants to get technical, all haunts (with the exception of residual) could be considered inbetweeners since they are, essentially, trapped between this world and the next. Anyone I've ever known calls them earthbound.

All that BS aside 😆, I agree that your boyfriend should seek professional help before believing something because someone said so.
Bella16 (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-17)
Get hold of both a psychologist and a priest. And stay with him, always checking if he's fine. Tell him you love hime, his family loves him and just be there for him. He needs treatment yes, but the sounds you also heard are not to be ignored.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-16)

Question for you...

Are you 31 or 37? After reading your profile I am very confused about this...

If 31 then you have been actively Practicing Witchcraft sense the age of 5 (in my book unlikely... To many things to learn and understand before active 'use' can begin).

If 37 then you were 11 when you began, which I can believe, as I was actively practicing when I was 12. Small things, but active non-the less...

Please pardon the interruption...

Legion, please reply to this on one of my experiences, thanks.


Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-02-16)
legion777 - please, please, please spell the word THE "t h e" instead of "t h a". PLEASE!
legion777 (1 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-15)
I agree with some here, I have been dealing with tha other side for almost all my life, I have been practicing witchcraft, and practice not just one but use all, last 2 years I have been more focused on shamanism and all together 26years and nothing anymore suprises me nor can say that's a first, and I am 37 and been sensitive from birth, in my travels before I finally stayed put, I have dealt with a couple like this, and people have to understand that there is many spirits, some need well most need just what was said above that they need something but tha ones whom need something won't hurt you in that sense, but tha ones who want something will and can play off of someone who is already in trouble mentally, or cause mental illnesses, first is this as stated, past history, meaning grandparents,parents,siblings,kids etc what's there mental health, has he ever been on meds, what's his behavior like, what do uou think, how to you think, who brought up tha issue of this first him or you, meaning has he said well someone told me this etc...
I am not a doctor even tho I have many, many years of college under my belt and was going to go to become a Therapist.
But how did he grow up, is he needy, have you ever threatened to leave him if so what happened...
You gotta understand there is so many need to know, want to know things here, but then I have ment people who are just like this that once after a healing has been done, 1 it takes many to do, unless 2 or more shamans,witchcraft,priests etc all come together to do then one time it kills tha issue, then they still need alil help after cause it beats tha body and most importantly tha mind badly, so I wouldn't jump straight to go get meds and it aint spirits, but won't jump to its spirits no need for meds
Then I have ment people who play off of others cause of past issues just with mental healthy, or the use people to get what they want. I can read people to good, one of my gifts/curses and can't be touch cause I see and feel their whole life, or just tha eyes is enough.
If you want my professional point its this...
You gotta fill in tha blanks here, you gotta research find out everything.
And to be very clear to you and all, no matter tha issue it at one point begining or mild or end ALWAYS has something to do with tha other side, if you would take tha time and go visit people in psyc wards and listen to them and truly hear them, people who think out side tha box that deal with tha paranormal will hear things tha doctors don't or wont. But at some point tha damage is done to tha point that either is nothing no one can do and meds pretty much damage what could have been helped or saved.
Spirits of both sides can cause damage and everyones answer is always meds. You gotta ask your self this question for all people, why is it tha in tha past if you said you could see or talk with tha dead, you was labled with a illness and put on heavy meds or locked up?
There is a heavy gray area here that people over look, and with this now its oka to come out and say you are sensitive, or people whom don't know how to ask for help or there mind can't take what's happing cause one to react in away we believe them nutz.
There is no doubt in my mind that good spirits can by mistake cause someone to flip there mind and then not know how to relay that to others and then its off to a looney bin heavily medicated when a good sensitive was lost. Or then you have tha negative spirits just want you to suffer cause they are pissed your well and they aint and bang... Off on a trip one gos.
So its this one can look at somethin one sided, or two sided and pass judgement or one can see all sides and see clearly then ask tha right question to see where someone stands and needs help. Every living person has abilities some to reach that level to use them, some have little abilities, some have great abilities, some have it from birth with little to no help needed, some get it later like a deer caught in headlights and all hell breaks loose... To many sides to not look.
Ive spent my time in tha roughest, hardest must unforgiving places, seen too much, been through to much at 37 years old I can say I feel like 150 and have a IQ at 160 that's true but feel stupid at times. I had to speak my thoughts and knowledge here on this one.
Spirits have a greater rule in this world then one will ever know. So be safe my friends and look there is always a answer and if you don't get one then maybe your not asking tha right questions. So if you need my help look me up and email me I teach also tha craft and got many students and don't mind helping anyone, I willnt intertain any goofy requests or sexual comments and I treat everything with respect and honesty.
Blessed be...
P.s sorry if anything is misspelled typing at a fast rate on my cell phone
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
First, I have to respond to something in Kiki's comment: "You are actually, most probably in his life at this moment because you are supposed to help him and show him the way to a better life where he can find true and consistent happiness." -No. You are not responsible for someone else's happiness. You do what you can to help and support - but, in the end, his happiness is not on you. I grew up with a mentally disturbed father - in his view, his well being and happiness was a direct result of the behavior of my mother and me... If we behaved as he thought we should, all was well, if not there was hell to pay and it was all our fault. That is so wrong and can be so deeply damaging to everyone involved.

It does seem to me that the problem here is psychological more than paranormal - but I'm not there with the author, I have not seen these goings on for myself so I my opinion certainly isn't definitive. It could be that the trouble is both psychological and paranormal - perhaps these entities chose to pray off of him because a mental illness had already made him vulnerable. Maybe it would be best to go at this from both angles. Perhaps, shop around amongst the various churches in your area - find out which of them offer one-on-one spiritual guidance. I wouldn't be too worried about denominations - the one you want won't be the kind that turns a soul in need away because they aren't currently an official member of the church. Also, I would recommend his seeing a reputable psychologist - Kiki was absolutely right - if he is to get better, all sides of the issue should be investigated and tended to so he can be strong enough to fight. She was also quite on point with her advice that you take care of yourself - you may want to speak with someone as well to help you through this process and a bit of cleansing and shielding never hurt. If you are really committed to taking a role in his recovery, always bear in mind that all you can do is help... The real control is in him - whether or not he recovers is not in your hands... No matter how much you may want it for him - all you can do is try to help him find his own way.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Hellow samanthababyxo. Wow this is some serious topic we have here. Everybody is giving out their opinion about your story so I'm going to give mine too. Can I just ask if you already tried an actual exorcism? With a priest? A psychological evaluation is also a good option. Maybe your boyfriend just need an expert that he can talk to. I really think you need to work on this seriously because the way I see it from your story, your boyfriend has the tendency to hurt not only himself but also you
DirtCreature (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Thank you Rook. That was very helpful.:)

I don't think the coughing thing is paranormal in my humble opinion. Not everyone can light sage or incense without feeling like they're choking on it. My umi (arabic for grandma) lights sage and incense and as a child I was generally used to it but sometimes it could be a little intense and hard to breathe. Then again, she used to burn those like the world was ending. It's very important to not immediately jump on the it's a ghost thing... The reason I don't trust many of the people who claim to have that knowledge like psychics is that they fish information out of you and feed you back what you want to hear. Plus I think if someone really is clairvoyant they wouldn't get paid for that and would definitely try to rule everything out first 😐. This is the reason why people on YGS have stressed journaling before. If you keep a daily journal of your emotions and experiences, plus possible paranormal experiences, it can keep a lot of things in check and help rule things out or even "prove" them.

Loud banging? Your boyfriend sounds like he got a lot of poltergeist energy o.o
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Samanthababyxo, we all understand that this is a frightening, complicated and difficult situation. It is a sad thing to see someone you love in such a bad space, you want him to get better but it seems so impossible, at times. You seem like a very strong and determined person, especially where the person you love is concerned. You are actually, most probably in his life at this moment because you are supposed to help him and show him the way to a better life where he can find true and consistent happiness. If you were put in his life at this time to help him, it means that some one, an Angel or good spirit is also looking out for him. So, know that he is not only being attacked by the "darker forces" but also being watched and helped by the "good or light forces".

I don't think everybody means to jump to the conclusion that your boyfriend needs to go to a Doctor. I recommend this because at this moment in time, he is in a very reproachful, angry, disheartened and distressed state - His survival is in crisis and he is in a weakened state. The darker energies and emotions will work much harder to achieve their desire which is self-harm and maybe something worse. I think you should carry on doing what you are doing, whether it be cleansing, prayer or protection methods. But, I also think that at this point, he needs to start feeling a little bit better so that he can also fight off these energies - sleeping properly, eating properly and doing tasks which make him feel more in control and more happy will strengthen him physically so that you-and-him can face this together. I do believe that medicines can help for things like insomnia and emotional episodes to be at least controllable - but the Doctor must know that he self-harms and any other symptoms because at this point, perhaps he should not be in charge of dispensing medicine. There will come a time when he is able to do this.

I want you to know that there is a method that will work. Part of their plan is to make you feel helpless and as though, you might as well not even try - with your help or even if he was alone. That is not the truth! Find someone you trust to share this information with, and ask their advice. Try at least visiting a psychiatrist and explaining in what ways things have been deteriorating, or how he has been acting differently lately.

Also, remember that there is good working for you too! Somebody other then you is looking out for him and that is probably, how he made it through all of this throughout his life. From when he was 5 years old, these "things" have been trying to make him self-destruct and he is still here. He can fight this! Somebody is watching over him!

Also, I know this seems really silly but, if he needs to know whether something he is doing / planning to undertake an action is right or wrong, if he is confused - tell him to listen to his heart. Your heart is a sure compass to show you what is good and evil.

And one last thing - as you are now involved with somebody who is going through such a spiritual battle, you need to know that you have come in between their plans. The energies will work on you, even through him - ie. Telling him that you've abandoned him so he should kill himself. They know this will harm him and send you spiraling emotionally down with guilt and worry. My advice? Be assertive! If you find that you think "he"/them are playing games with you, calmly let him know that you are there for him and you do love him, but, you will not allow these things to upset you or influence your relationship. Be outright that you are aware that they are active or making him act this way, and you do not blame him, but, you will do everything in your power to help him because you love him. You should look him right in the eyes and tell them, "stop using my boyfriend. Stop making him act this way. I know that you are there, you must leave now!"
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)

(My Opinion here folks) While it is possible it's harder for the spirit to do so. They may choose to hang around a particular individual if there is a high amount of 'emotion/energy' coming from them that the spirit identifies with. Joy/Sorrow, Morbid/Pleasant, Righteous/Immoral each has an 'energy' to it and Spirit's, being comprised of Intelligent Energy, (remember this is MY OPINION) will seek out a 'like type' to hang around and help it thrive and or grow in strength. (if there is enough energy being put off by or in the environment around a particular individual to allow for that).

In my experience if the spirit is benevolent it will simply 'bask' in the 'extra energy' put of by 'said individual and or household however a malevolent spirit (or Demon if you believe in them) will attach itself for a 'more direct feed'. They will also attempt to influence an individual so that the 'negative' energy it needs grows and thrives around them. If an individual becomes weak enough a spirit may even attempt possession... This would be an attempt to 'feel' like a human again (former human spirit) OR to feel what its like to have flesh (non-human spirit) because its never had a physical body.


lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Samantha: I agree with the previous posters, your boyfriend needs professional help.

"... Inbetweeners (spirits who are trapped between worlds) have been attached to my boyfriend since he was about 5 years old..."

Do you know if his parents ever took him to a doctor? Has he been under medication? Are you aware if any mental illness runs in his family?

Who is the lady that told you about the 'inbetweeners'? You have to be wary of people claiming knowledge of the paranormal because unfortunately many of them just try to take advantage of the fears and desperation of people in need many times preventing them from finding the real solution to their problems.

Thanks for sharing.
DirtCreature (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
[at] Rook, when it comes to the attached entity wanting something, can an entity attempt to attach because it feeds off the energy the person has even if they aren't in a weakened state? Just curious.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)

Funny you should mention 'Hollywood'...The Inbetweeners was an actual BritSitCom and they made a couple of movies (Comedy of course) so your not very far off base. 😉

Now something for the O/P:

Look to the mundane before the paranormal. Self harm and/or suicidal thoughts do not an oppression make. I agree that Professional Help needs to be sought BEFORE the paranormal can be considered, here is why...

IF/WHEN a spirit (s) attach themselves to an individual they do so because that individual is able to 'give' the spirit something... And the spirit wants to receive that something for as long as possible... So suicide... An 'early out' is NOT high on the spirits list.

Attachments/Oppression/Possession CAN HAPPEN to someone who is dealing with mental/emotional issues because of the 'energy' they give off and their weakened state of mind/will power.

Having said that, please have a look at my profile page, there you will find a Cleansing/Shielding method I have developed... Have your boyfriend use it AS WELL as seeing a Professional... That way IF a spirit has attached itself to him its being fought from two fronts... Not to mention your help in this matter.

Oh, one question... When you 'surprised' him with the burning/smoking sage... Did he manage to get a good 'snoot' full... That would make any ones eyes water and have them coughing... Just saying. 😲


RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
A doctor, counselor or other mental health professional, yes. Just like Manafon suggests. I don't feel these are 'inbetweeners' but evil spirits intent on harming your boyfriend and anyone else they can.

As for the saging, salting, etc. Not working, I'm not so sure it did not work. But some spirits are stronger than others and take more effort to fight. You must use every possible tool in the toolbox, sometimes repeatedly.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-12)
Samanthababyxo--Your boyfriend doesn't need sage, salt, cast iron or banishments. He needs to have a full psychological evaluation. Don't listen to a lady blabbing about "Inbetweeners" (sounds like the title of a lame Hollywood horror film) but get your self destructive boyfriend to a doctor stat. That's what you can do to help him.

This isn't the Dark Ages. See what a doctor says before taking the advice of someone talking about entities trapped between worlds torturing your boyfriend. He sounds potentially suicidal. Get him professional help.

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