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I moved into the apartment I currently live in the fall of 2013. The place has a very unorthodox setup. It is in the basement of a house converted into a business. The livingroom takes up the entire right side of the apartment and is quite large. Two of the bedrooms are on the left side of the apartment one of which only has one window and the other two windows. The rest of the apartment sits between these areas.

My bedroom is the largest of the two and is very comfortable. Within a few weeks after moving in I began noticing certain things happening in my bedroom. Like things moved from one place to another, things coming up missing, but later located in another part of the apartment and coming home to find my bed unmade and television on. At first I thought it was my roommate playing practical jokes on me, but he flat denied doing any of this and when it happened at a time I knew he was not in the apartment I soon believed him.

I placed a hidden camera to see if I could catch the culprit, but would find the camera turned off and nothing recorded. After a few months of this it just stopped completely, but only temporarily.

One night as I was sitting in bed watching television it felt as if something small like a cat or dog had leapt onto the end of my bed. Looking down you could see the depressions as it "walked" across my bed and settled next to me. As weird as the sight was it did not scare me.

This happened several nights in a row until the fourth night when after the animal settled it would then get up walk back the way it came leapt off the bed and my comforter would be pulled off and go flying across my room. The first time it was such a shock because I had my laptop on top of the comforter in my lap and my remote and cell phone sitting on top and absolutely none of these items when flying with it nor did they appear to be at all disturbed. After picking up the comforter and placing it back on my bed it happened twice more until I actually blurted out ok this is enough no more and it stopped. I was not sure if it was one time thing or if it would happen again. I soon found out it was not a one time thing and has in fact happened at least twice a week if not more.

Other things started happening as well, such as my tv suddenly shutting off and/or turning on, or the movie rewinding or fast forwarding on its own. My lamp turning off and on on its own. When my boyfriend and I first began seeing each other he did not believe me when I told him about this, but after staying over a few times he experienced it for himself. At first he was spooked, but after realizing I wasn't bothered by it and nothing harmful ever happened he became very accepting of it and eventually moved in with me.

The "ghost" always leaves us alone if we specifically ask it to not bother us and has never exhibited any kind of malevolent behavior. We do not feel at all threatened or scared by the presence and surprisingly neither do the dogs. My roommate, however became so freaked out by these happenings that he finally decided to move out and to this day absolutely refuses to set foot back inside my apartment.

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spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-22)

This is interesting. Have you tried figuring out who this spirit/entity maybe? What it wants?

If it's yanking your blanket off the bed, it may be wanting your attention for one reason or another.

Or it doesn't like your blanket 😆.

Thanks for sharing

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