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My Childhood


First story:

Throughout my life, ever since I was a young child around the age of two, I've always seen spirits. I never quite knew what the meaning behind some of them were.

I remember when I was around the age of four, and I was asleep in my room. But then something/someone woke me up. It was a man at the corner of my bed. He was tall, buff, wearing all white and had dark curly hair and brown eyes. He told me the words "do not worry your mother will be okay." I never felt scared when talking to him, I just felt at peace. When I got out of bed I told my parents that there was a man in my room and that he told me something. My parent rushed into my room, and checked all around the rest of the house. There was no man, not even a trace.

That same day my mother ended up in the hospital extremely sick. She almost passed away. But I remember she told me that someone said to her the words "go back, it's not your time." These words validated what I saw that morning. I consider this man some form of my guardian angel, and that he's there watching over me from time to time.

Second Story:

Ever since I was about six years of age I've seen this shadowy figure. The way I described it to people was that it was almost like mesh, the way you could see through it.

I called it the Shadow man. I remember always being frightened in my own home. I never wanted to be alone anywhere in the house. And at night I hated the dark. I remember one night around 11:00pm I heard sweeping sounds on the wooden floors outside of my room. When I went to go check I saw this huge black mass towering over everything. And when I went to close my bedroom door and go back to my bed, it lunged at me. I remember crying after this.

My parents thought there was something wrong with me. They made it seem like I was sick; that what I was seeing wasn't real. That it was in my head. That was, until my aunt (who's a medium) came to visit.

My aunt said there were spirits all throughout the house, that there was a portal in the home.

When I came home from school my aunt had sketches laid out on the table. She said "take a look at these, what do you see?" I looked only to realize that she drew the shadow man. I told her what it was, and she told me it had been following her around all day.

The next day she went home, and from then on my parents didn't think I was insane for seeing what I saw.

Third short story:

I was around fourteen years of age. I had just come home from after school practice and was going to take a shower. While I was in the shower I kept feeling like I was being watched. While I was washing my hair I got soap in my eye. After I went and grabbed my towel and wiped soap out of my eyes, I saw a young girl with no facial features. She was almost staring at me. She was pale, skinny, long fingers, she had no eyes, nose, or mouth, just hollows where they should've been. I remember I was so scared I yelled for my mother. But soon after I yelled, the ghostly looking girl vanished. I'm not sure what she wanted or what her having no facial features meant.

****If you have any input on what these spirits mean please leave your comment***

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JamesF (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2017-07-05)
Welcome to the club. You are a sensitive. Spirits, both good and bad, are attracted to you. A psychic once described to me a sensitive as being a lightbulb to the spirit world like a lightbulb attracts mosquitoes. It does not surprise me your aunt had the gift for you probably inherited your abilities from her.

This is only my second comment to YGS and plan on sending more. My advise to you is to find like minded people who have their own psychic abilities and hang with while sharing stories. A spiritualist church may also help. For me, I see a psychic counselor every other month who helps me immensely. In my first session with her, I told her I had seen spirits around me and in my dreams who had no eyes, just blank, dark sockets. She told those spirits are demonic in nature, which does not surprise me, because they scared the hell out of me.

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