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Someone Comes Home


Last year my niece rented a remote farmhouse near a state park in Southeastern Ohio. There were no visible neighbors and the house was over 100 years old. The owners had renovated the inside but had left the outside shabby to deter people from breaking in when it wasn't occupied. So this house had peeling wood siding and a big porch went all the way across the front. There was a deck on the side that went into a sun room and from there a door lead into the kitchen. The kitchen was open to the living room, it was one big space. Directly across the room from the kitchen cabinets was a doorway that lead down a short flight of steps into the basement.

She asked me to accompany her to the house one afternoon and I had been wanting to see the remodel. This place is at least 25 miles from the nearest town surrounded by pretty much nothing. When we arrive at the house I immediately did not like it. It was way too isolated and I could not imagine living there alone like she did. We entered the house from the deck into the sun room and then the kitchen. A door connected the sun room and kitchen and we closed it behind us. I immediately got the feeling that we should not be in this house. She told me that when she went to bed at night spiders and centipedes would come out from behind the molding at the top of the walls, other than that the house did not scare her! I could not even bring myself to go to the restroom alone and made her go with me. I had the feeling of an old lady watching every move that we made.

After being in the house for about 30 minutes we decided to leave. We walked to the kitchen area and she remembered something that she needed from the bedroom. As she walked away from me I was standing in front of the kitchen door that leads to the sun room and outside. All the sudden I hear keys rattling right behind me and I was certain someone had walked into the house. It was as clear as a bell and there was no mistaking the sound. She turned around mid way across the room and said "what the heck was that" and walked back to me. Then we heard the sound of someone sawing wood with a handsaw in the basement. It was as if they had walked into the house put their keys up and walked directly to the basement and starting sawing wood. We were terrified and praying that nobody was in the basement but we clearly heard it echoing throughout the whole house. We very cautiously walked to the basement door and flung it open but the basement was empty and the sound had stopped. Needless to say we left the house in a hurry.

The next evening this brave girl was sitting in her living room watch tv...alone. She snapped a picture of the room and an orb was in the photo. She moved out shortly afterward and I will never step foot in the house again.

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (135 posts)
2 years ago (2022-03-19)
My late husband,& myself lived in a 100+ year old haunted house in a small town in Ohio. I'm planning on submitting my account soon. I 'always' felt the place was haunted,& when "I" moved in things became much more paranormally active. My husband's Mom was psychic,& so was he. I'm slightly psychic,& 'that' triggered a paranormal flood of activity.
Your niece was smart to leave for the activity only increases the longer one lives there. Trust me! I would know.
However, it doesn't sound like it was a hostile presence. Possibly a residue haunting of someone who once lived there,& they're repeating their daily routine of what they did in life.
You are surely psychic if you sensed it. Thanks for the story as I can identify! 😐
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-11)
aurora2017 - If I dislike a house the moment I see it, either it's ugly or there's something inside it that doesn't belong there. In your case it was something that didn't belong, or possibly a bit of both.

Sawing wood? A previous resident (unfortunately still present in a ghostly form) possibly used the basement for his woodwork. Well, that isn't so bright of me, it seems pretty obvious!

I agree with lady-glow that you are probably more sensitive than your niece and possibly whoever was attached to that house knew it and chose that time to make its presence known. Unfortunately for her, it decided to hang around after you had left 😨

Are you normally sensitive to spiritual activity?

Regards, Melda
lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-11)
Welcome to YGS.

That house sounds so interesting, though I understand not everyone would like to share their place with a ghost.

How long did your niece live in the house? I find it interesting that she didn't seem to sense anything before your visit. Perhaps you are more sensitive to the paranormal than her and, without knowing or wanting it, your presence opened a door welcoming the previous duellers of the house.

Anyway, it seems that they had no bad intentions, perhaps they were disturbed by the renovations done to the house and we're just curious about the people living in their place.

Thanks for sharing.

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