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Guitar Strumming And Opening Closet Doors


Now, this first story isn't mine, it is my sister's that I heard about when it happened (I would not be telling this story if I did not believe that it actually happened as strange things are known to happen in the basement of my house). Me and mom were talking in the kitchen of our house as my youngest sister was putting my older brother's dog up (I have four siblings, four of us including myself sleep in the basement)

When she comes back upstairs she looked slightly scared and tells us that she doesn't want to put his dog up again because as she was locking the kennel, the guitar started playing itself. My first reaction was to say that it probably was just the vibration of the kennel hitting the wall that caused that, my mom explained that the guitar is across the room from the kennel and also explained that the kennel is in a little nook like thing.

This next story is something that happens on a daily basis to me. In my bedroom I have sliding doors that are mirrors, for the first month about they stayed fully closed, then I started to notice that it could be fully closed for a few hours then I'd come down to my room and it'd be open just a crack, enough for someone to peek through (not in a creepy way).

Now, I have stood in front of the door that slides open and I have closed it and watched it slide open, it looks as if someone is opening it from the inside.

I have also heard knocking and whistling in my basement. The whistling was a one time thing, the knocking happens occasionally. The whistling some people would say could've been someone in the house, it was the way a man would whistle, it was just me and my younger sisters home. No one except me had gone downstairs since our mom had went to run some errands. Those are the stories I have for now.

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roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
First, why posting a story that is not yours? In my knowledge, guitars are sensitive to humidity and weather. Well, the environment itself will affect the wood to cause any vibration. It may play a few keys sometimes; did it play a song?

Second story... Did you check the rail of the sliding door? Again, as things get old they need maintaining, it they are new, well, again check the rail, it needs fixing. Now... The whistling and the knocking, how often do you hear them, does it happen when there is less people in the house? How clear can you hear the outside when you are at home?

Now, calm and just think of reasons, I mean OK if it was some ghostly encounter still do not let fear conquer your mind.

E.Lynx 😉

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