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The Doorway Man


As I have mentioned before in another experience I shared called 'The little boy with no hair' I have always been tuned into the paranormal from a very young age. Although skeptical and open minded I have always had experiences of this kind.

Now that I am 25 and married, I continue to have strange happenings that I would like to share.

Me and my husband lived in a flat in Ardrossan, Scotland and after 2 years we moved into a semi detached house in the same area, due to bad neighbours.

On first viewing the house, I never felt anything significant or paranormal. I liked it there are the neighbours were nice and known to us which was all that mattered to us at that point. When it came time for us to spend our first night at number 58 I remember a dream I had that was so vivid I questioned whether it was a dream or if I was sleep walking.

In the dream, a man I never met before. Roughly about 50-55 years old had beckoned me out of bed as if telling me to follow him. So I did. Into the spare room next to our room, I followed the stranger. I was very aware of my surroundings in the dream although I didn't know the house very well. The man, who was very blurry in the dark and I couldn't see his face lifted one arm to point to the boiler cupboard.

The next morning I had told my husband about this strange 'dream'. I did have this gut feeling that I had been out of bed when it happened but I never said that to him as I wasn't completely sure. It didn't feel like a dream. After a while it was soon forgotten about.

As months passed in our new home, I could sense a strange feeling of being watched a lot. In the morning I would feel and still to this day feel a presence at the back room doorway, as I pass to go to the loo.

About a year into staying in this house, we were finding that there was a problem with the heating system. We had numerous gas men out and the problem seemed to be the age of the boiler. The carbon monoxide alarm had went off at one point, we had a lot of bazaar noises coming from it and sometimes it just would not fire up. One of the gas men that had said that it was quite dangerous and had to be replaced ASAP. I was quite shocked at this and continued to try get the letting agency to do something about it.

Getting it replaced was a big problem as the letting agency were very reluctant to do much about it. We had about a week without hot water and heating and little in the way of help from them. As time passed, the more problems we had with it and somehow, the more 'active' the house was becoming.

There were objects going missing. Turning up in different places. The feeling of being watched was stronger than ever and was making me almost run past the back room doorway in the morning to go to the loo.

As I was making dinner one night. My husband was due home from work in maybe 15 minutes or so. I remember I was standing at the breakfast bar chopping up some veg and from the corner of my eye I seen a figure of a man at the kitchen door. I remember just how much this startled me and my heart seemed to stop for a few seconds. It happened so fast that I instantaneously thought my husband was home early, and in a split second he was gone. My heart pounded and my legs turned to jelly. I wasn't ready for seeing anything at that point and even if it was my husband or one of my parents popped in I would still have been startled as I wasn't expecting it. I had this gut feeling that whoever it was, he wanted my attention. He got it that day.

The man and woman next door to us are very friendly and said there has been many residents in number 58 and she had recalled a man who had been older who they had thought passed away a good few years ago.

When it came to finally getting the boiler replaced I felt a feeling of ease in the house again and although I still feel the same presence in here, which I don't mind as it's not as obvious. My cats occasionally follow something with their eyes across the room and have appeared to follow something upstairs. The man I call the doorway man, may have just been trying to warn us of the potential harm from the dodgy boiler. I am happy to share my house with such an entity.

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Paranormal98 (3 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-07-06)
Interesting story Leanne, thanks for sharing.

I think that the man was quite sweet for warning you with a premonition in your dreams. He seems harmless pretty much and looking out for you and a little attention seeking. I know all too well the familiar feeling of feeling like you're being watched constantly, it is an uneasy feeling. I'm glad that you got that boiler sorted 😆
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-07)

I'm happy to know you got the boiler replaced. As that can be quite dangerous.

For your resident spirit it's awfully kind of him to had continued to try to get your attention.

I like these types of experiences because it allows others to know not all spirits are bad, some simply try to help.

Thanks for sharing
CatsInBlackDresses (3 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-31)
Thanks Jubeele! It certainly was a very Interesting experience and as you say, we shouldn't jump at every shadow! It's so true. Movies and the like these days make us fear what may be someone trying to help, someone who has passed over that was such a good person in life.
This was a good example for me that not every experience is terrifying beyond belief when you really look into it with logic!
And that's lovely, I will send regards to my dad 😇 x
Jubeele (25 stories) (882 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-31)
Hi CatsInBlackDresses, your narrative had my heartrate speed up from sheer suspense. I just knew that the "doorway man" was trying hard to get your attention because of the boiler. I'm glad that his intentions proved to be friendly and things have settled down once more.

I believe that not all entities we encounter mean us harm. Like people, some appear to have a better disposition than others. It serves no purpose to live in fear of the dark or jump at every shadow.

I really enjoyed your account. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😁

P.s. Send my best regards to Thefox too. 😉

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