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Recently I was asked by a friend if I had any ghost stories. I had forgotten about this experience and thought where it is so close to Halloween I would relay it here. About a decade ago I was away with 2 friends for a girl's weekend at the beach. A family member owns a condo there and had kindly agreed to let us use it for a few days.

One of the nights there, we were sitting in the living room drinking wine and talking about events from our childhood. We had been out earlier in the evening and were winding down the day after hitting the beach and a few bars. Myself and a girlfriend, Amy, decided to play a joke on my other friend, Susan. Off of the main living area was a half bathroom. Susan was sitting in a chair with her back to the bathroom. One of us would get up to walk into the kitchen and would turn the water on in the bathroom. Then sit back down. Yes, I admit it. We were terrible for doing this.

Each time Susan would hear the water running, she would get up from her chair and question us about it. We denied knowing how the water had mysteriously gotten turned on. At one point I said out loud, "If there is a ghost in here, move that lamp." There was a floor lamp located next to the sofa in the living room. After a few times of us pulling this prank, Susan got up, got her shoes on, and was going to leave. We finally told her it was us messing with her. I felt horrible because she was clearly scared.

After apologizing profusely to Susan, the three of us went into the kitchen to get some wine. The kitchen is fairly small but has a cut out that allows you to look into the living room area. As I was apologizing to Susan, who had her back to the living room, I hugged her. As I faced the living room something caught my eye. The lamp (I get chills just typing this) that I asked to be moved if there was a ghost in there, was now rocking back and forth by itself! Now the only one somewhat scared was me. I had received my just desserts.

As we still had a few days left to our vacation, I did not mention it to either of my friends. I waited until we left and were traveling back to the Tampa area before I brought that up. I was clearly the only one that noticed the lamp moving. Thankfully Susan has long since forgiven me but I will never mess around like that again. Lesson learned.

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ghostsarecool (2 stories) (9 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-04)
I did pretty much the same thing when I was in middle school. My best friend's house was supposedly haunted. I never experienced anything there, but she said it was and I had no reason not to believe her. Anyway, so one day she had a bunch of people over for a sleepover and I think she said that one day the closet in the bathroom opened on its own. Well that gave me an idea. I went to the bathroom at one point, and right after I washed my hands, I opened that closet door. Then I went out of the bathroom and waited for someone to notice that the door was open. Obviously someone eventually did, and I was quietly giggling to myself when I saw all my friends freaking out. I did it again a couple hours later, and then again a couple hours after that. I think at this point people caught on that it was me, but I don't think they said anything to me about it. So then I just stopped doing it when I realized no one was freaking out anymore. It was pretty fun, I'll admit that lol.
DarkDaisy_13 (4 stories) (27 posts)
3 years ago (2021-11-09)
Gotta admit that prank was kind of funny but did get you back, my house is haunted (something I mentioned in my story) so this wouldn't surprise me. But funny story.

A few days ago just for fun I randomly asked the lights in the living room to turn on if there's a ghost. Get this, they turned on! I was so shocked that day I didn't know what to say.
Rajine (14 stories) (835 posts)
3 years ago (2021-10-29)
Hi Jennifer40

I'm sure that must have creeped you out and I'm pretty sure that if you told your friends they probably wouldn't believe you because of the prank previously, this incident you experienced reminds me of something that happened while I was at my brother's house some time ago.

I had spent the weekend at my brother's house and one night while everyone was asleep I go to the kitchen for something to drink and my brother has this wine and champagne glass rack from which you can hang the glasses from the slots on it when I notice the glasses behind me make a noise when I turn around expecting to see someone behind me all I see is the glasses moving on the rack like as if someone had moved it, when I go to check and see if anyone was in fact awake, everyone was fast asleep.

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