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The Soldier


So when I was really little we lived in an old OLD house in Lafayette, Georgia. Like I said I was little so details about this place are iffy, and my mom finds my interest in the paranormal disturbing. So I can not ask her any questions. We lived kind of close to a battlefield, Chickmaga I think. (The name is probably not spelled right.) I remember visiting one with my dad and brother often and we didn't have a lot of money so there's not really a chance that this place was too far away.

My mother homeschooled me because we did not have the money to send me to pre-K. On that note, I was home one day and mom said she'd be right back. She was going to see our neighbors, nice family. (She washed clothes for them for extra money.)

Our house was on the hill, one side there was a forest (the land lords land he didn't want us in. We were happy to have a home didn't ask many questions.) and on the other side was the slope down to the little blue trailer where the neighbors lived. Our driveway was gravel and rather long. So it surprised me when not too long after my mom left someone banged on the front door. Well I was a kid, I thought it was mom or maybe the landlord or one of his sons there to fix something. I only saw people as nice people, I didn't know there were sick people out there that would intentionally hurt someone else. So I opened the door, gladly swung it open. Welp the 'man' on the porch look startled a second, then looking down and seeing me laughed.

"Didn' see you there darling." I don't think I looked too funny to him. I didn't like to wear pants as a child and my grandparents happily bought me dresses. I had enough sense (or lack of depending on your viewpoint.) to not let this man into my house and stepped out onto the porch, in broad daylight I'll add, and shut the door behind me. He was tall. Taller than my parents at least. He had on a grey uniform, black hair, and what I thought of as a 'Santa Claus' poofy black mustache. He crouched down to my level and said, "Your Pa home?" I said no "Well how's about an older brother?" I said no. He sighed and said, "Where's your Ma little darlin?" I told him she was down at the neighbors. He gave me a funny look (I won't repeat the word I'm positive you'll understand.) cocked his head and asked, "The N**gers?" I had no clue what that word meant and he kind of laughed at me and asked, "Is their skin dark?" Well my neighbors happened to be african-american so I said "Yeah" he laughed, ruffled my hair and said he'd go talk to my mom and left. I went back inside.

When my mom got home I asked her if the cowboy had been to see her. (Because that's what he remind me of.) She laughed and said yes, thinking I was playing a game. I asked her what he wanted and she said that he asked if I wanted to go riding with him later in the week. So I wait for a the ghost of a civil war soldier to come back and take me riding for three weeks.

Turns out the house, or well what used to be the fields, housed soldiers traveling to the battlefield, there's even a picture were you can see slaves serving soldiers drinks and you can see the steps to the porch at the battlefield museum.

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DirtCreature (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-30)
I love this experience so much. You sounded like such a cute kid. That is an intense experience to have. Many people don't have an encounter like that with entities where it's so clear and like encountering a living person.
BettinaMarie (14 stories) (80 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-30)
Kitts- I really like how you remember tiny details like his grey uniform, and bushy mustache. It is easy to imagine that any cavalry soldier would look like a cowboy to a child, especially with such a mustache. Maybe you haven't yet got to the Civil War in school; both sides and most on th e Unin side (blue cavalry uniforms generally) suffered enormous casualties at (sp?) Chicimaugua. One dashing Union officer lost an arm, and in photos in the Ken Burns Civil War doc he has a great bushy mustache. Also the resident slaves would have had to be serving out water to soldiers of either side, and it is hard sometimes to tell in B&W what color the uniforms are. I would love to visit the battlefield museum you mentioned researching at.
Although his foul phrasing is not something folks with manners or brains teach their children these days, during the civil war people on both sides used such ignorant racist slang. But the way you otherwise describe his manner and accent seem decidedly Southern, even these days. Ghost or not- if he had harmful intent, it seems unlikely he would have not tried to cajole his way inside. What fascinates me is that he ruffled your hair the same as a "live" gentleman might a small child, as if you reminded him of someone back home. And that you felt it to be a "real" hand ruffling your hair. What a neat memory, thank you for sharing.
roylynx (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-28)
Hmm...another war time spirit...
I am not sure if you got the period that the spirit is from right though... If it is from the Civil War period I bet you can tell if he is from the union side or not at least. Maybe do some more research to back up you story?;-)


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