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We are experiencing a lot of different random paranormal things lately (for the past year) ever since my Mom's boyfriend died of cancer.

For example: I woke up one night in our house to hear voices. It was a man and a woman. They said they were going to "wear us" (wear our skins) and skin walker/demon came to my mind. I've heard them talk at other points. The first time I heard them, they just made a comment about everyone being asleep. Another time, they got onto me for accidentally waking one of the kids up. Then the things being said have progressively gotten creepier until the one night I heard them saying there were going to wear us. At times I can't understand what they are saying but it wakes me up. They have woken up my kids more than once.

My kids often have nightmares and wake up crying, saying they are scared. My littlest boy won't stay in his room over night no matter what we do. He says he is scared of his room.

I've also seen lots of shadow shapes - including a mischievous little girl that runs from the kids bathroom to my daughter's room. She seems playful but not harmful.

I've heard banging cabinets in my bathroom and experienced a black shadow in there that seems curious and lonely but not harmful. I don't know why but I get the impression he killed himself and he's depressed but attached himself to this house somehow. I've seen other ones that seem like they are not so harmless.

I've seen a demon manifest itself on my porch that looks identical to the demon from John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare. I didn't know what it was when I saw it (freaked me out - came into my house - looked dog-like at first) and when I started looking things up online - I found that. It came in and when I said the Lord's Prayer - it disappeared.

I've also recently seen shadow people as well. When I first encountered one, "unclean spirit" came to mind because unlike a ghost which is white - it was black as pitch and had red eyes. It had an evil or negative energy vibe to it. At first I thought it was my mother's deceased boyfriend coming to visit to harass us because in life he didn't like me. Then I felt like this black thing was evil and not the boyfriend after all. It was almost like it was trying to trick me. I've seen more of that than I have in my whole life. I experienced them when I was a child and then I didn't experience them again until last year.

I've also experienced "sleep paralysis" in my home in connection to this. The worst one was seeing the man in the black hat show up at my parent-in-laws following a sleep paralysis night. I thought I was safe there (these folks are very religious christian good people) so it was kind of a sucker punch to experience these things in their home.

In truth, I've experienced things like this my whole life, but it seems to be getting worse.

The odd part is we had nothing at this home for years and then suddenly things started happening. It all seemed to start after my mother's boyfriend died but I don't know if that had anything to do with it.

Now it's been quiet for a bit until today. Today I saw the little playful "girl" shadow thing swinging its legs in my bathroom so I joined this website to see if others have had similar experiences and to get information. It is just so weird how these things will happen for a while and randomly then everything is quiet. Then something else happens again. Truly it has been a year of random/smorgasbord-like paranormal activity for my family.

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saxichan_2002 (5 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-29)
[at] Agusta M

I'm going to try the cleansing method and house blessing. Thank you for the information and help. I appreciate it.

Yes, my Mom has also been depressed so I've been taking your advice and trying to get things more positive with her as well so thanks for that too.

I will try that sweeping thing. It is worth a try. Thanks.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-28)
Sounds like your household could benefit from a cleansing. In theory, that should get rid of the nasties in your home while not disrupting anything more benign. Most religions have a version of their own - a good googling should run them down- also a member of this site "rookdygin" has a method posted in his profile that is non-denominational and well respected amongst contributors here. Most important is that you go with a method that is meaningful to you and stick with it - these things often require repetition to really take effect. If this situation is causing you as much distress as it sounds then maybe a cleansing every three days for a bit would be in order.

If you are a member of a specific church (I am assuming here the term is appropriate given your reference to the Lord's Prayer) - consider speaking to someone there. Often times house blessings can be arranged. Might as well go at this thing from multiple angles;)

Has your mom been depressed since her boyfriend's passing? Certainly watching a loved one die of cancer is enough to generate negativity on a household. That could be why the activity got started around his death. Throwing open the windows and getting down to a good spring cleaning and sweeping out all the rooms (ultimately sweeping all the dust and dirt out the front door) is a simple old fashioned way of renewing the energies inside a home and its the perfect season to do it. Do it together - strengthening your bond will also help. Maybe take up a new hobby with your mom as well - the more positivity, (as corny as it sounds) the better!

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