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My Nightmare At A Friend's House. Or Was It?


Now I cannot be sure if this was a dream or a real event. All I know is it was nighttime and I was at some point asleep.

So here it goes. This weekend, myself and my husband drove to our friends' house in Wales. Their new house is an old Victorian 3 story house. As you walk in, there is a hallway with the kitchen to the left followed by the stairs. To your right is the sitting room and a room they are currently using for storage. The stairs wrap around a little so once you are at the top you are standing facing the front of the house. To your left is their daughter's room and their bedroom. Ahead is a spare room and to your right is her son's room and the bathroom. Her daughter's room is actually what was once a box room, it has another staircase leading to a loft conversion which is her main bedroom and where we were staying. Our friends opted to sleep downstairs.

So my dream. I walked into her daughter's room and there was no staircase, I'd describe it as 'as was' or 'original'. In the room there was a double bed with the headboard on the left wall, a wardrobe on the right of the back wall and a mirror on the wall facing the bed. The window had net curtains but let in lots of light. There was a girl sitting on the bed in a lace, old fashioned style dress. She was in her teens and was looking at the floor. I said hello and she said hello back and we had a small conversation, mainly me asking her questions and her being quite short with me. I asked her if she had any siblings. She said yes, a brother and sister. I asked her if she played with her siblings and she got angry and told me to leave. She started pushing me and chasing me down the stairs as I ran.

Now the part when I knew it was a dream was as I ran down the stairs, I found myself running to my nan (very much alive) and telling her what had happened. She looked shocked and told me I should have never spoken to her. She went to calm this girl down and I saw them on my nan's stairs, the girl trying to push my nan down as she had me. I woke up with a start covering my eyes but I could see some light through the blinds and the gap in my hands.

I have been told that I can speak to spirits by asking questions in my head and I will get an answer of yes or no. Before going to sleep, I had asked if anyone was there and got a yes answer. I asked if they were kind, yes. Are we welcome? No. I explained we were staying until Monday and had no answer. I went to sleep hoping for the best.

So upon waking up, heart pounding, the first thing I did was apologise for speaking to this girl and said I would not ask anymore questions. All of this being done in my head. I was in the middle of explaining again we were there until Monday but I would not be seeking this girl again during my time here and I felt something push on my leg that was slightly uncovered. It woke me up with a jolt. Or brought my mind around at least. It left me questioning what part had been a dream or not. I felt like someone was standing at the end of my bed and could sense seething anger radiating the room. I sat on my phone for a bit. It was 4.36am when I woke up.

I sat for an hour before trying to sleep again. This feeling of being watched did not go away and I was petrified that something would attack me again. I woke my husband up and told him I'd had a nightmare and needed him to protect me. He's a massive skeptic so this story was better than telling him I'd accidentally angered a resident spirit. He begrudgingly allowed me to stay clinging to him for the rest of the night.

Around half 6 (I checked my phone but I'm unsure of the exact time), I woke up again listening to banging in the wall and above us. I assumed it was the pipes and the heating and tried to go back to sleep after listening to it for a while. I didn't feel threatened at this point.

I woke to the alarm at 9 and lay in bed reading something on my phone. I listened as a car pulled up and our friend's daughter arrived home. She chatted to her parents downstairs and went upstairs to bed (teenage life!). The thing that was alarming was the sound of her walking on the floorboards. It sounded exactly like the banging I had heard earlier that morning.

Now like I said, this could have all been a dream. But it also may not. I seem to have been accepted by the spirit by Sunday as I did not hear or see anything else. However, I also didn't try asking questions again. It seemed very real at the time so who knows.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.

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Serenflipppity (guest)
6 years ago (2018-04-14)
Hi Tunedin

Dreams can sometimes be so vivid you're bound to believe the events are actually happening to you. The setting ~ old Victorian house does seem a likely trigger.

Whether it was an angry spirit or not, I don't think I'd engage in conversation with a spirit unless invited to do so.

I read another story on YGS by Dreyk in which he's advised to unpack his suitcases as ghosts hate travellers

Thanks for sharing

All the best
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
Hello Tunedin.

"...the sound of her walking on the floorboards. It sounded exactly like the banging I had heard earlier that morning."

Being an old house, it is possible that the walls are not exactly soundproofed and what you heard could have been the footsteps of one of the hosts walking downstairs.

Did your friends mention anything about 'a resident spirit' in their house?
Did you talk about ghosts/watch a show/read a book that could have influenced your dreams?

In my opinion, your feelings of being watched and seething anger could have been a reaction to the new and unknown surroundings of the settings, besides, it seems like this presence didn't affect your mobile phone nor the temperature in the room, like reported in many cases.

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