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I was inspired and brought to nostalgia by a comment I read on a story by another member. It made me reflect and rethink on the house that I lived in growing up with my parents... I thought, hey maybe all these little things are something? Maybe not.

I mentioned before that I have heard experiences from my mother, both of my brothers and my sister. Never from my father. He doesn't like to give that kind of thing thought or energy (he did once tell me a Ouija board story so I know he believes). I've had my share of "experiences" that until now I didn't really consider an "experience" because they have never been to the same extent as my other family members.

I'm not saying these are paranormal experiences but I am saying some of these experiences are just inexplicable to me. Here are little bits of unexplained sounds and I'll try to make it too long.

This is from my mother.

When we first moved into this home the house was all white and all the flooring was rug. I remember being without furniture for some time. Anyway, my mother says one night she lay on her mattress. She said her balcony window was open. She said she heard a woman cry and that it swept through the room and out the door. Really loud and and getting lower as it faded through the home.

My mother, in present moment, is an empath. I have noticed there are times I or my sister have been extremely sad or upset and she always calls me at the time or the next day asking me if I am alright. That she dreamed of me very sad or in peril. I always wonder if maybe it has to do with that maybe with someone else, like her sisters?

Throughout the years the house was renovated. The upstairs was floored with wood and downstairs was floored with tile. Yes, we heard the creaks and cracks and all the natural noises a house makes. But for me this was different.

My mother and I always had a struggle. At night she wanted me in bed. However, I wanted to be downstairs watching TV or in the computer room playing my online games.

My mother was the kind of mother to wake up and check on us a couple times during the night every night. My mom has such gentle feet sometimes she'd scare the living day lights out of me, catching me breaking her rules late at night.

Eventually I learned that if I listened carefully enough I could always hear her coming off her bed for it creaked, and that would be my cue to lay on the couch and pretend to be sleeping.

One night I heard the little creaks the bed makes when she's coming off of it. I thought "Here she comes." I very gently laid on the couch. It's leather and makes such terrible noise when sitting up or down or just adjusting position. I close my eyes. I hear bam bam bam bam bam. As if she were running down the stairs, hard and fast.

I became frightened for the reason being that this would be the second time she'd told me to go to sleep on this particular night. I thought, "Oh man, she is pissed."

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. Usually if she saw me "asleep" she'd gently wake me up and usher me to my room. That didn't happen. I got up, walked to the stairs and just stared up the two flights. I could see the light from her TV (she usually fell asleep to the TV on mute). But no noise. I crept up stairs and she was still asleep in bed. I was confused yet very relieved that she wasn't actually awake.

Mom would always say though that the wood echos sounds or makes sounds so I chalked up the bams to that. Although I had never before and never again heard it the way I did that night.

I was a bit apprehensive of going back downstairs. Instead this time I went into the computer room. I figure I'd close the door and felt safe. I stayed up playing games for a few hours.

Something happened, something strange, something that's also never happened to me since, and that I just can't explain. The room grew increasingly warmer and warmer. Yea, not cold! Just really, really warm. I thought it odd, we didn't have the ac or heater at this time. It felt pretty stuffy and eventually I opened the door. Still fairly warm. I remember walking out of the room and the house felt normal.

Being game obsessed, I sat back down and got to it. Then I heard the ceiling starting to crackle and sort of pop. It was almost as if there was a fire! Like a domino effect through the whole ceiling in this small room crackle and pops. This freaked me out.

I bolted upstairs where there was no warmth or crackling anywhere to be felt or heard. I went into my mom's room and I fell asleep on her couch that night. For the sake of this not being too long and boring I have another peace with random sounds. Hope you enjoyed.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-21)
Loneybone - would it be possible that your brother was playing a prank on you?
Having two of my own, I know brothers don't mind victimising their sisters by making them the target for all sorts of mischief. 😠
Perhaps your brother scratched the window with a branch?

Svvar - is there a chance that the heat from the computer was the reason for the increased room temperature and, as a consequence, the crackling of the ceiling?

I don't know... Perhaps your mother has the ability to watch for you in a disembodied form?😆
loneybone (8 stories) (78 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-20)
You reminded me of an incident that happened to me when I was young like in the 3rd or 4th grade can't remember how old I was.
First of all good story I really enjoyed it:)

My thoughts: So I believe you heard these noises because you weren't listening to your mom at the time. Just maybe something wanted to tech you a lesson and scare you so that you could finally got to bed.

What you reminded me off was that one time I was in my old home that no longer exist, and I was wearing red pajamas so the next morning I had changed into my uniform and it was a red shirt. SO I was bullied a lot in school so I didn't feel like going so I had told my brother that I was sick and that my mom gave me the ok to stay home since I was wearing the red shirt and tucked in to bed I was sure he would fall for it. He did fall for it and I managed to get the house all to my self.
SO here is the creepy part it was about 12ish or 1 in the day and we had white curtains so you could see shadows of tress on the curtains depending on the suns position because we used to have a garage roof so during times of the day you couldn't see the shadows of the trees. Well at this time you still couldn't see the shadows of the tress because the roof was blocking the sun light but it was still pretty bright outside and well as I look over at the window I see what looked like a huge claw with many pointy fingers and nails. It started to claw at the window I heard the screetches (sorry if misspelled that word) loud and clear I was right there. I know for a fact it couldn't be a bird the claw took up the whole window space and it look deformed and it was about 5 skinny deformed claws/fingers. I was so scared for my life at that time honestly I thought something came to get me. But I guess that scare was what I deserved for lying.

Anyway thanks for sharing.

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