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Third Time, Not Good Company


Here is the final chapter in this story. If you've read First Time Experience and Second Encounter with the Same Entity you're up to date. This story ended after I saw him for the third time. I would guess it's because his hold on me got weaker, or maybe he stretched himself too thin reaching me for a third time. Who knows. All I know for certain is that this time he didn't scare me as bad as the last two times.

John Doyle's pub situated in Phibsboro, Cabra, is a nice place for a drink. It has recently changed management, but it retains a pleasant atmosphere. Except the third floor, when I worked there.

A bit of geography, the third floor separates itself with a staircase. On the opposite side of the staircase is the male toilets (third floor) and opposite this is the storage room. It contains plates and so forth, and it's only accessible through the second floor bar, through a door on the far left corner. A small hallway with staircase, leads up to it. There are stories of what has happened in the room, but they are not mine so I won't tell them. In my opinion though, from what I did hear about these stories, it's another spirit, or because of some many differences, made up.

We were just finished for the night. I'd stopped serving, and had gone downstairs to have a smoke, and a glass of coke, leaving my lounge girl upstairs with a few stragglers, and a few tables to clear.

Having finished my smoke I started to climb back upstairs to finish closing the bar, cashing up, re stocking the fridges, and because it was a saturday, scrubbing the floors. When I was knocked aside by two guys, with a look of absolute terror on their faces. I ran up the rest of the stairs to make sure Tracy was ok. She was standing at the bar entrance looking at the far corner door (always locked) her mouth open. This wasn't the first thing I noticed. You will all understand what I felt first. Cold spots. My body passed through one. It really made me shiver. At this point of my life I'm use to this feeling. Accustomed to hearing my name called, touched, and seeing people you know shouldn't be with you. I walked over to Tracy and asked "What happened?" She shrugged at first and then in a moment of clarity she said "They knocked on the door, for a laugh I guess..." she paused, it looked like she was struggling with belief and disbelief, "then someone knocked back, NO!, kicked back". Apparently the door had been pushed out with incredible force in answer to the inebriated fools knocking. She then sat down and cried. I soothed her, told her there was nothing to worry about (at this point temperature had returned to normal and I wasn't having images screaming through my mind) and poured her a nice bacardi and coke. I've never seen anyone drink as quick as Tracy did.

After she knocked back her drink she set off upstairs to clean the toilets. If I haven't made this clear I will now, the stairs for the toilets are located in the middle of the bar, away from the other door. I said I'd clean the gents and bring down the rubbish if she left it at the top of the stairs. Once she'd done this she could go home. So off she had gone leaving me alone on the second floor. There was nothing out of place, so I went up to the male toilets. After cleaning the big urinal tank that resides in all male toilets I went to clean the only cubicle it possessed.

Just before I entered I noticed the toilet door opening, reflected in the mirror, and I informed this person that we were closed for cleaning. The guys downstairs use to send people up to use the third floor toilets as a joke on me, so I wasn't surprised, and without turning around to confront this guy I went about cleaning.

I came out of the cubicle and looked about the empty room. Looking for anything I missed, which was nothing, I turned to clean the mirror and there he was, same smile, same maliciousness. He stood roughly 5'8", with short hair, unshaved for a while it seemed, regular pair of slacks, and a blue faded shirt. His hands were balled up into fists. I was scared, but at 20 years of age, I'm not scared of these things for long. Too many encounters.

So with a bit of force I screamed at the mirror F%@k off! Nothing happened, he stayed were he was. I turned, looked at him, and walked towards him. Didn't confront him just walked past him, through the toilet door, picking up the rubbish, and listening to his laugh fade away. For the last time, but I didn't know this then.

When I was walking home that night, I started shaking. My mind was flooded with after images. I got home curled into my girlfriend at the time who knew straight away what was wrong (didn't know it was that guy, just knew I was after seeing something, same as when we were in cork together) and she made me a cup of tea, and asked about what happened. She was the best. That's the completed version of that entity. He hasn't been back since. I'm 27 now and I still visit the pub on occasion, but without encounters.

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mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-21)
Hi alanon. I don't remember reading that this entity was in color and you could see what he was wearing and what his face looked like. I thought it was one of those black figures where you new it was a male but couldn't see any features. Now that I realize this, I would say that I honestly don't know who this being could have been if you yourself didn't recognize him. I wonder if he attached himself to you from a place that you had been. Well, I'm glad he hasn't returned. Thanks for sharing your experiences. ~Shelby ❤ 😊
Cody13Smith (5 stories) (54 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-25)
They always say third times the charm that may explain why he has not come back I myself do not believe in superstition unless it comes to items I have a bandanna I almost never take off nothing bad has ever happened to me while I wore it and the reason why almost all of my accounts on anythings is cody13smith is because they say 13 is the UNlucky number so I put it there just to prove it wrong
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-24)
Again, absolutely riveting! I do want to extend empathy for your having to endure encounters such as this. As is said, until you have an encounter with malicious evil or nasty intentions, you can not truly understand or empathisize. I DO feel empathy.

As soon as you stood up to 'him' the fear he was using to manifest drained and the thrill (for lack of a better word) that he receieved from frightening you was gone, unfortunately I believe he will move on to others that will be able to see and feel and experience also, probably in a different form then what he showed to you. I believe once there is this much malice and evil, 'they' tend to be able to alter their images to what they feel will most affect their situation (I hope that made sense).

I would love to hear of other encounters you have had, when you are ready to share them!

God Bless! 😁
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-23)
Here it is! The third installment. Thank you, I rush to the page as I would to the mailbox for the next in a series of mail order short stories!
You know, in the fifth paragraph you said you had "cold spots", I take that to mean there was more than one cold spot? Do you think the ghost was wandering the room, or pacing it, or do you feel there was more than one ghost present at that time?
You know what I think happened? I have no clue why he attached himself to you (I still see him as a confused individual needing some sort of confirmation of what was going on in HIS existence at the time, and as YOU were the only one to seem to be able to see him...) I think you proved a point.
I think that when you ignored him, even as every fiber of your being was screaming at you that this was going on, I believe you essentially told him that he was not going to interrupt your life anymore. The laugh was kind of a sarcastic laugh, not really showing any mirth, right? Kind of like : "Well, this one is over... Ahh, well..."
Thank you for this.
FRAWIN (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-20)
Hello alanon. Let us hope that the old adage about three times a charm holds true. Let us be thankful he`s gone and pray that he never returns. God Bless.

Kat (2 stories) (30 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-20)
Alanon - Is this pub an old building?
Do you think that the spirit feels all those people in there are tresspassing possibly?
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-20)
alanon, your stories are fascinating. I had asked how you knew these were the same entities, it seems you just did. I'm glad you are not bothered anymore, for the time being at least. I don't know what the attraction would be. Why this being would follow and menace you. I hope you never have to see or witness this again. Thanks for sharing your stories, I enjoyed reading your stories very much.

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