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Where It All Began


Even before the following events occurred I knew I was sensitive to something, I never knew what until now.

I first knew when my Gran fell ill with cancer, it was the second time she had been diagnosed and her time was nearly done, it got to the point where my parents refused to let me visit her in the caring home because of the condition she was in. I would like to mention that my gran and I had a good friendship, she was like my best friend.

One day I was at my best friend's horse riding competition when I got this overwhelming sense of dread, that was when I knew something had happened, I called my mum frantically but she wasn't answering the calls. After 5 minutes of calling, my mother answered the phone and told me not to worry and that everything was okay, when I returned later that night my parents were waiting for me. The moment I felt that dread was the moment my gran passed to the other side.

The second time I knew I was connected to something was in my apartment. At the time I was 13 and was off school because I was ill, my mum and sister were in school (my mum is a teacher) and my dad was at work. At around 11ish am I heard footsteps in my living room, I thought it was my dad so didn't think anything of it and went to sleep. Later on that day when all my family were home I asked why one of them came back around that time and all of them said they didn't come home, this raised alarm so we checked the CCTV footage from the camera outside out only entrance/exit, it revealed that no one actually entered the house throughout the day apart from when my parents and sister returned home from work after 3pm. I now live in a new villa in a new compound where the following events are taking place. I would also like to note that before I moved abroad to where I am now I didn't experience dreaming, this will become important later on in the following series of events.

The first event occurred on 4th December 2017, I woke up one morning to find a pair of hand prints on a wooden panel that was too high up for me or the rest of my family, as well the maid that came once a week, to reach. The hand prints were also substantially large. I knew they had appeared overnight as they were positioned in an area that I looked at on a daily basis meaning I would noticed them if they were there before. This raised concern for my family and I because my mum found a handprint on her skirt which was hanging on the guest bedroom opposite my room. We checked CCTV which covered all the entrances/exits to my house, no one was seen coming in or out of my house apart from my family. This is where it all began.

The second event occurred on the 8th December 2017. I just got back from a netball tournament, had a shower, dressed and went downstairs. During the time I was in the shower my parents went out with my sister, so when I went downstairs I was home alone and it was about 4pm. I remained downstairs until about 7pm when I went upstairs to go to bed because I was tired after the tournament, my parents and sister were still out at this point. When I opened my bedroom door I noticed that my lamp had moved around 90 degrees and my fan switch had been turned off, this shocked me because all 3 of my cats had all been shut out of my room (I checked as well to be 100%) which is why my door was shut. The fan switch always stays on because it ventilates my bedroom as well as my bathroom and it is not on a timer, this switch is also stiff and I struggle myself to switch it on sometimes. The switch had been on and my lamp was in a different position to what it was before I left, bearing in mind I was the only one in the house. Who moved my lamp and turned the switch off?

The third event happened on the following night on 9th December 2017. I was lying in bed in the dark, staring at the ceiling when I noticed this mist like thing which was darker than the darkness circling around my ceiling, it started to drift down slowing, nearing closer to my face, I was frozen but not scared, it was almost a comforting presence. After it vanished I was able to move again, I instantly grabbed my phone and put on the flashlight, nothing was there.

The next night I left my door open before I fell asleep. I woke up at around 3am, rolled over and saw my cat staring, but not at me. Winston (one of my three cats) was staring above me and did so for around 5 minutes. As I am only a teenager I don't know much about the paranormal but I have heard that cats are able to see things people can't, if you know more about this please comment.

Nothing happened for a few weeks until I was in my room revising whilst the rest of my family went shopping. I heard rustling of plastic bags coming from the kitchen, my parents had come back and were unpacking the shopping so I went downstairs to help unpack like I normally do. However when I entered the kitchen my parents weren't there, I was home alone. This happened a few more times in the future including clanging of pots and pans as if someone was doing washing up, what all these events had in common was that no one was home.

I went back to my home country for Christmas and while I was there I felt something negative, like someone or something was watching me sleep, it got to the point where I had to sleep with a light on. I am 16 years old and am a tough girl who doesn't scare easy, so for me to feel this anxious is a big thing. During the holiday I inherited one of my gran's bracelets (the one who I mentioned previously) and I wear it everyday. When I returned abroad from my holiday I placed my bracelet and watch on the same shelf on the side of my bed, shut my bedroom door and went to bed. When I woke the next morning I found that my watch had moved down to the second shelf. I asked my family if they had been in my room during the course of the night or in the morning and moved anything. They all said no.

The following few evenings I heard the same familiar yet weird noise each night coming from the guest bedroom, that familiar noise being a light switch being flicked off and on repeatedly. One night when the noise started up again in the guest bedroom, I decided to investigate, as I walked closer the noise continued however as soon as I stepped foot in the guest bedroom, the noise stopped. I turned on the lights and as expected no one was there. Despite the noise being the flicking of a light switch, there was no flickers of light, what switch was being used? In upcoming days, the noise emigrated from the guest bedroom into my room. One night I was sending my friend a voice note on whatsapp about what was going on in the house, when I heard the same noise again but louder. When listening back to the voice note I discovered that the noise wasn't caught.

The next time something happened was when I came out of the shower, as normal my mirror was misted up but then I realised that at the bottom left hand corner of the mirror there were 4 finger marks that had broken through the condensation which was fresh. During the shower no one came in because I would have heard them, plus, my family never come in my room because they respect my space because I am 16. Even if they did come in unannounced then why would they draw on my mirror. I haven't told them about all these paranormal events because they won't believe me so it's not like they would be trying to wind me up because they have no idea in the first place. This also brings about the fact that I am the only one in the house that is feeling and having these experiences, is the house haunted or am I?

Yet again a few weeks go by with nothing happening when one morning I wake up at 4am to the feeling of 2 fingers lightly stroking my neck. I can still remember how soft the fingers were and how gently they touched my neck. Once again no one was there.

I went away on holiday and while I was away nothing happened and when I returned everything had calmed down, so I thought. One night I forgot to do my washing and I need a school shirt for the morning so I went down to the laundry room at 10:30pm when no-one was awake. The laundry room is under the stairs and placed in the middle of the house, there is no windows near the laundry room and the AC was off. After putting the washing on I left the room thinking "Shit I should have turned off the lights and shut the door" but I had this intrinsic feeling that I shouldn't bother so I walked up the stairs, after I stepped on the 4th step I hear a huge bang. The laundry door had slammed shut.

Weeks went by and nothing had happened until I went to my friends house. My friend also experiences some weird things in her home however nothing as big as what happened when I was there. Her parents had gone out drinking so we were home alone, we were downstairs in her living room when we heard something being dragged upstairs. We stopped in our tracks and tried to explain what happened, then when we both stood still and just listened. We heard the dragging noise again but this time it was louder and lasted longer. We looked at each other and then sprinted out the house. We called her parents and they came back to check the house because we were to scared to go back in. No one was in the house and nothing had been misplaced.

This is the part where the dreams become important. I started to have these nightmares where I was someone else, not as in I acted unlike myself but that I was in someone else's body, in each of these dreams it was like I was seeing someone's last moments as "I" was being killed in all of them.

This lead on to me having dreams that came true. For example one of the my dreams predicted a TV show plot that I started to watch with my parents the day after the dream and another one predicted me sorting things out with a person I had a fell out with. Is this coincidence or did I really predict the future? Also one night I suffered sleep paralysis however even to this day I am not sure. During that night I had 5 nightmares which were all based in my bedroom and in each of them I was either getting dragged out of bed, or getting attacked by something I couldn't see, was I was awake or was I dreaming?

A couple of days later I got into bed around 10ish pm and felt like someone or something was touching my left leg, it felt like it did in the "dream" so I got my phone and filmed my leg with the flash on because my lights were off and I wanted to see if there was a handprint, there was nothing, until I re-watched the video. In the video you can clearly see a number orbs flying towards my left leg. I myself am not a big believer in orbs however my AC unit is on the left side of my room and was on the most powerful setting, which means that if the orbs were dust then they wouldn't be going towards my left they would be going to the right because that is where the AC is pointing. I have the video but don't know how to post it, if you are interested in seeing this then comment and I will try my best to send it to you.

Nothing happened for a week or so until I came home from school (I come home before my family), as I entered my bedroom, I heard 3 knocks on my sister's bedroom door which is diagonally across from my bedroom. It was so loud that I thought maybe I misheard it and it actually came from the front door, so I sprinted down to the front door, opened it and once again no one was there. I checked the street and no one was on the street. I went back upstairs after this and checked all the rooms. Nothing. I returned to my room and snap chatted what just happened to the friends that knew about my 'situation' during this time, I heard a squeaking of a mattress, it sounded like child jumping on my mother's bed so I shut my door and locked it and stayed in there until my mum and sister came home. I was terrified. If I hadn't of checked the house already, I would have thought someone was in my house.

Nothing happened again for about a month when I was downstairs home alone watching tv when I suddenly got into a terrified state, I felt like someone or something was watching me. After a few minutes the feeling subsided and I calmed down and went back to watching the TV show. Out of nowhere I heard a man's deep voice mumble something with 4 syllables in it. I was in shock because the man's voice was right by my right ear, as if he was telling me a secret. I reacted so quickly that I tweaked my neck in the process. I rewinded the tv show to where I heard the noise and it was silent in the show. Who or what was saying something and what were they saying?

The last event that happened to me since typing this was when I was once again in my bed on my phone. My right arm started to have this burning sensation which I couldn't explain as I was sat still and had been for a while and my cats weren't in my room. I glanced down at my arm and I noticed I had 3 scratches on the inside of my arm that were bright red and I had another 3 scratches on the back of my arm that just started to form. I don't know where they came from but was left speechless.

If anyone knows anything that can help me understand my 'situation' please comment. Any suggestions no matter how small will be appreciated. Also the location of this isn't correct but that is for a personal reason.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-04)
Many theorize that all the energies of puberty can attract spirit activity and even (though typically unintentionally) manifest it. Many posit poltergeist activity is caused by the telekinetic offing of this energy when one or more pubescent individuals reside in one place. So, that *could* be what's going on here.

Alternatively or possibly in addition, your grandmother's passing could have something to do with it. The grief generated by her passing may have acted as negative energy that attracted spirit activity. And/or part of the activity may be attributable to her - the moving things about etc - perhaps she is trying to tell you something.

Perhaps when something starts to frighten you, 'ask' your grandmother for help. My maternal grandparents passed when I was very young and since I have always felt them just over my shoulder looking out for me.

You may also want to do a bit of research on the places where you and your best friend are living to see if you can maybe find an explanation for the more frightening activity you have witnessed.

Last, a proper cleansing may be in order. There is a member on this site -rookdygin- who has posted his own well regarded religion-neutral method on his profile page. There are also many options online to peruse - pick what resonates with you. You may also want to hit the library and see how local tradition deals with such problems - sometimes traditional methods work best.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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