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Many have happened during my college years since it was more than one and just short, I'll just compile them in this one-shot read.

In all that I have experience in my entire life, never did I think or talked about horror prior they reveal. They just appear whenever I was just happy or in a good vibe. I wonder why? Shouldn't be, they were supposed to be attracted to negative energies and gloomy moods of people. I am guilty of being a depressed person but I don't literally show it to everybody. I am just a shy person with a lot of good happy people around so I am also a happy outside person. That is why I don't really get why.

A lot of events happened in places I didn't expect, college students are very busy kids having this and that, an overnight was made almost every day because of due projects.

1st was at the house of my classmate's girlfriend let's name her Mitch. We were just having dinner while watching TV before doing our projects. I really thought she had a little sister because there was this little girl sitting in a plastic chair facing the wall beside their refrigerator, I couldn't see her face and the Mother of Mitch is constantly calling her sibling to come to join to dinner that's why I thought she was, but her brother was giggling as he ran from the kitchen sink after washing his hands. As soon as he ran and transcend to the girl beside the refrigerator the girl disappeared, the little brother is the one her Mother was calling I froze for like a minute thinking was it real? I waited after the dinner to have a chat with Mitch there I told her privately and she told me to not tell anybody. She told me what I saw or whom I saw was her Aunt who died at the age of 6 because of dengue and that she thanked me for she reminded herself in the next 3 days is her Aunt's death anniversary.

Next one is at the house of my friend. It was a relaxing day to start with proper breakfast and waking up with friends after a long night of the project discussions and modification. My friend's family is so busy, her mom goes out at 3 am to manage their mini restaurant, her father goes out at like 7 am to work, her sisters, which are both students at different universities get to school same time as their father and only her to remain in the house because our class will be at 3-9 pm.

The five of us including her remained, just the normal day with chitchats and humorous ways that leads to lol moments. Hours and hours have passed and I want to go to the bathroom, I knocked and someone knocked back, "Okay, Sorry!" laughing at my mistake so I waited for whom would go out in the kitchen where the only way to go in and out is there, but it was taking so long so I knocked again saying "Huy, Okay raka?" (Hey, are you okay?), someone responds by saying "Oo, Okay ra ko" (Yes, I'm okay), but it sounded as if it really was not okay, so I just then leave cause my need of bathroom pass away and I want to go to my friends to find out who wasn't there must be the one who was in the bathroom but all of them are there. They were all looking at me as I came cause I've been gone for like minutes, I was so shocked and my skin hair raise while I utter "Oh my God!", who was in the C.R.? I said to them. They all jumped from their position and we clumped in as a loud bang of mug-bath was heard by everyone all the way from the C.R. After that everyone immediately packed their things to go home and my friend wanted to stay at her mom's restaurant nearby across the street. It was the talk of everybody until we got to school and the next days.

This last one experience before I've graduated happens in our outing activity, I have never told anyone other than my friend who also can see them. I was with this group let's name Jokes (so corny but it sounds like the original), we were college friends and had so much time with each other, so before we graduate we want to have our stresses be released and then an outing was planned. We were at this swimming pool from Jasaan it was so cold, refreshing and calm not so many people just my friends and some, as if we own it for this day cause it is weekdays, there we have got to laugh out our struggles and relax. The pool was surrounded by trees and big rocks, there as I was fascinated by the view my eye was caught by these two white balls, my hair raised of shocked but I can't talk and my body feels numb and I feel like drowsy as if my soul is getting out of my body. A horror figure of an ape-like face of a man is blankly looking into me with his eyes so wide open, his face is more like of a black smoke and his position isn't really trying to hide from the grass he is standing right beside a tree and a bush. I accidentally slipped my feet and directly hitting my butt and back directly to the water in the pool scratching the back of my leg. As I am in the water my senses came back and hurriedly get out of the water because my bleeding leg is already giving color to the water. My friends were very concerned about what happened but I never told them. I just told them it was just an accident and they helped me clean my bruise. After that, I didn't roam around anymore and just stayed at the cottage I even get changed inside the cottage rather than going to the Comfort Room. I have filled my mind of happy thoughts and laughed with everyone else at that time.

There I was fully convinced that I can see others cannot and that I should be more careful about what might comes next, I don't call them nor think of them whenever they came. I don't openly share my experiences with everyone I knew for I am afraid they would think of me as weird or crazy.

Thank You for reading my experiences.

Thank You YGS for giving me this opportunity to let me share this experiences I am going through.

Now I am already an employee at a power generating company but the hauntings never stop.

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majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-09)
WOW! Can you share more stories? I am really curious on what other experiences you have now that you are working:)
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
I was most intrigued by the last sentence of your account:

"Now I am already an employee at a power generating company but the hauntings never stop."

Do you have these experiences at work? If so, I would imagine a power station would produce EMFs (electro magnetic fields) like crazy! That could either possibly attract paranormal activity or cause a false physical feeling of "being watched". Interested to learn more:-)

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