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Little Girl By My Bed


I'll give you some backstory to me before I get into my most recent experience.

I've always had some sort of spiritual connection to things in my life, my dad said I got it from his mum who was very much into that sort of stuff. I can sometimes tell if something is about to happen or have knowledge of an event before it occurs. Like when I was a waitress I could tell if someone was going to knock something over or bump into a table before it happened. However that could just be good intuition but I have also had experiences with ghosts that I find hard to chalk up to something else.

A prominent experience of mine was when my family was holidaying in Norfolk (maybe in 2001?) and we stayed in a cottage next to a graveyard. I was a little kid (before I could read) and I told my parents that a little boy a couple years older than me was being mean and I then said his name. I described him as what I now understand to be wearing Victorian style clothes, and said he was around 5. My parents brushed it off and just thought I had made it up but later on that day my father walked through the graveyard and saw a gravestone which said the little boys name and that he died when he was 5 in the Victorian period. Again I couldn't read at the time and would have no knowledge of the time period or what they wore. Fair to say my parents were freaked out!

After that I haven't experienced anything else to do with ghosts to my knowledge, since as I've got older (I'm now 20) I haven't seen anything and almost doubted what I saw as a kid. But several weeks ago I experienced something that changed my perspective.

I'm at university now in Bath and am in my 2nd year and living with my roommates. Now in Bath most the houses are quite old and I don't know the exact date the house we're renting was built, but it would probably be at least 60/70 years old when you look at the architecture and the location.

So my housemates and I have a running joke that we have a fictional ghost named Becky in the house because the house itself makes a lot of noises and our neighbours are noisy also. So for over two months now we have been joking that if there's a loud bang or footsteps it's been Becky (in reality we know it's probably the neighbours' sound travelling through the walls). However I had a really weird experience the other day that I can't blame on the neighbours which I only remembered after my roommate jumpscared me.

I'm a heavy sleeper but I tend to wake up several times in the morning and fall straight back to sleep after finding a better sleeping position. What I remembered was that, during one of these points where I woke up and moved was a little girl standing by my bed.

Now I know that the most logical explanation is that I was dreaming or it was sleep paralysis however I never have gotten SP and I also moved during it so that pretty much eliminates it. In terms of dreaming it I have never dreamt about where I've been staying and I've never had a dream where I wake up within the dream only to fall back asleep. So although it doesn't rule it out I really doubt it was a dream.

With the little girl, she was wearing a striped top and darkish trousers, she looked like she was dressed in clothes from the 1960s-1980s. She had a fringe and a bob and was just looking at me from beside my bed the way a child does to their parent, she looked to be between 9-12 years old. I remember thinking that I was just seeing things and that it was my coat but I looked closer and blinked a couple times and I knew it was a girl. She had a clear outline but was faded so I was able see my coat behind her. She wasn't monochrome but looked like she was washed out, so I could tell that she was a dirty blonde or brunette but I wasn't certain, almost like greyscale but with more colour I guess?

I didn't get any bad vibes or anger from her so much so I just brushed it off and went back to sleep and forgot about it until my roommate scared me a couple days later which looking back on I'm very surprised I forgot about her.

I spoke to my roommates about it and we talked about whether she was real or if I was just confused and why she would be in our house. We discussed why she would appear to me and they said that I'm the most relaxed when it comes to ghosts and I previously had told them about my encounter as a kid so they knew it wasn't my first time seeing a ghost. They also said that I was the most motherlike figure in the house and that might be why she appeared to me. My room is also extremely cold most of the time despite it only having one wall exposed to the weather.

We're now questioning that because we have been talking about the fictional ghost Becky so much beforehand whether we have allowed one to come into our house. The noises that we jokingly blamed on Becky and/or the neighbours are now freaking us out more because what if she's still in our home and stuck here?

I just wanted others opinions on this experience and to help me try and understand her reasons for showing herself and how to help her if she wants to move on.

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stargeezer (2 stories) (33 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-06)
Sorry if I have hijacked your thread! Thought of asking since I thought it's relevant to your experience as well.
stargeezer (2 stories) (33 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-06)
Hi Caz,
I see you have a good point there too, coming from a personal experience. Care to share the story with us pls? But as you mentioned what these experts really do to captured/coaxed spirits afterwards? Bottle them up? I certainly wouldn't want that to happen to a good spirit!
I also suffered from a tormenting spirit for years which didn't like me sleeping peacefully! It's in my profile if you care to read. Wish I had come across YGS with people who're in the know 25 years ago, so I could have maybe gotten rid of that bad entity for good as Twilight mentioned here by talking to it firmly!
So now that I know, or know the people who know how, need a spirit (a good one pls) to test it out. Or do I? Lol
Caz (342 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-06)
Hi Melissa and welcome to YGS!
Personally, I never think it's a good idea to speak to spirits, unless it's someone you know. Bad entities are very good at disguise and appearing as a spirit child seems to be favourite to draw you in. It could well be an innocent child, but why take the chance? You could help the child by asking someone to come and collect her and take her 'home'!That's worked for me in the past. Thanks for sharing with us!
stargeezer (2 stories) (33 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-04)
Hi Melissa,
May be she was there all along and doesn't yet know any of you could see her? Because you did not acknowledge or react to her presence? Since you didn't pick any bad vibes from her, I'd say try talking to her in a friendly way. Maybe she'll let you know of her reasons being there.
And tel your roommate that any effects of withdrawal symptoms six months after quitting, are none existent. May be a light sleeper at worst. In my experience, you'd be Wide Awake the first few days but No hallucinations! So go on, make a new friend, if you dare! Lol
And btw, interesting experience in Norfolk!
Melissa2364 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-04)
Thanks to you both, it's nice feeling validated with what I saw. I have a particular roommate who has denied everything and tried to blame what I saw on me hallucinating from withdraw symptoms from sleeping medication that I stopped taking half a year ago! It's good to know people do acknowledge what I saw.

Thanks Twilight1011 I'll use your technique in future when I'm feeling nervous.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-03)
Greetings Melissa, and welcome to YGS 😊 I like that you tried to be logical over what you saw, instead of jumping to your first thought. It's always good to try to weigh out the different possibilities on things. With that said, going on the opinion of what you saw being a spirit, I think her coming to you was only in innocence. Meaning she meant no harm, but was probably curious of you being in what might have been her home at one point in time. Like your roommates said, if you are motherly like in nature, I would believe that a child would be more prone to be around you, then towards others that they don't feel a connection with. I hope that makes sense. Have you or your roommates looked into the history of the place ya'll stay at? I had an experience when I was pregnant with my second child, and had moved into a place that I soon realized had a little boy spirit in it, and he was attached to me while I was there. We could see him running to hide in the rooms I was in, and would even try to play with my oldest son, who was 5 at that time. It's a story I plan to publish here soon. But I don't think you have any need to worry, or be afraid of this little girl, as I'm sure she means no harm. You might could even let her know if she's starting to make you feel scared, or uncomfortable when she's around, as she might surprise you by respecting your space, and leaving you alone when asked to. It doesn't hurt to try at least. It's helped me in the past. Well thank you for sharing your experience with us, as I enjoyed reading about your experience. Have a Happy Holiday 😊
DirtCreature (guest)
6 years ago (2018-12-02)
I understand that doubt. As we become older, if our experiences were concentrated in our childhood, our memories become less reliable and we start to doubt them. With little or no empirical evidence things start to fade.

I have also seen an apparition the same way. It was a burnt man and the apparition was slightly translucent. He seemed washed out and almost gray but with some color. I wasn't asleep either. I was just laying there with my eyes closed and suddenly felt the need to open them.

I still do not know why this apparition showed itself to me. At the time, I remember feeling very calm, strangely. Perhaps the entity was drawn to your personality or vibes like your friend said and she felt she could trust you. You didn't scream bloody murder or brush it off, instead you acknowledged her. She may or may not need help and just had the need to be validated in her existence.

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