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First Investigation: Conclusion


As per my post "First Investigation", I promised to write up the conclusion of our investigation once my team and I had had a chance to go through the evidence collected. Sifting through, all in all, around 24hrs of hand held video footage, E.V.P sessions and static cam footage, I must say that the evidence was sadly lacking (or the lack of evidence says much for the cleanse that was done in the house after our initial investigation.)

If you have not read that post, I advise you to read it first for the history of the house and the layout of the interior. I will proceed on the assumption that you have already read it.

We arrived on the Saturday after our initial, spur of the moment, investigation to conduct the actual investigation. The atmosphere in the house was much lighter after the cleansing than when we first went round.

We had asked the husband to join us for the night as he seemed to be a focal point for the activity or "trigger object", along with his 18 month old daughter. As we obviously did not want to have a child with us during the investigation, as well as the rest of the family, we requested that they leave the house for the evening.

From the moment they left, I could tell the husband was nervous. He seemed a lot more sure of himself than when we first met him, but without his family there, I could tell he was anxious.

I must just say at this point, I take my hat off to him, he has been a pillar of strength for his family.

I should probably tell you about my team. Nathan is the founder of our group. He is also the tech wizard as he makes and modifies all the equipment we use. Lyza is our head researcher/investigator and her husband Wynand, a police officer by day/paranormal investigator by night, is our antagonist and then there's me, co-founder and lead investigator of this investigation.

We used a few old school techniques during the investigation, bell's on string, baby powder around the crib, that sort of thing, as well as our digital recorders, EMF detectors, digital thermometers, digital cameras (two of which are IR/full spectrum) and a butt-load of gumption;)

I took the loft for my EVP session, Nathan and the husband took the main bedroom and Lyza and her husband took the second bedroom. As the place is not very big we had to do our EVP sessions quietly enough to still be heard on the recorders but not be heard by the others so as not to pick up interference.

While up in the loft I had an unexplained breeze against the back of my neck and, while going through the EVP's, I realized that I had captured a disembodied voice. I had to clean up the EVP and slow it down slightly, but seem to have caught a woman's voice saying "Help me."

Due to the fact that I had to clean it up and amplify the voice, I am leaning toward this just being a residual of a cry for help to the police during the hostage situation but still not 100% sure about this one.

The other members of my team didn't catch anything on their camera's or digital recorders.

The only other thing that happened to me was totally at the wrong moment, as I was changing batteries on my camera, I heard a noise from the back of the loft. I was standing on the stairs at the time and as I looked up, a ball of light around the size of my hand (maybe a bit smaller) flew straight at my face. I almost fell down the stairs.

I then went to sit in the main bedroom, solo, as this was where the apparition appeared to the wife. I sat there for 1hr and 30min, but didn't capture a thing. The rest of the night went by pretty uneventfully. We tried a group EVP, but by that time the neighbors had come home and due to that I don't trust anything we may have captured as we could hear them arrive, open the door to their fridge and talk... Loudly.

So that was our first investigation as a team. Unfortunately for us, it was not nearly as active as the first visit, but fortunately for the family, it seems the cleansing has worked. The things left behind I am pretty sure are just residual energy as there was not one moment during this visit that I felt in any way uneasy or unwelcome.

The family has reported no further activity as of yet, but they have promised to call us if anything should happen. The husbands health is improving and he has actually gained a few kg's since then. Their child is sleeping through the night with no trouble.

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M1cr0b1al (3 stories) (38 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-04)
I'm not sure if this is appropriate or not. However, is it not possible for you to display some of the footage/photographs you took during this investigation?
babygoatpuller (4 stories) (432 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-05)
Great job Neph! You go into these things with a great common sense attitude and come out with "wtf's"! I'm thinking you gave the family a little bit of power and a great "teaching" moment whether they're aware of it or not. And if they get stumped they know that you're there for any help. I think once they get rid of the fear factor they'll be fine.
Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-05)
Hi Fergie,

Thanks for the compliments. As we each have our own belief system, we do our own little rituals before entering a site.
Mine entails a period of meditation where I request protection from the universe and my guide, Marise.
I also carry my protection stones with me at all times.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-04)
Great job Nephylim! Keep up the good work. 😊
With success as this, I am sure your reputation will grow. You are protecting yourselves before you go to 'work', right?

I have followed your encounters with interest, but I don't comment, unless I have something intelligent or helpful to add.

Thank you for sharing and stay safe. 😉
Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-04)
Hi Tris,

We have recently heard from the family and am glad to report no further disturbances. They have been cleansing the house regularly. So to all the skeptics out there, cleansing does work. 😊
Nephylim (10 stories) (79 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-04)
Thanks Val.

Although I was a little disappointed in the evidence captured this night, I cannot help but feel good about the fact that these people can finally have some peace of mind and get on with their lives.
After all, that is the reason I decided to do this, to help people.
Currently we do not have any investigations confirmed, but we are waiting for approval from the municipal offices in order for us to investigate two buildings that have stood abandoned for 15yrs. Estate agents have told us that every time a sale of one of the buildings is about to go through, the buyers pull out of the deal claiming that they have had experiences while there. One woman apparently ran from the building crying and locked herself in the agents car and refused to open it. It took the agent 45min to convince her to open the car... So this one looks to be intense.
valkricry (49 stories) (3274 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-11-03)
Good job, Neph! You know I was waiting for this 😁! Actually, isn't it good that you captured less stuff? It means the cleansing 'took' no?
Thanks for sharing! Do you have another investigation lined up?
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-03)
Wonderful news that the family's situation is improved. Please keep us updated! 😊

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