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Angel Of The Dark


I live on the outskirts of the small historic town of Vine Grove. It's a residential area well off the beaten path surrounded by forest and close to Otter Creek.

I've lived here for 9 years with my chocolate Lab/Bullmastiff mix named Harley. He had to be put down last year because he was deaf, almost blind, and was starting to get down in his hips. He was my best friend and it broke my heart to lose him.

I haven't had any experiences with the paranormal since I was a little kid living on a haunted farm with my mother and 3 siblings but that is another story for another time.

On November of 2012, the night it began, I was living alone with just Harley for company. He was sleeping across from me in his doggie bed next to the TV. I was laid back on my couch watching a late movie I'd been wanting to see. It was a little after midnight and I noticed Harley was getting restless. He began to whimper and pace around the room. On his second lap he stopped right by the door staring down the hallway. I didn't think much of it at first because he had already been out to do his business. I went back to my show but after 4 or 5 minutes had passed I noticed he still hadn't moved. I asked him if he saw a mouse or something but he still did not avert from his gaze. I started to feel uneasy, like we weren't alone in the house. I slowly got up and walked over behind Harley. I peered down the hallway to the open door of the bedroom on the very end but it was pitch black. I stood there for a few minutes so my eyes would adjust. Then I heard this low guttural growl coming from Harley, the kind when you know a dog is serious and about to bite. I looked down at him and his hackles were raised. This made my apprehension even worse. I looked back down the hallway and for an instant I thought I saw a dark shadow figure move from the doorway. I thought "oh shiat! There is someone in the house!" I went to step past Harley to turn on the hall light but he blocked me and pushed into me and made me step back. He was determined to keep himself between me and whatever he was seeing or sensing.

Then just like that it was over. Harley whimpered once more and went back and laid down. I tried to get back into my movie but to no avail. I knew if I didn't go and check it out, I'd never rest that evening. So I got back up, pulled my bat out from behind the couch, turned on the hall light, and marched down the hall to the bedroom. I didn't waste any time. I quickly reached my hand in and flipped on the light. Cautiously I stepped in and to my surprise I could find nothing amiss. I checked the window and it was locked. I began to think my eyes had played tricks on me. I started to leave when I began to hear this eerie music from somewhere in the room. I walked to the middle of the room and sure enough, it was coming out of the floor vent. I thought "what in the hell?"

I walked to the doorway and could hear talking on the TV. I had nothing else on in the house. I walked back to the vent and it stopped abruptly. Then I heard this scraping coming from the closet, along with a familiar popping noise like donk, donk, donk. It only took me a second before I realized what it was and it instantly sent a shiver down my spine and I immediately broke out in goosebumps.

My mom had given me this 2 foot angel. It gave me the creeps because it held a candle which was a clear Christmas bulb under its chin so the face was distorted by shadows. Exactly like when a person holds a flashlight under their chin to look scary. When it was plugged in the arm holding the light moved back to it's side and up catching the wings and it made a grinding popping sound like plastic grinding on plastic joints and when the wings moved it made a donk,donk, donk sound. The only thought I had at that moment was "OMG"!This damn thing is moving in the closet without power". I began to break out in a sweat. Part of me wanted to walk over and yank the door open but my inner voice said, "Leave this room now"! So I backed up out of the room and closed the door. I didn't even turn the light out.

The next day I called my mom and she came to visit. I told her what happened and when I did, she agreed we should get rid of it. I'm not sure but I think it ended up at a Goodwill.

It was quiet for about a week or so and then I met Nikki. I dated this girl off and on for the next 3 years and quite a bit happened so instead of trying to write it all down in one big story, I'm going to write it down in sections as the incidences occurred. Thanks for your time.

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Teffy88 (10 posts)
11 months ago (2021-12-21)
Hi KirbyP. Just wondering if you will be posting more of your stories? This one gave me chills! Looking forward to reading your other stories.:)
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
3 years ago (2019-10-11)
I apologize to everyone for being gone for so long. I had submitted my follow up story to Dark Angel, because that wasn't the end of my encounter, only the beginning actually. It was over the span of 3 years so I tried submitting it in sections but it kept getting sent back to me so I got kind of frustrated but I need to tell it and get it off my chest so I can move on. So I will be submitting it in its entirety soon. Again sorry I was missing in action for so long.
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
3 years ago (2019-10-11)
Hi Haven sorry I have been off of here for quite a while. You had asked me if that Angel was new and no it was pretty old. It only had power via an electrical cord. I would say it was at least 30 to 40 years old. Thanks for commenting.
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-30)
Hi LuciaJacinta,
I think it was the movie but I was so creeped out I'm not sure. I didn't think of that. 🤔 Thank you for your comment.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-26)
Creepy. Was the talking from the TV part of the show you were watching or actual talking from an entity? Either way, can't wait to hear more
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-25)
Hey Dee-J,
Yes that experience really creeped me out and if it weren't for Harley I probably would have left my home that night. Your right animals do sense things like that before we ever do, especially dogs. I would rather have a dog for security anytime over an alarm.
Thank you for sharing your similar experiences I am looking forward to hearing from you more. Haved a blessed day.
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-25)
Hello fence_sitter thank you so much for sharing your comments about Harley and your pitbull. Dogs are amazing and the best protectors. I was extremely glad to have him that night. Things could have been worse.
I did try to communicate with it once, but my mom asked me not too so I quit. After all she did have to be there alone when I went to work. I'm by myself again because my mother moved in with my older brother and his wife. She is at the point in her life where she needs female assistance when it comes to bathing among other things. I still visit her quite often though.
After my girlfriend and I broke up, whatever it was seems to be with her now as you will see as my story continues. All is quiet in my home for the time being. Thanks again.
fence_sitter (4 stories) (27 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-17)
Hi Kirbyp,

Like stargeezer, I agree with you regarding your views about dogs. I hate to quote a cliche but I believe that these creatures are truly man's best friends. Like you, I have cried in the past whenever one of my dogs died due to old age or illness. You treat them right and they will do everything to protect you and your loved ones. My latest dog, a pitbull mix, even when she was 3 month old puppy would always stay infront of me, my wife, or kids when she senses an unknown visitor, whether it be human or another animal. Unlike some of my dogs in the past who would either growl behind you or some other place away from you, this particular dog would always stay in front and stay alert or growl until the visitor or animal was gone or was acknowledged to be friendly. I hope you find another dog as protective and loyal as Harley.

Have you tried making peace with this entity that is haunting your place? Maybe, try contacting it through meditation or simply talking with it when you are alone, and just acknowledge their presence and making peace with it? Based on your accounts, the entity doesn't seem to be malevolent or harmful (and I wish it truly isn't). I believe Harley was just acting on its defensive/protective instincts and neither of you where physically hurt by this presence. This is only a suggestion. Just my two cents worth. Peace.


Dee-J (12 stories) (65 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-16)

Thanks for sharing your story. That is pretty unnerving to say the least! I'm glad you finally did get the courage to go down into the room to see what was amiss. Had you let fear get to you and stayed in the room, you would've never known if it was actually an intruder hiding in your house or something paranormal, especially after seeing that shadow (which was freaky enough)!

I wonder what the source of music was that you heard through the vent in that bedroom? Then when you heard the angel going off in the closet...ugh! I would've took off after that.

I'm glad your dog was aware of something. That is one reason why I swear by having a dog around for their uncanny ability to sense spirits. That reminds me of a particular experience I witnessed 20 years ago when my dad and I were standing at the side door in our kitchen one night watching a dog aggressively bark and attack something that was trying to come up our walkway and enter the house, and it was only a few steps away with only a small dog between us and it (and that's not the only incident either, but I'm not getting into all of that)!

I favorited this story so that I can come back and read it again. I look forward to reading the other parts to this whenever you have a chance to post.

Thank you!
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-16)
Hello Haven,
No the angel wasn't new it looked pretty old to me. I think someone gave it to my mom. I think if it had been newer it would have ran on batteries too instead of just a cord. I don't think the angel was haunted, I think it was just being used as a conduit, because a week or so after I got rid of it, my haunting continued.
Oh man, I feel sorry for your friend for having to go through that. Those monkies give me the creeps like they are. I couldn't imagine how I'd react to seeing one move on it's own Brrrr! Thank you so much for commenting and sharing that experience with me.
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-16)
Hello Stargeezer,
Yes I am so thankful for Harley that night for being so brave and for protecting me because I'm not afraid to admit it, I was scared, especially when I found out it was something paranormal. I cried my eyes out when I lost Harley, he truly was my best friend. Thank you so much for your comment!
Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-16)
Hi AugustaM
Yea that was a pretty scary experience and when animals are growling at something we can't see makes it a little unnerving to say the least. Thank you for sharing that similar experience. Even though your dog is smaller she still did her best to protect you, that's awesome! Thanks again.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-15)
*looks nervously around the room*...everything in the apartment has been gleaned from various thrift stores 😬...Goodwill included!😬
Who me, worry? 😅

Yup, that would've gotten me going! I had something similar to that happen when I was younger. It was one of the first few times I had been left home alone. I was watching TV upstairs on my mom's bed with our devoted little rescue poodle (Annie) beside me when she started to growl with uncharacteristic menace, her eyes focused on the door to the hall. Then I heard a plastic clatter from my room at the end of the hall. I knew what it was - the "life size twin" doll that stayed securely tucked into the corner of my room. Annie wasn't pleased but only weighing 12lbs, there was little she could physically do to prevent me so she went with me to verify. I had been right. No sooner were we standing in my room gazing down at the toppled doll now in the middle of the room than we heard a clatter from my mom's room - the remote falling. I scooped her up and we ran downstairs. I stood holding her in the foyer and heard a few more noises from upstairs before grabbing a hand full of coats from the closet and opting to wait out on the front steps in spite of the cold for my mom to come home.

Strangest of all, mine was a completely isolated event. Frightening to think that it sounds as though yours may have been just the beginning!

I looking forward to more of your experiences!
stargeezer (2 stories) (33 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-14)
hello Kirbyp,
Interesting and creepy as h**! And since you haven't sought help/advice (which I'm no expert in, even if you have) would like to reflect on your brave friend Harley! How he got inbetween you and the whatever! Sorry to hear you lost him!
Ever so reliable Dogs, they will take on an elephant (yeah, with those enormous ears of theirs) if it comes to that. To protect you! Not like some friends who'd look west when things turn south. One thing I know from experience in a situation like this, you should also be brave not panic (yeah easy for me to say from over here) Because dogs can sense our nervousness and put them in an indecisive mood too. But when the pack leader (that's us lot) is game, they get into that 'let's go kill something vibe! I find it amazing.
But also you should know to back off and call him off when it finds a poisonous snake or something similar.
Hope to hear more stories from you!
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
4 years ago (2018-12-14)
Hi Kirbyp -

That's sounds like a very scary experience. Was the angel new when your mom gave it to you?

This reminds me of when a good friend of mine had a toy monkey that played the drums. That thing would go off on its own all the time. She had enough one day when she woke up in the middle of the night to the noise of the monkey playing the drums, she came out of her bedroom to go shut it off (even though there was no batteries in it) and she found it right outside her bedroom door. She lived alone and had no kids. She was so scared she grabbed the darn monkey, opened the front door, and flung it out into the street.

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