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This story is shared by Ate Angie (if you can remember who she is in my other stories). For those who don't know her, she is our neighbor/relative in some way. Their house is the only one standing on the corner back part of our house and she tends to see or feel spirits/entities. She is in HS during that time and we are in elementary, she shared this after we planned to stop playing "patintero" inside the auditorium across our house.

This happened at 10 pm. We are allowed to play outside that time, but with limits and since we are just across and we can be seen from the house so my family just let us enjoy the night with neighbors and cousins. The event took place while we are enjoying the game and I noticed that ate Angie was starting to feel uneasy. So she said she'll just rest aside and we don't want her to because will lack of players. So she decided to play again. Then she said that she needs to go home already so all of us decided to go home. But while we are outside the store beside our house gasping for air because of the game and some are drinking water, she decided to share what happened why she decided to stop playing and go home instead.

We listened even if we're not sure about it (we're too busy thinking about what had happened to the game who lost and won). She said that she felt uneasy seeing something on the stage of the auditorium. It runs faster than usual and it's bigger than the biggest player we had (one of our cousins). I said to her that maybe that is Carl (not his real name). Carl is a one of our cousins. He is chubby and tall, but he doesn't run fast. She said that it's impossible that it is Carl. It doesn't even look like someone from us that can run as fast as the shadow she saw and it looks like it's wearing a cap, which no one from us is wearing any caps that night.

We were kind of scared knowing that we are enjoying and ate Angie already saw that shadow mixing with ours. She said it also runs when no one's running among us. So we got scared and it happened also that time is full moon. I don't really think so that there is a connection to what she saw in the full moon, but some say it's connected to some paranormal activities or unusual things normally happen during a full moon. But nevertheless, we finished the conversation and decided to go home immediately after knowing what had happened. We never talked about it anymore and we never played late after that night.

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midnightscareshow (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-30)
Thank you! I will share the link with you once I upload it on Youtube! ❤
deyanna (10 stories) (19 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-31)

Hi! I would appreciate it if you will include my stories. Thank you also for reading:)

midnightscareshow (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-19)
Hi Deyanna,

I'm a newbie YouTube narrator and I would love to use your story for my YouTube channel if you'd let me. Here's my email address midnighscareshow [at] If you're interested, just let me know!

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