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Confirmation From Our Dog


My three children and I rented a house for a few years in Mobile County, Alabama, starting in 2015. Shortly after our first year there in the house, I began to notice small instances that alerted me that we may not be alone. Tapping on windows, misplaced items, nothing traumatic.

It did, however, start to become more distinct. For example, I would hear my phone be thrown to the floor over and over again, while I would be home alone. At this point, I have accepted it may be an entity, and because I never got a bad energy from it, I was not at all worried about our safety and well-being.

Eventually, my children started experiencing their own encounters. My teenage daughter came to me one night, asking why I keep messing with her door. Confused, I asked why would she think I would be doing that. I was then told she closed the door a couple of times, and when she would turn around, it would be slightly opened again. After examining the door, she knew there was no way for it to pop back open on its own. So I finally told her about my experiences and informed her there is no reason to freak out. If she wasn't comfortable, to politely ask it to leave.

My oldest son's first experience was shortly after my daughter's. After laying him down for bed, I could hear him saying "What?", "Come in". Then about 15 minutes later, he told me someone keeps tapping on his window. He thought it was tapping on his door. After checking the outside, making sure it wasn't any branches, I finally told my son as well. We were all accepting of it, but never taunted it, nor talked about it a lot inside the house. Our encounters subsided after a while.

At this time, I started working for a Vet Clinic and often fostered dogs. I ended up adopting this 3 year old yorkie that my children and I fell in love with. One night, me and my dog, Baxter, were snuggled up on the couch while I was watching a movie. Baxter was fast asleep when all of a sudden his head pops up and his eyes darted towards the blank wall facing us. He stood up, front paws on my lap, and just stared for about 10 minutes. I figured he may have heard something outside and went back to watching my movie. I started to feel his legs trembling, and that's when I noticed all his hair down his back was standing straight up. Then his deep growl started. I am trying to not move, trying to not distract him, because I had the feeling of what he may be growling at. Our entity must be back. Slowly, his deep growls turn into lip curling snarls. I have never heard such a sound come out of a yorkie before. With every breath, he would bark. With every inhale, would be this blood curdling snarl. He jumps down off the couch in front of me. Never once taking his eyes off this certain spot. He's in protective mode. He's taking a few steps forward, barking, then backing up, keeping himself directly in between me and this spot. He jumps back onto my lap, trembling and snarling, eyes still glued to the wall. By this time, I am trying to comfort him. Trying to calm him down. Everytime my fingertips would touch him, he would jump out of his skin. He nearly bit me one time, out of sheer reaction and fear. He jumps off the couch and runs through our left entrance into the kitchen, which is right beside where we were sitting. He runs through the kitchen growling, and he stops right before the right entrance. The entrance that is only a few inches from where he's been fixated on.

To this day, I do not know what happened, but I can hear his nails on the floor, slowly approaching the right entrance. Complete silence for a few seconds, and then he let\'s out a very loud yelp, runs back through the kitchen, back through the left entrance, and into my lap. I have never seen an animal so terrified in my life. In my mind, I am thinking, what if it's a snake or a rat. I search for over an hour, looking for any signs of what might have scared him like that. I exam him to make sure something didn't bite him. Came up with absolutely nothing.

He is no longer looking at the wall at this time. Other than occasional glances. It was the confirmation that I needed. The following day, I asked it to leave my house, and that it was no longer welcomed here.

I never thought I would experience anything like that, but I am one of the few lucky ones that have. I am now a firm believer in animals seeing what we cannot. Since asking it to leave, we have not experienced any more encounters. I am thankful nothing bad happened during our experiences, and I was able to teach my children how to respect a spirit. A memory that will forever live with my family.

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silverknight (1 stories) (25 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-07)
Hi Britral. Thank you for sharing your story here. I too believe that animals are able to see entities, spirits and the like. Thumbs up for your brave little dog protecting you. I have read that dogs could probably be our little guardian angels. One thing to note is that although our pet dogs or cats can protect us or alarm us in some way but when faced with a malignant entity that is powerful, the lives of our dog might be in peril too. The entity wishing to do harm to you will see your dog as a hindrance to its goal and might cause it harm by endangering your dog's life. It might come in the form of an accident or sickness. My friendly advise is just like what lady-glow mentioned. Try doing some blessing or cleansing of your house because you can't tell when it might trouble you again. One last tip, if you can place some bowls of sea salt or rock salt around the rooms in your house or the place where your dog was barking at. This I feel will help in some way as I have read in many articles and experiences.
unquiet (4 stories) (16 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-04)
Hi Britral, I enjoyed your story. I too had a visit from something that, if my dog had not been a witness, I would have brushed off.

My dog had a strong reaction as well with a deep growl I had never heard before or since. Who knows, maybe canines are protectors who can deter unwanted spiritual visits😊.
lady-glow (14 stories) (3078 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-28)
Britral - welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing such a fascinating experience. Baxter sounds like a very brave fur-son.

Even if the disturbances seem to have stopped, it would be a good idea to perform a blessing or cleansing of your house according to your personal beliefs and to keep on doing it periodically in order to prevent any further negativity.

Whatever was in your house doesn't sound malignant, though it could had been trying to find who was the weakest member of the family to show it's true colors. Perhaps it only needs a little push to help it walk to the next plane.

Give Baxter a big hug for me. 😊

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